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gareth herts
23rd Jan 2008, 14:34
Hi folks

Have just unearthed an original copy of Pilot's Notes General AP 2095 that was originally issued to my Uncle.

It is dated May 1946 and is definitely not one of the re-printed notes available for a number of different specific planes - it also includes a number of amendments that have been pasted in with a guide to these inside the back cover dated August 1947.

Is this a rare item or are there stacks of these floating about? Would it be worth anything?

It's a fascinating read incidentally with some great phrases such as "It may be neccessary to abandon an aircraft". Thanks for that!

I presume these were given out to reinforce training - or were these used merely as handy reference guides on an ongoing basis?



PS It is classified "restricted" but I assume that doesn't apply any more! :)

23rd Jan 2008, 17:49
I have a copy of Air Publication 129. Royal Air Force Flying Training Manual,
Part 1, Landplanes.
Revised publishing 1937, with some pen and ink amendments to 1940.

Interesting to browse through, a lot of the basics have not really changed
Not sure if there are a lot of copies are around.

Senior Pilot
23rd Jan 2008, 21:43
AP 1234, 1941 Manual of Air Navigation issued to F/O Coulstock: as new, still with amendment pages that he just put between the front pages 'cause he couldn't be bothered to stick them in the right spot :p

How did we manage before GPS ;)