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Mercenary Pilot
18th Dec 2007, 15:25
Formula One prodigy Lewis Hamilton has had his driving licence suspended for a month after being caught speeding on a French motorway, police said today.

Hamilton was "co-operative" when stopped

Hamilton was at the wheel of a Mercedes CLK when he was clocked at 196 km/h (121mph) near the northern town of Laon on Sunday afternoon.The speed limit on French motorways is 130 km/h (80mph) in dry weather and 110km/h (68mph) in wet conditions.

Police stopped him on the A26 motorway, which runs from Calais to Reims, detained the car and fined him 600 euros (429 pounds). "He was very polite and cooperative, said a police spokesman, adding that the 22-year-old had the car collected for him.

You can just imagine what the police man said......"Ooooh do you tink' you are? Lewis 'Amilton! Oo, merde!" ;)

18th Dec 2007, 15:35
I also heard he had his licence suspended.

Does a French traffic cop/court have the authority to suspend a UK licence. I didnt think so, but it looks like I'm wrong.

Maybe I'll drive more slowly in Europe next time.

18th Dec 2007, 15:56
They clearly think they are the European Government. Suspending a UK licence, I'm quite surprised and would be outraged if this really was the case. As for the boy wonder, well I'm no fan so he sod off and stay in France for all I care. Not feeling very cheery this afternoon, can you tell :E

18th Dec 2007, 16:10
It was the immediate suspension (requiring the recovery of the car) that is the bummer. LH will have the resources to be chauffeured during his suspension (and no financial problems paying the fine - or the increased insurance, which is probably a 'company' insurance in McLaren's name).
It used to be the case that race drivers had to be holders of a current road-driving licence, but that probably went out of the window with the man with the red flag.

18th Dec 2007, 16:38
Formula One driver Jenson Button has been fined 500 for speeding on a French motorway.
The Williams-BMW ace was reprimanded by police after being caught driving his BMW at a speed of 144 mph on Saturday.
Jenson was stopped for speeding in Montpellier.
"There will be no implications in terms of points on his licence. He has just received a mandatory fine."
Despite Button's wealth of experience of driving at speed, he is restricted to driving diesel cars on the European mainland, until he reaches the age of 21.

(from:- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sport/motorsport/767712.stm - Sunday, 28 May, 2000)

So LH gets banned for less speed than JB (and what's this about being restricted to diesel-only? Is this true? I'm not aware that holders of a UK licence are limited.).

18th Dec 2007, 16:51
Fernando Alonso was caught on a speed camera behind Lewis Hamilton....

..He was trying his best but only managed 28kph. :E

Flap 5
18th Dec 2007, 17:44
My understanding is that he has been banned in France for a month. The French court could not ban him in other countries.

18th Dec 2007, 18:09
Flap 5.
Quite right. Any country has the right to ban a motorist from driving in their country. I got caught when I lived in Italy. GBP 400 fine and my licence suspended for two months.

When I had chaned my UK licence for an Italian one they forgot to send the UK one back to Swansea and gave it back to me. When I was stopped I gave them the UK licence. The local copper who was working with the traffic police knew that I also had an Italian licence, but said nothing, just told me to get in my car and carry on as usual. Typical Italian reaction.

18th Dec 2007, 19:18
Racing driver stopped for speeding...not a big story really.

But did you see LH on TopGear a couple of weeks ago. Just amazing natural talent. As fast as Nigel Mansell, and yet on a wet and greasy track.

And for all you non-BBC F1ers on the forum, I guess that episode will be worldwide very soon.

sled dog
18th Dec 2007, 20:28
Silly boy, the A26 is a favourite piece of autoroute with the French police for nicking the Brits heading south, glad to be free of the 70 mph ( 112 kms ) limit. Every man and his dog living in northern France knows this. Always slow down a few kms before a peage, as that is where the mobile radars are. Stop to pay, and it is " Bon jour, vous are nicked mon fils " . At least the fixed radars are well advertised , usually about a k or so before the camera. Bon route :p

18th Dec 2007, 21:27
It's at least fifteen years since I travelled long distances across Europe, but even then there were speed-traps hidden behind bridge abutments and the average speed between the page stations was shown on the ticket (and you would be invited to explain yourself to the appropriate police).
Of course, maybe LH just doesn't care (like some professional footballers) as the consequences are easily dealt with. Besides, it's 'living dangerously' - isn't that what high-alpha males thrive on?

In the olden days, celebrities could gamble on being able to talk their way out of such situations.

19th Dec 2007, 19:58
Apparently it wasn't his speed that was the problem.It was raining at the time and he was weaving all over the road and slowing down then speeding up as he thought FA was behind him but it turned out to be a police car instead.

This made it difficult for the police car to pull him over and they spilled their chardonnay and dropped their Camembert cheese.Thats why he was so apologetic......:E

19th Dec 2007, 21:07
I heard the French police were instructed to stop him to check the tyres.

To the chagrin of the French nation, LH wont drive on Michelins, and is rumoured to prefer slicks in the wet...:=:=