View Full Version : The unable to get an election thread

15th Dec 2007, 03:53
What about those poor people in places like Cuba and Burma? :(

Loose rivets
15th Dec 2007, 04:36
Oh, election. My mistake.:(

Howard Hughes
15th Dec 2007, 05:15
Then you need the Advanced Election Institute!;)

15th Dec 2007, 06:39
Then you need the Advanced Election Institute!;)Is that where if you get a successful election for over four hours, you have to call somebody?

15th Dec 2007, 08:19
After earnest and sometimes intense balloting, one's election tends to run its course and narrow the early majority, even though one seeks to keep a precinct in reserve, just in case there's need to juice it up at the margins during a recount.

15th Dec 2007, 10:10
Prease to tly Viagla

15th Dec 2007, 15:53
Wasn't that what the Malaysian Prime Minister said to Clinton when he got re-elected "Congratulations on your erection"?

OK, Hat, coat, door - gone!

15th Dec 2007, 17:56
He spoke too soon.

Premature ejaculation.