View Full Version : flystar jet damaged at Chambery

12th Jan 2008, 18:22
Seems GOJIB has suffered some damage on the ground at Chambery. the boarding steps apparently were driven into the wing!!!!!!

No news on the extent of the damage but looks doubtful they will return tonight!!!

Dont know what groundcrew have against Astraeus!!!!

Cool Wavy NG738
12th Jan 2008, 20:17
Well to be honest with you, I can't say I'm the least suprised by this. I was operating into CMF last month, they could not position the steps properly for some 10 mins or more, it was near farcical, and the guy driving them looked like he would have only just qualified to drive a car on the road probably 18 yrs old max. Kids driving around $35 million worth of aircraft, just crazy!

12th Jan 2008, 21:14
Great, just as we've got RH back after it's incident with a tug. Let's hope it'll back up and running ready for the Iron Maiden tour later this month.

King Halibut
13th Jan 2008, 11:01
Jet2 have come to the rescue I think and taken the flight on, which is nice as taking the money is always a pleasure :)

Romeo Zulu
13th Jan 2008, 11:04
Jet2 did not come to the rescue. Astraeus got there passengers back on G-STRY.

King Halibut
13th Jan 2008, 11:26
They were supposed to last night. Bugger, would have been nice to take the money off AEU

13th Jan 2008, 11:29
Couple of comments from "grateful" pax

Why cant we fly back with the damaged wing? :ugh:

I'm never flying with astraeus again - like it was their fault? :rolleyes:

Oh well, I think most handled it rather better than those 2!!!

13th Jan 2008, 11:31
would have been nice to take the money off AEU

Sounds like benefitting from another airlines misfortune, is there some competition thing we should know about?

Who 2
16th Jan 2008, 12:10
:ugh: :mad: :ugh: :mad:

The pictures say it all; a lot of people worked very hard to look after the Pax and have the aircraft fixed by Monday evening. Including your team, (as always). Remember they pay our wages no matter how ungrateful they are....



Romeo Zulu
20th Jan 2008, 15:33
this incident could have been avoided with a little more attention from the handling agents a 757 wing aint small and it was not foggy to miss it.