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28th Mar 2001, 10:38
Want to buy a Harrier?

CLICK HERE TO VIEW (http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/Forum41/HTML/001787.html)

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28th Mar 2001, 11:53
We called them crash-crew training aides in the Marine Corps.

29th Mar 2001, 02:58
I wonder why! Back to the top.

29th Mar 2001, 16:19
A guy in Tulsa, OK, has two of them for real and one was ready to fly when I last saw them about three months ago. They are ex-RAF from Wittering and Halton.
He also has several Hunters and a TA-4.

29th Mar 2001, 16:41
Don't bother with the GR3's they are a real 'TW@T' to maintain & they really had the arse kicked out of them before the RAF retired them. I'd hate to think of the costs,a love'ly aircraft but they look better 'chocked' !. Plus any a/c you have to take the wing off to change the engine can't be right!!!!!.

30th Mar 2001, 02:42
Oh well! It's still going back to the top!

1st Apr 2001, 12:03
Great pictures these, do have a look.

24th Apr 2001, 17:30
These will now be auctioned at the Gatbash on June 9th.

Take a look. The link is at the top.