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22nd Dec 2007, 22:59
I have fianlly got around to getting all the text sorted on emy website, please let me know what you think,


There have also been a few more additions to some of the galleries and some new airfields have been covered by me as well.

If there are any mistakes they are my fault! If anyone can suggest any other links relevant to a particular gallery / airfield then please let me know.

I hope you all enjoy looking at my site.


22nd Dec 2007, 23:13
Richard.... Langar ( http://www.content-delivery.co.uk/aviation/airfields/Langar.html ) might be an airfield to visit before the "out" buildings disappear completely.... I visited the council 'tip' today (which is adjacent to Langar Airfield) and things are looking in a pretty sorry state.

Fortunately though the airfield, runways and control tower are safe in the the hands of the parachute club.

Great site of yours by the way... :ok: