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17th Dec 2007, 13:27
I've just had my ploughman's, carrot juice (yum), hand cooked crisps (hmmm) and whilst looking at my yet to be devoured white chocolate cookie still feel a little discontent. Thus how about some good old 'Gordon Brown bashing' (it's a trademark you know ;)) to help cheer me up?

The man resents anyone with an opinion (especially with regards to lower taxes), disrespects the armed forces, doesn't understand the private sector, continues to glorify the cause of the soppy socilaists brigade, loves to tinker with all aspects of our lives and like Dr. Frankstein can no longer control nor command the public sector monster that walking towards him arms stretched out :p

balding biggles
17th Dec 2007, 14:41
He has also raped the private sector pension schemes, put up taxes more than any other Chancellor in the last 100 years and consistently tried not to look "attached" to some Bliars rule.

Also I agree with John Major, some of the last Tory government may have been bent or fools or both but never on the grand scale of sleaze and crookedness of this crowd. Gordon, if you are any of your minnions are reading this I'm the one who told Cherie Bliar what he thought of her and asked a Bliar security man to do the decent thing for the country and blow out whatever Bliar was using for brains. You were there smirking at the time, now I address this to you: F:mad: off back to Kirkaldy you lying, cheating FRISP and don't darken Westminster's doors again.

BB. God I feel better now,

17th Dec 2007, 15:08
That's the spirit Balding biggles, well done, anyone care for a go ?

17th Dec 2007, 15:17
All the b******s have done since they got into power is tell lies, raise taxes, get sleazy payments, rape pensions and then try to to put a good spin on it. But managing to do that while being totally incompetent at government.
It was said that Harold Wilson couldn't tell a lie, because he could never tell what the truth was, but at the side of this lot, he's almost whiter than white.

Mercenary Pilot
17th Dec 2007, 15:27
Job description of a politician:

tell lies, raise taxes, get sleazy payments, [and] rape pensions


tony draper
17th Dec 2007, 16:13
Just as one predicted a few months ago yer all wishing Tony was back.:E

17th Dec 2007, 17:48
Can't [or won't] give the Police 2.5% but give themselves a waaaayyy above inflation [whazzat] payrise......
Can I become an MP? Please....

17th Dec 2007, 18:03
Thread drift

Talking of which. If the police do go on strike, will they take on the unemployed miners to police the picket lines?