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19th Dec 2007, 19:55
Scouting For Girls is the latest is a succession of crap bands we are producing. Snow patrol, kaiser chiefs et al.

Despite the fact that the lyrics are pathetically weak and repetitive, and are sung as if he's about to burst into tears (the big nancy), their music is 1 dimensional and generally they are completely talentless.

They are half attractive to the opposite sex and, apparently, know one end of a guitar from another so they are handed a contract.

Rock in this country is extremely poor.

19th Dec 2007, 21:10
Rock in this country is extremely poor

Especially the Northern variety.

19th Dec 2007, 21:20

Unless you count the 57 billion promised by the government, which is approxmately

each taxpayer has a 2,000 exposure to the stricken bank.

No one asked me if I wanted to donate 2000 to the shareholders.

19th Dec 2007, 21:23
I quite like the Kaiser Chiefs (though I will admit that their 2 OK albums could be combined into one very good album), and the Coral, and the Archie Bronson Outfit ... and I'm well past 50...

19th Dec 2007, 21:24

In the interest of a balanced post please share with us your view of who are quality contemporary rock bands.

On the back of that insight we might observe either:

1) Yeah - good point. UK rock is crap. Bring back Zep (oh, we did!).


2) WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! Get out of here. You think XXXXX are quality rock bands? Oh my Lord!

No pressure.



19th Dec 2007, 21:51
No one asked me if I wanted to donate 2000 to the shareholders.

The shareholders have already been thoroughly cornholed. Your/our contribution is shoring up the customers and the employees.

Back on subject - perhaps Led Zeppelin can be petitioned to come out of retirement with a few gongs. I mean, Elton John has a knighthood, and Jimmy Page isn't in the HoL?


19th Dec 2007, 22:16
To be fair not heard any Scouting for Girls, and think Snow Patrol a bit bland, but to say there are no decent bands in the UK is just being a curmudgeonly old rock dinosaur!

Lots of good bands out there, Kaiser Chiefs as previously mentioned, Kasabian, the Coral as mentioned, The Enemy(local band so a bit of bias),The Editors, and of course Franz Ferdinand who are superb, well crafted songs, very good lyrically and musically.

Not sure what the fuss is about the Arctic Monkeys to be honest, maybe my age!

As for great pop music, Girls Aloud whilst not a "trendy,muso" band have produced some of the best pop moments of the last 10 years, and I'm not too proud to admit liking them

20th Dec 2007, 07:38
TheDesertFerret - unfortunately because of the limited view of the radio stations that have play lists you only get bands that have been selected by some business type.

In the US where there is far more free air bands can submit tapes & disks and get on air then it's down to the listeners to decide.

In short I think all the decent contemporary rock music comes from the states.

Think Queens of the Stone Age et al.

Ace Rimmer
20th Dec 2007, 08:08
Oh I dunno, I like that lyric by Scouting for Girls

"She's flirty, turned 30, isn't that the age when girls get really dirty"

There was a time, sadly no more when all you had to do to get national air play in the UK was send a tape in to the late lamented John Peel and if he liked it he played it OK it would be late at night but to the kids of the late 70s the John Peel show was a must.

(and that was him playing air mandolin on BBC clip of Maggie May)

Mind you I woulda thought that in these days of downloads and what not the record companies would have begun to lose some of their grip on the industry. Although that appears not to be case according to a bloke I know whose other half is a songstress of note...

Windy Militant
20th Dec 2007, 08:54
Most new bands now eschew the radio and go for My Space pages or similar. That way they can build a global fan base and ignore the record companies. I guess these kind of sites are the Stiff and Chiswick for the new millennium! ;)

There's no such thing as bad music just music you don't like! Don't forget "IF it ain't Stiff, It ain't worth a F:mad:." :ok: