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Buzz Control
3rd Jan 2008, 17:32
I see the airport at Walvis Bay now has a 3.5KM runway which is 60m wide + upgraded taxi-ways.

Can anyone shed any light on a rumour I have heard that said Virgin where going to operate in to this airport from LHR once the terminal upgrade was completed in 2008.

3rd Jan 2008, 19:16
Haven't been ther for ages......any pic's ?????:}
So the ATC's are gonna be bussy then?

4th Jan 2008, 07:17
The runway has not yet been completed. Most probably by June (what year I cannot say). There are only building plans for the terminal building, unsure when they are going to start with construction. Rumors has it that SAA and Singapore airlines wanna use Walvis as a technical stop en route to South America and the USA. Because of the sea level, SAA can take a bigger load factor from Jo'burg and take up more fuel in Walvis.

4th Jan 2008, 14:34
Rumour I heard is that some Spanish consortium were upgrading the facilities at Walvisbay to enable them to fly fish direct from Nam to Spain instead of trucking to FAJS as they have been doing.

4th Jan 2008, 15:56
Any truth in the story that it will also be an alternate for A380's?

4th Jan 2008, 16:08
Jamex's rumour makes the most sense. Doubt wether there is any demand for pax flights to Walvis Bay. Freight, especially fish, yes.
Just wonder why they would truck all the way to JNB if WDH is only 400kms away.

4th Jan 2008, 17:58
Its for da fish :8

4th Jan 2008, 19:54
Is there an ILS yet?

Buzz Control
4th Jan 2008, 23:36
ILS is either installed or being installed. I do know they are fitting it.

There are now to many restrictions on fishing to make the airport viable for export of fish.

6th Jan 2008, 07:56
The fishy answer sound about right !!! but then again the A380 sounds like a good rumor too :} :} :} !!!

6th Jan 2008, 11:46
This is an ongoing runway extension. Should have been finished 2007. As far as i know still only daylight ops with new runway length and runway lights much later this year. Phone the atc to find out.