View Full Version : Remind me who suffers from a fuel blockade again?

Two's in
14th Dec 2007, 21:45
Genuinely confused - what is the objective of blockading the UK Fuel Depots tomorrow? Surely any disruption in fuel supplies just gives the robbing bar-stewards yet another excuse to hike the price. What am I missing here?

tony draper
14th Dec 2007, 21:47
Yer waste of time,I mean if they were really serious they would burn the feckers down.:rolleyes:

14th Dec 2007, 22:33
Location: U.S.A.

Er, you want to expand on that comment? :confused:

(Now, if it is just the usual old Yank bashing, don't bother.)

Mercenary Pilot
14th Dec 2007, 22:38
Maybe he's talking about the cost of fuel in the UK compared to prices in the US, its now over $2 a litre in "Great" Britain now. :{

14th Dec 2007, 23:14
I think the cost of fuel is roughly the same. The cost of the tax is much higher in the UK. Do you pay the same level of tax for home heating fuel?

US fuel at the pump now varies regionally. About $2.87/gallon where I live.

14th Dec 2007, 23:22
Though you don't get a true gallon for that.

Out Of Trim
14th Dec 2007, 23:30
I believe the objective is as in 2000, to force the UK Government to concede that fuel duty of approx 70% is too much, considering that fuel is taxed at a basic rate and then VAT added. ie. a tax levied upon a tax.

Some might say, a tax too far! Therefore, I think they mean to eventually bring down the government to establish a fairer policy in future. Quite like what happened after the Poll Tax riot.

I seem to remember that Mr Blair got quite worried at the last fuel protests.. how many Americans would like to be paying over 9 USD a gallon for fuel. Not many I suspect! This government needs to listen to the general public. Enough is enough.. many haulage companies will go out of business if things don't change.

I'm not involved directly, but hope they can make a difference because high fuel costs create high inflation and increase the price of goods and services for all of us.

Carbon Bootprint
15th Dec 2007, 00:03
Though you don't get a true gallon for that.
So where exactly would one get a "true gallon" these days?

Out Of Trim
15th Dec 2007, 00:07
So where exactly would one get a "true gallon" these days?

Err 4.546 Litres I think = 1 Imperial Gallon - No?

15th Dec 2007, 00:09
The UK or Imperial gallon of 8 pints was around long before the US gallon which is 0.833 a UK gallon! Hence the comment, from a British personage, of "true" gallon!!



15th Dec 2007, 00:13
I can see where this is going :ugh:

15th Dec 2007, 00:16
Really? Where might that be then eh? :rolleyes:

15th Dec 2007, 00:26
You know as well as I do.

Some idiot will pick up on the differences between 'our' and 'their' gallon. Then it'll be spelling, George Bush and Iraq and before you know it'll be padlocked and shipped off to that secret place behind the scenes.

Oh, nearly forgot the :rolleyes:

Howard Hughes
15th Dec 2007, 00:27
Fight, fight!

Chair, Popcorn...http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/chairhit.gifhttp://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/popcorn.gif

PS: You forgot 'gun totin'!;)

15th Dec 2007, 01:28
No doubt some technical expert will fill us in but I seem to recall that the reason for the difference in a US Gallon and an Imperial Gallon is the amount or size of a US or Imperial Fluid Ounce!

15th Dec 2007, 02:02
Actually if one refuels in the morning with cooler temperatures you would get a little more than a gallon as compared in the afternoon with warmer temperatures. Whether it be the Imperial gallon or the US gallon.

Plain logic that is.

15th Dec 2007, 02:50
Assumin of course that the fuel temperature changes much during a day.

Lots of fuel, big tank, underground...............probably not. I like the way you're thinking though.

What about beer? If I buy a pint on a winter's evening will I get more than in the summer?

Two's in
15th Dec 2007, 03:45
Amazing to think we can get on to "that" thread with what was (for me anyway) a real question about the purpose of tomorrow's, or today's now, attempt at Brits impersonating French Public sector workers.

Don't whine about the US Gallon being different - it came from the English Wine Gallon of the 1700's which was 231 cubic inches. At that time the English used this and the ale gallon, which was 282 cubic inches. In 1824, they switched to the British imperial gallon, which as you all know is the volume of 10 pounds of water, at a temperature of 62 F.

Howard Hughes
15th Dec 2007, 04:12
You're all a bunch of wierd feckers, what's this gallons?

In Oz we measure our liquids by the litre, just like the...

Dare I say it?


15th Dec 2007, 04:34
Howard, I'm so sorry. :(

Howard Hughes
15th Dec 2007, 04:41
I don't know how that happened...:confused:

15th Dec 2007, 04:45
Ya know once you don't pay attention sh!t happens. :p

Howard Hughes
15th Dec 2007, 04:47
By the way you thawed out yet?

Everything back to normal?

15th Dec 2007, 05:11
Yes, for the most part all the ice has gone, however, there are still around 300,000 people still without power state wide, including my yougest son who is still staying with us.

Howard Hughes
15th Dec 2007, 05:22
Thats good to hear, hopefully son and the other 299,999 will have their power back soon. :ok:

15th Dec 2007, 09:48
The US gallon is 8 pints, as is the imperial gallon. But the US pint is 16 fluid ounces, as opposed to the UK pint of 20 fluid ounces. And I notice that there are places in the US now where they offer 20 ounce size beers.

15th Dec 2007, 15:19
I don't mind if a U.S gallon is only 16 oz.

It's still magic getting a Pontiac Grand Prix hire car, with a 3.8 litre V6 engine and a 16 gallon fuel tank, and getting change from $50 when you fill it up.

It costs me about 45 just to fill a poxy Ford focus in the UK :{

15th Dec 2007, 16:00
But the Focus still handles better than the Pontiac.

15th Dec 2007, 16:51

The American fluid ounce is larger by about 1 part in 30 thus giving a gallon ratio of 6/5 as opposed to 5/4 real/American as one might expect.

After an excellent landing you can use the airplane again!

Standard Noise
15th Dec 2007, 18:33
Not much chance of anyone suffering from the latest blockades, news websites are saying they were all a bit 'one man and his dog'.

15th Dec 2007, 20:03
Flintstone quote; But the Focus still handles better than the Pontiac.
is the automotive version of; "Yeah, but she has a great personality!"

15th Dec 2007, 20:11
Radeng, thats how beer is served in the UK these days 16oz of fluid in a 20oz glass!

15th Dec 2007, 22:19
Flintstone quote; But the Focus still handles better than the Pontiac.
is the automotive version of; "Yeah, but she has a great personality!"

Having driven both I'd still rather have the Focus.

Pontiac 3.6 litre/200bhp/230 ft lb/0-60 6.6 secs.

Focus ST 2.5 litre/225bhp/236ft lb/0-60 6.5 secs.

One handles MUCH better than the other. I'll leave you to guess which:E

200bhp? From a 3.6 litre V6? That's just being lazy