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19th Jan 2008, 04:57
Thought you may enjoy this great photograph of the Classic Canberra,its an original Charles Brown photograph.
Regds The TThttp://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh303/the_tartanterror/eecanberra.jpg

20th Jan 2008, 18:33
The Charles E Brown collection is held by the Royal Air Force Museum as copyright I believe, there are two volumes of these prints published by Airlife, Camera Above the Clouds vol 1 and 2, compiled by Anthony Harold, this covers the period from around 1914 to the mid sixties.
Not only are the photos fascinating from a historical view, many odd ball and long forgotten types, but the photography is superb, with clouds and sunsets as backdrop, well worth looking out for these books,
ISBN 0 906393 50 7 and ISBN 0 906393 31 0, they may well be out of print, but copies should be available from second hand book shops.
Thanks for posting the photo,
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Edit, I have looked on google, there has been a third volume published, all three are available as second hand copies, price ranges 20 to 40.
BR om15

24th Jan 2008, 01:59
Is that picture reversed? I seem to remember the DV window being on the port side of the canopy.

24th Jan 2008, 04:22
Beleive it or not there is a classic Canberra on the US side of the pond. It's at the Combat Air Museum in Topeka, KS and is listed as a B-57 even though it's got the round transparencies not the tandem cockpit.

Background Noise
24th Jan 2008, 05:56
I seem to remember the DV window being on the port side of the canopy. Isn't there one on each side?

24th Jan 2008, 06:43
It's a T4, which had DV windows on both sides of the canopy.

24th Jan 2008, 12:38
B-57As had the Canberra type canopy, could it be one of those?

Fake Sealion
24th Jan 2008, 12:51
I recall borrowing a Charles Brown volume from my local library many years back.

The images left a powerful impression, a highly evocative reminder of the sheer elegance of some aircraft This seemed particularly more so in monochrome . . .Thats it.... I'm off to hunt down a second hand copy !


24th Jan 2008, 13:04
Not a frequent poster so excuse typos. It is indeed a T4 variant, recognisable by the 2 DV windows and unglazed nose.
I had the dubious pleaure of sitting scrunched up on the LH bang seat sharing a very cramped cockpit with a series of sadistic QFIs whose common theory was that the aircraft was a single engined one with a spare on the other side!
Seriously though it was a delight to fly solo when there was enough room to savour its superior handling to all the operational variants(except the PR9)
My first flight was 3 Sep 1969 with Dennis Winterbotom at Cottesmore. We climbed up to 10000ft and having closed down one engine, proceeded to fly a sequence of loops rolls and wingovers. The handling was sedate but certainly an eye opener for a new student having just flown the JP and Gnat.
Happy days.

29th Jan 2008, 10:12
Another great image!http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh303/the_tartanterror/englishelectriccanberramk8nighti-2.jpg