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uffington sb
17th Dec 2007, 07:08
I bet those Panamanian estate agents must be rubbing their hands with glee with all the free publicity over the Darwin case.
You only need to have an income of 250 or 300 for a couple to move there and the range of incentives and discounts available to pensioners is amazing, it almost makes me want to go out to a buy a canoe!
This was the web site that led to their downfall, until yesteday it still carried the photo of them in their apartment.
Best not have a look if you've just bought an overpriced condo on the 91st floor in the biggest, and most expensive, building site on earth. Although they do tell me that DXB will be alright when it's finished. :)

17th Dec 2007, 13:34
This looks great!!

I think I will just apply for the visa anyway. I cannot believe all the consessions you get just for living there. Not bad for 300 per month.

Is Panama a safe place?? (compared with the likes of some other South American countries)

17th Dec 2007, 13:35
Do you get a free hat?

Dan D'air
17th Dec 2007, 13:37
Yes, they are all hats in Panama.

uffington sb
17th Dec 2007, 13:45
It does look too good to be true.
All that and a free hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12th Aug 2008, 13:18
There's crime everywhere in the world; no exception here. But, if I'm not mistaken, is the safest country in all Latin America.

uffington sb
12th Aug 2008, 14:23
Said Tayro7 from Panama.

12th Aug 2008, 16:26
Why move to Panama? Apparently the UK is a good enough refuge for the ex. Thailand PM facing various extremely serious charges back home (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7553028.stm)...?!

Come to think of it, the UK might in fact already have acquired somewhat of 'a reputation' for offering refuge to quite a long line of suspect businessmen and politicians over the years. I mean, we let that Chilean dictator go instead of allowing his extradition to Spain or France, didn't we? I wonder how much the UK's consular department charges for these types of services, compared with Panama...?! :uhoh:

12th Aug 2008, 22:12
It's one law for the rich and corrupt and another for the poor but innocent

13th Aug 2008, 00:01
There are many places you can go with a Western pension and live quite well.

Last year I spoke with an American ex-pat at Narita who was living in Manilla, had a townhouse overlooking the bay, ate all his meals out, and had enough left over to travel home to the US once a year - all this on $1200/month of social security income.

If you are willing to live in a tropical climate, make the break from family and friends, and have a source of continuing income, the world is your oyster.

13th Aug 2008, 17:29
I can recall reading here in JB about the plights of some old people who resided in Zimbabwe and relied on their UK provided pensions. From what I gathered, these pensions were 'frozen' at the time the recipients finally left the UK whenever that was. Several years ago, there were already reports of OAPs not being able to make ends meet with their miserly (frozen) pensions.

Since that time, we've had the all the superinflation engendered by the current irresponsible Zimbabwean government. What is a 'frozen' UK pension worth to its' recipient there today: a single loaf of bread with which to survive a whole month...?! It's one thing when the UK decides to freeze pension entitlements for UK citizens after emigrating to say, Canada. Which apparently has already instituted special provisions for all the UK citizens who retired there not really appreciating that their UK pension entitlements were going to be frozen once they left. Today, these UK citizens rely on Canadian social security to 'make good' the difference, and they can thank Canadians and their government for this largesse...?!

But what about the poor Zimbabwean widow/er, whose sole source of income was a small 'frozen' UK pension...?! Is he/she still alive, do we care, is anyone asking the UK government how their pensioners in Zimbabwe are faring in 2008...?! :rolleyes:

Go, **** off to other EU countries or elsewhere on the planet. But do read up about how pensions will be paid off when you do...?! A new UK government may decide in 2009 or 2010 to quit the EU. Freeze whatever pension you had coming to you at that time having retired to another EU country. Do you all seriously expect the French / Spanish / Italians / Greeks to make up the shortfall...?! Yeah, go away and think about it. Perhaps consider applying for French citizenship if you retired to France etc. - it's never too late to learn how to sing la Marsellaise...?! :ok:

13th Aug 2008, 18:23
it's never too late to learn how to sing la Marsellaise...?!

Or Je me rends.

Richard Taylor
13th Aug 2008, 20:24
A "safe country in South - (& Central) - America".......I'll get back to ya...:E