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22nd Jan 2008, 02:41
Were B29's ever used in the ETO?

Might have come in handy during the Berlin Airlift at least.

22nd Jan 2008, 14:52
They certainly were deployed to the UK (from 1948) with the USAF and from 1952 87 were used (named Washingtons) by the RAF. The long range of the B29 made it ideal as a cold war threat to Russia, however rapid development of jet aircraft and the use of the B29 in Korea meant their use by the USAF was short and their bomber service with the RAF was very short, although a few ELINT Washington's were retained until 1958.

Although the RAF used many ex-bombers (and also flying boats) during the Berlin airlift, the USAF used only dedicated cargo aircraft (mainly C54s but early on C47s and for a special mission 5 C82s)

22nd Jan 2008, 15:21
I believe they arrived too late for combat; living near Bovingdon when I was younger I remember reading years ago that the first one(s) in Europe arrived there shortly before VE day as 'new' equipment for the CCRC.
Having said that I also remember an excellent war film on telly way back in the '60s with B29s escorted by P47s apparently bombing Germany!

22nd Jan 2008, 22:10
Decisions taken in 1943 sent the B-29s to the Pacific first. Had the war in Europe gone on longer there were plans for 9 B-29 groups in the UK. No B-29 units existed in the ETO during WWII.

According to Roger Freeman in 'The Mighty Eighth', a single B-29 was diverted from delivery to the CBI theater in March 1944 for technical evaluation by the 8th AF and to deceive the Germans regarding B-29 deployment plans to the UK. It visited Glatton and Knettishall.