View Full Version : Not a Drama so no need to panic

west lakes
16th Dec 2007, 16:19
Continental A/C just diverted to LGW from the Cumbria/Irish Sea vicinity owing to minor flight control problems. Has declared an emergency owing to overweight landing at LGW. Asked for emergency equipment.
PIC states " has full control and flight willl proceed normally"

Would be interested to hear, in due course, that they got down OK
Certainly sounded cool & collected and in control of situation

16th Dec 2007, 18:03
Is that the second Continental emergency at LGW today? I heard this morning that apparantly a Continental was on "full emergency" with fire engines all around it - this was around about 06:45.

west lakes
16th Dec 2007, 18:07
This one declared emergency at approx 17:10 local over Cumbria today.

As it's no doubt down safe it was Continental 97 with 120 POB

16th Dec 2007, 18:13
First one was a non event...had a possible problem with nosegear tyre, no emergency declared, landed without incident.