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15th Dec 2007, 19:50
Why is it so darn expensive and why has it jumped up in price so much?
I despair...:yuk:

Standard Noise
15th Dec 2007, 19:53
Same reason as the road fund licence and fuel duty rises. Cos they know you will pay for it.

Loose rivets
15th Dec 2007, 20:06
Twelve bucks here. Mind you, they don't spend much time looking at stuff. They try to sell you windshield wipers every time to make a penny or two, but apart from making sure the wipers work, they don't check the windshield. In fact, you don't need one at all.

I rushed to get my camera one day...the car at the local school looked as though Bruce Willis had crashed on the hood and gone into the screen. It was caved in and held with tape. Half of it was totally obscured with cracks and laminate discolour. It was the drivers side, and he got in and leaned over to drive. What can I tell you?????:}

How much is it there? My daughter runs my Honda at the moment. Haven't got the heart to take it back now that she's producing more grand-children for me. :)

16th Dec 2007, 13:42
Many reasons (including "Because they can"), it's to help pay for the computerisation of the system that took about four/five years to actaully get right (no, I'm not joking either), also to prevent many garages opting out of being testing stations because the fee you pay is actually up to the garage itself. The MoT price (50-odd now) is merely a maximum, a garage can do it for less if they wish, it depends on competition/how busy/how much they want the business. They still have to pay the VI or VOSA as they're known now, the same fee per test they carry out.

From friends of mine in the trade, quite a number threatened to junk testing altogether as they can make more money (labour-rate wise) from servicing/general repair work. So a mechanic is more profitable doing this rather than MoT testing despite the additional work this generates.

The problem the government had was that if widescale closure of VTS's happened, they may be forced to do what happens in N.Ireland, that is, the VTS's are government run so it'd be another thing they would be responsible for. (& as we all know, the government don't want to be responsible for anything so they can't be blamed). With this in mind, they put the price up year on year in the vain hope we 'idiots' (ie:Taxpayers) wouldn't notice, which, given the obscene price fuel has got to, may be a fair point! MoT's being the least of our worries.

16th Dec 2007, 14:42
It costs only 49.00 (50.35 for a car MoT) for me to get my 7500Kg lorry tested at a Govt/VOSA run test station in Newbury. It's run as a line (two in parallel), and the driver has to stay with the vehicle to move it, and operate it for the test phases. Starts with lights and emissions, moves on to steering and a check of the chassis etc and finishes with brakes.

Takes about 15-20 minutes, and is very thorough.

The only drawback is that there can be a wait, even though it's pre-booked, and you need to book about 30 days ahead at least.

blue up
16th Dec 2007, 15:20
25 here for classic cars. Fewer things for them to test (no seatbelts, indicators, airbags, anti-lock, fog lights etc) so takes much less time.

With the 80 insurance and zero for the road tax, it starts to be worthwhile.

South Wales.

16th Dec 2007, 17:18
It is, sadly, all to do with the new computer system. In the old days, the mechanic would look your car over, take a good mechanic maybe 20-30 mins tops as he knows what he is looking for and a cursory glance will do for a lot of things. He would then fill in the forms and off you go. He could quite happilly do 20 tests per day (on a 10 hour working day) at maybe a tenner profit per job and everyone is happy.

So it wasn't broke, but the government decided to fix it anyway for a computerised system. So not only has the mechanic had to shell out thousands on computerised equipment, when he tests a car now it goes like this. Put MOT tester card in computer and enter vehicle reg. The powers that be have decided that an MOT takes at least 45 mins. He cannot take the card out to do the next car for 45 mins. Total available tests in the day now 13 tests ( in the same 10 hour day) The price is high as the garage have to pay for all the computers, pay for the permanent on line connection and have has the throughput reduced by force, in addition to taxes, rents, rates etc rising.

I know of a couple of good garages that did just MOT's as they could make a good living at it but have gone back to repairs again to make ends meet.

I think that the way it is done in Northern Ireland, and the way HGV's are tested should be the norm. That way everyone gets a level playing field!

You want it when?
16th Dec 2007, 22:03
Whiners the lot of you.... it woz better in the old days....

OK they cost more, but they a more regulated and of more value to the market. OK more cheap and shoddy crappy garages are no longer able to provide the "free" MOT but how is this a problem to the honest car owner?

If you can't afford the ticket, then maybe you should get a bus.

Awww YWIW there are no buses in my area - so move. Whiner. :}