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19th Dec 2007, 21:57
From "A quick chat with Arthur C Clarke" in Focus magazine.

What's the greatest threat humanity faces?
Organised religion polluting our minds as it pretends to deliver morality and spiritual salvation. It's spreading the most malevolent mind virus of all. I hope our race can one day outgrow this primitive notion.

If you were world leader, what would you change?
States and Governments mixing governance with religion. This is a lethal cocktail that keeps billions in misery. Religion must be a very private affair that should never be a spectator sport.

What we need more of. Someone famous who's not afraid to speak their mind, and a magazine or newspaper editor who is not afraid to publish it.

19th Dec 2007, 23:20
Isn't it strange that huge organisations exist based on beliefs that have never been scientifically proven - and I'm not talking about global warming.

19th Dec 2007, 23:24

Hammer, nail, head ,wallop!!!:ok:


20th Dec 2007, 00:39
Someone famous who's not afraid to speak their mind, ...
Errr ... have you ever encountered a famous person who was shy about speaking up????? Or a medium (newspaper, television, etc.) that didn't like the resultant publicity? Bit of an odd statement from you there, 419.

If the person in question (Clarke) has opinions which coincide with yours, that's fine, but you shouldn't assume that people are not "telling the truth" or "speaking their minds" if their ideas differ from yours.

Buster Hyman
20th Dec 2007, 00:43
Wasn't he accused of something "unsavoury" a few years back???

Anyway, would the first quote be something he could attribute to his colleague L. Ron Hubbard?:ooh:

20th Dec 2007, 08:57

I agree that a lot of famous people don't mind voicing their opinions, however, it's getting to the stage that a lot of people (famous or not), will not say anything about religion in case someone or some group claims that it offends them.

but you shouldn't assume that people are not "telling the truth"

I don't, which is why I didn't state anything like that. I just thought that it made a very pleasant change for someone to publicly state their opinion on religion in general, without the censors claiming it was "inciting racial hatred"

20th Dec 2007, 10:35
I think most people avoid mentioning religion because it is a deeply personal thing and can be a very emotive subject. "Discussions" can become very heated with both (or more) sides nearly always failing to convince the others that their own point of view is the correct one, and the whole thing can degenerate beyond recovery.

Not even discussion of politics or sport can raise tensions as easily as talking about religion and it truly does seem to be an exercise in futility since nobody is ever prepared to concede the smallest amount of ground.

I've taken part in many such discussions and have yet to hear or read anything that convinces me that there is, or that there is not, such a thing as "God."

20th Dec 2007, 18:58
Replacing the word "God" with "Nature" also works pretty well. Now, I can believe in Nature. Perhaps a new religion could be formed around it. What to call it though; Naturism? Maybe not.