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19th Jan 2008, 19:38
Hi all.

Found some pictures taken inside XL391.

Not sure if you have seen them or not but here they are anyway........

XL391 Pictures...... (http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=26192)

20th Jan 2008, 15:03
As no one else has said 'thank you', here's one from me; I enjoyed seeing those.

The pictures really do put into context the views of optimists who stand under the wings of XL391 and similar and, on the basis that they cannot actually see daylight through them, say "surely they could get this flying again?"

Thanks again, BRL.

21st Jan 2008, 13:09
Thanks for these photographs BRL. You can really see the difficulties involved in restoring aircraft left to decay for years.

22nd Jan 2008, 12:40
It is a real shame to see it being broken up, not nice at all.

I remember seeing a Vulcan at the Liverpool Airport airshow back in the early eighties and it was awasome, such a shame the raf/gov are not doing much to keep them around. :(

flipflopman RB199
26th Jan 2008, 20:53
Horrible to see those pictures of what I feel was an old friend.

As a young lad, I remember '391 landing at Blackpool, and subsequent years of Blackpool trips always included a visit to '391 and sit on the flight deck. It was a major part of the decision for me to join the RAF, and an even bigger one for me to work on XH558 when I left the RAF.

Having stripped '558 to the bare bones with TVOC, and rebuilt her, I have a massive affinity with all of those pictures, and can identify every single part, and also appreciate just how far she had been allowed to decay. I therefore am also extremely disappointed and angry at Brian Bateman of Blackpool Airport for allowing XL391 to decay into that state. There was so much he could have done, but he did nothing.

Many thanks for the pics anyhow BRL, that brought back many a childhood memory!!