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28th Mar 2001, 12:24
Reported in Bahrain's Gulf Daily News:

MANAMA: Factual information gathered during investigations into the Gulf Air crash is to be published on the Internet on Sunday.

The information will be posted on two websites, www.bahrainairport.com (http://www.bahrainairport.com) and www.gulfairco.com, (http://www.gulfairco.com,) the Accident Investigation Board announced after its meeting yesterday.

All 143 passengers and crew aboard Flight 072 from Cairo were killed when the plane crashed into the sea off Muharraq last August 23.

The board, chaired by Transport Minister Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, reviewed and adopted the factual information presented by the Technical Investigation Committee (TIC).

This report is based on the initial data collected on the circumstances of the accident and a final report will only be possible when all analysis of the investigative work has been completed, the board said in a statement.

The board urged that the TIC complete the analysis by the second half of this year.

Factual information which will be posted on the websites is as follows: History of flight; injuries to persons; damage to airplane and other damage; information on personnel, airplane, airport and meteorology; aids to navigation and communication; flight recorders; wreckage and impact information and fire; medical and pathological information; survival aspects; tests and research; Gulf Air organisation and management information, plus additional information."

29th Mar 2001, 20:35
Wait for the cover-up, folks. And then the next .....-up from our desert aces!

2nd Apr 2001, 11:35
Due to technical problems, the bahrain site address is now as follows:


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, and it is slow. There is nothing on the Gulf Air site, which may also appear inaccessible, because a "comma" has crept into the URL reference!

The final report is now promised for "this summer".