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15th Dec 2007, 17:28
Have a look at this http://www.metacafe.com/watch/365191/pervert_test/

Tell me what you see. I still didn't see the dolphins even when he pointed them out. A one track mind all the way :ok:

15th Dec 2007, 17:33
Oh dear, I saw both. Does that make an innocent pervert? :eek:

15th Dec 2007, 18:47
Ah well, it just goes to show what I, and everyone who knows me, knew all along. Definite pervert (and proud of it).

15th Dec 2007, 18:59
Dolphins?? :}

Standard Noise
15th Dec 2007, 19:28
I'm sorry, but I couldn't see the dolphins very well even when they were pointed out.
Does that make me a dirty old man?:E

15th Dec 2007, 19:54
Seeing couple 1st then dolphins after prompting (couple still taking up 99%+ of available brain) = healthy/normal

Seeing dolphins 1st, seeing couple and dolphins equally = some form of cognitive disability - I'd go for autistic spectrum first, then politician.

Failing to see couples EVER = liar, politician material

Failing to see dolphins, EVER = focused mindset, investment banker material

15th Dec 2007, 20:27
I've been practicing for 60 years, still not qual'd have to do recurrent every 6 months, no sim, real thing.

15th Dec 2007, 20:37
I couldn't see dolphins, but I could smell fish. :suspect:

Arm out the window
16th Dec 2007, 02:54
Well, considering that the meaning of the word 'pervert' is something that is turned aside from its proper use or behaviour, and as the picture's obviously constructed to most obviously depict a couple having the sexy times, as Borat would say, it's them weirdos who see dolphins who're the perverts!

16th Dec 2007, 04:29
By using the word "pervert" in the title they set up our minds to see the couple.

But I agree, the real perverts would be those seeing dolphins.

Is there really dolphins in it ?

16th Dec 2007, 07:07
I just see a couple, then a lot of red circles...what does that meen???:}

16th Dec 2007, 11:23
Con pilot that just makes you a perv with a guilty conscience

Bloo moo I agree. I would worry about the mindset of anyone who doesn't see a naked couple first.

I'm still trying to see dolphins. I can just about make out the tail of one around her nether regions where most of my concentration is focused. :}

16th Dec 2007, 11:30
Sorry??!!!:confused::confused: What's perverted about seeing a couple in a loving embrace, unashamed of their nudity, expressing their deep and lasting love for each other surrounded by frolicking dolphins?

You'd have to be a right prude to be offended by that!:p