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13th Jan 2008, 09:09
F/O. Dougal (Douglas) MURRAY D.F.C, R.A.F.V.R., No. 26 Sqn

I know that this is an extremely long shot, but having viewed the results in other threads I thought I might just risk it.. I am looking for information about the gentleman above who I recently discovered I am (quite closely) related to. He played for Rosslyn Park rugby club and was sadly killed in a car crash at High Wycombe in 1947. He came from Bog Hall, Capheaton in the north-east, and started the war with the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, the Rifle Brigade. I have some background, but not a lot, and I'm just trying to fill in a few gaps. Please feel free to PM. :)

norman atkinson
13th Jan 2008, 17:09
You will now have an E-Mail but since then I have printed out 6 pages on his family. Has both English and Norwegian roots I suspect that RAF 31 Squadron and Arnhem come in with the 'Mad Colonel'bit of your family We got a VC and the little dutch girl who tended the wounded is a 'member' of 31.

you have my E-Mail add if you want my stuff.

13th Jan 2008, 19:53
Hi Norman
Many thanks - but no PMs yet - I have a lot of the Norwegian connection from Holum already - indeed I provided him with the UK/Scottish end, but the trail has gone cold..
PS it would appear I am his nephew.