View Full Version : Porn, tenants & sweet revenge...

18th Dec 2007, 16:56
No, not that kind of Tennants, the kind who live in your house, leave it a disgusting wreck, don't pay what they owe and b*gger off into the wide blue yonder.

Then lo & behold, current tenant (who is an old friend) finds, stashed behind the bath panel (which was removed for yet more repairs) porn mags and porno photos of previous tenant.

oh, dilemma, dilemma, what to do with such a GEM :E

So far the suggestions have been "Name them all, and sell it on Ebay with a great big juicy listing telling the whole sorry saga - worth a shot, and it'll be fun to do!!!!!"

I know this is a tough one, but can anyone come up with other suggestions?

18th Dec 2007, 16:58
Take them to a charity shop. Save the Children should do . . .

18th Dec 2007, 17:03
......sell it on Ebay with a great big juicy listing telling the whole sorry saga - worth a shot.....

Would that make it a money shot?

tony draper
18th Dec 2007, 17:05
Installed new TV systems in a lot of Hotels round here,this involved unscrewing fitted wardrobes removing panels ect,invariably behind these would be stashed porn mags,the hotel housekeepers generally collected the loose ones left under beds ect and sold them on the cash going toward the staff Chrissy drink.:rolleyes:

Standard Noise
18th Dec 2007, 22:49
Do people really buy used porn mags? Yeeuurrgghh!

As for the photos, well I reckon a website and show 'em off.:E Get revenge and sod the money.

Mini fan
18th Dec 2007, 22:57
Stick the link up here if you put them on eBay or on a website :ok:

18th Dec 2007, 22:58
That reminds me of a shared house I was in about 14 years ago. We found some pictures of the landlord and his present wife obviously enjoying themselves. And lo and behold a video cassette of him and his previous wife, who turned out to be the mother of a good friend of ours. Did we have a good laugh that evening!!!
As for the pictures, we laid them all out around the lounge only to be discovered the following day by the movie star himself.
Two of the lads got a real rollicking that day. I luckily was at work!

Buster Hyman
18th Dec 2007, 23:04
got a real rollicking
Oooh...that sounds kinky! What's involved?:confused:

Mercenary Pilot
18th Dec 2007, 23:05
Write this story onto an e-mail, attach the a scan of the photo and spam it to everyone in your address book with the instructions to do the same.


18th Dec 2007, 23:05
Like I said. I was in work and missed out!!

18th Dec 2007, 23:16
Anyway Buster, you're an Evertonian. You should know what a rollicking is:)

Buster Hyman
19th Dec 2007, 00:11
Oh, of course...its when you play the Hammers twice in 3 days & roll them both times!!!:E:E:E

19th Dec 2007, 00:23
Good call Buster! Well that backfired! Just a bit of good old fashioned rivalry:)