View Full Version : Am I smarter than a ten-year-old?

16th Dec 2007, 18:00
Seeing this show for the first time, and in the first two questions I saw, both were answered incorrectly on the show.

1) 5 + 3 X 0
Show answer: 0
My answer: 5
You should evaluate the X first, as in 5 + (3 X 0) = 5 + 0 = 5.
OK, maybe they don't teach standard operator order (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_operations) at the 6-year-old level, but the kids are 10 and should know better. As for the adults... did 6-year-olds actually write the questions for the show? ;)

2) How many wives did Henry VIII behead?
Show answer: 2
My answer: None.
He had two of his wives beheaded, but he did not behead them himself, which was the question. Maybe the question is phrased badly, but it would have been interesting to see an adult point that out... :8

16th Dec 2007, 18:33
I'm with you on the first one; on the second one you're being silly.

16th Dec 2007, 19:11
I'm with you on the first one; on the second one you're being silly.
OK... that explains a lot of what I see on PPruNe, then. :rolleyes:

tony draper
16th Dec 2007, 19:44
Hmmm, according to the Church Of Rome and therefore most of the known world he was only married once, and as far as I remember Katherine died in bed,and why Elizabeth was always regarded as a bastard,ergo he only had a couple of his bits on the side denoggined :rolleyes:

16th Dec 2007, 20:47
Well, let me think - am I smarter than a ten-year-old? You tell me, the ten-year-old plays video games, I fly real airplanes.

TV and Hollywood have a standard model nuclear family (or in this case, nuc-you-lar family). Dad is invariably a moron (Homer Simpson), mom is an airhead, the kids are invariably smarter than the parents, and the pets (Lassie, for instance) are always smarter than the kids.

Sorry, mass-media types, kids DON'T rule - we adults are in charge and we are a LOT smarter and more experienced than ANY ten-year-old child.

/rant mode off.

This is another good reason not to watch TV. They know their market is children, so they pander to their market. How much crap could they sell if the message was "Your parents know better than you what you need"? - instead, TV ads are the root cause of the "buy me buy me buy me" syndrome, which sometimes does not get outgrown.

(Yes, I'm feeling a bit snappish this afternoon.)

Best Regards,

Echo Mike

Dan D'air
16th Dec 2007, 22:04
Echo Mike, you are a voice of reason, in my house too it's a democracy, the kids do as they are told until they are 18 or can pay for it themselves!!

16th Dec 2007, 23:23
My house is a new age democracy. I think it is important to show children that you value their opinion and teach them how life really is out in the big wide world.

Therefore, my youngest son gets one vote :) my eldest son gets one vote :)

I get three votes :)




and my wife gets six votes :(:(:(

There you go, real training for the real world :}:}

They should come out with a new game show:- Husbands Win Your Balls Back...

16th Dec 2007, 23:40
The show in the US is called "Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader".
I have never missed a question.

(Got a couple wrong, but never missed one. :p)

Edited to add.

and my wife gets six votes

A truer post has never been posted here Sir! :ok:

17th Dec 2007, 14:38
bnt. Ah yes, the cousin of Father Christmas; Bodmas.
B brackets
O of
D divide
M multiply
A add
S subtract

How it all comes flooding back!

How about this then: over here, Noo Laboratory want to give 16 year olds the Vote! That will make getting them to wind their gobby necks in much easier; not (mixed anatomy regretted but idiomatically unavoidable).