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Charles Sierra
15th Dec 2007, 15:31

15th Dec 2007, 15:38
Very funny. But not real.

Here it is on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dos1bm_tU_k) where the person who uploaded it explains...

Saw this happen earlier today (9/26/07) in downtown LA. Masked thieves running out to a getaway car, only to be surrounded by cops who run right by them into the bank, allowing thieves to escape! When it was all over a director yelled "reset!" and the scene unfolded again. Damn commercial shoots.

15th Dec 2007, 15:55
A similar event occurred (in Bristol, I believe) where a bystander intervened in what appeared to be a robbery only to find out that it was a 'shoot' for 'Casualty' (a TV soap about hospital life).