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28th Sep 2001, 04:09
Hi All;

Just a note to say, that on 7th July I posted a report about management at Aer Lingus rumoured to be dropping services to Baltimore, Newark and Stockholm. Now, is it a coincidence that this week they announced the dropping of these actual routes and placed the blame fairly and squarely on the very sad and tragic events of Sept 11th last.

Me thinks, they are just using the sad recent events as an excuse for doing what they wanted to do along.

My report of 7th July stated....
posted 07 July 2001 20:15
OK guys,
Rumour has it that Irish Carrier Aer Lingus is looking at dropping 1 maybe 2 Trans Atlantic routes due to mounting losses. Mentioned are Baltimore and maybe Newark. I understand that the company is also looking at loss making European routes especially Stockholm. Also in the pipeline is the fact that the company may not now hire the last 2/3 batches of cadets that they took on recently
Sad times ahead, not only for EIN but most carriers

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28th Sep 2001, 04:20
There are many who angrily deny that some airlines are using events in the US as a convenient excuse to push through measures which have been on the cards for some time, but the example you quote is strong evidence that this is definitely the case in some quarters.

brain fade
28th Sep 2001, 17:09
I heard that Air Lingus have "sacked" one complete course out in Spain and won't be offering employment to the most recent course who have just passed out. If so then a bit of a rough introduction to the airline world! Source was mother of a friend of mine out there at the moment, Hello Malky!

1st Oct 2001, 02:24

Seems to me that Aer Lingus, along with the other carriers are using the current crisis in a obscene way. Is it fair to employees in the industry to be told one thing when they are being let go..yet one and all know full well that the main reason is entirely different

Aer Lingus are not alone in blaming the events of Sept 11th for all their ills, words fail me..all I can say is..its a bloody disgrace :mad: :mad: :mad:

The Guvnor
1st Oct 2001, 02:43
Whilst it was common knowledge that EI were looking at dropping a number of their transatlantic routes prior to the events of the 11th September, I think you'll find that management was doing its utmost to try and avoid closing them - especially bearing in mind the lengths they had to go to to get BWI in the first place!

Don't forget that we were headed for recession prior to the 11th as well; and largely due to US originating passengers airlines on both sides of the Atlantic have had their loads - and therefore revenues slashed. For managements, the choices are simple - drastically cut back aircraft and staff to cater for the reduced demand in the hope that their companies will survive; or keep everyone on and hope for the best - and if that doesn't work then everyone is on the streets. It's a no-brainer really.

It's inaccurate to claim any wrongdoing on the part of management by attributing the cuts to the events of 11/09 - however, that's not the only reason.

Capt Wannabe
1st Oct 2001, 02:43
You are correct but it is two Aer Lingus courses in Spain that are no longer employed. The 8 cadets that graduated on 22nd September are also no longer employed by the company. Tough I know, but they did get a free license out of it all.

1st Oct 2001, 03:36
Capt Wannabee -

Are any of the guys on the two courses who had not reached MCC stage decided to continue in their own right?

What has happened to the VZ/AIH Cadets? Sorry I know that is off the subject, but would appreciate any feedback.

Crusty Ol Cap'n
2nd Oct 2001, 03:34
Heard a rumour that EI have offered an interest-free loan to all cadets who wish to complete their courses.

2nd Oct 2001, 03:48
"The Guvnor"

" especially bearing in mind the lengths they had to go to to get BWI in the first place!"

Me thinks if you check out details with insiders at EIN that you will find that it was management at BWI who approached EIN first, but apart from all that, if you read the Aer Lingus press statements, they are clearly laying all the blame at the events of Sept 11th, Now staff are being told that it will not be a case of last in first out, but sick records, etc etc will be looked into first
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