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14th Dec 2007, 10:59
Ex Africa semper aliquid novi.

International visitors to South Africa's OR Tambo Airport were given a rude awakening after the words "F*** Y**" were displayed on all welcome sign boards, the Son reported on Friday.

The tabloid ran pictures of the offending message on the electronic boards.

OR Tambo spokesperson Nothemba Noruwane said they did not know who was responsible for the "greeting".

Noruwane said: "We are still trying to find out what happened... who put those words on. Many workers had access to the system and the matter is under investigation.

"Many workers' access to the system has been revoked and only a few ACSA members now have access to the system," she said.

..... and compliments of the season to all visiting aircrew!

14th Dec 2007, 11:20
:eek::ESounds like a disgruntled employee. Does the Scrooge or the Grinch work at arrivals in South Africa:E.
Sorry if this make me look bad (coz I have a really black sense of humor), but just imagine you are getting of a long and probably a little delayed over booked flight to look at the first welcome sign you see. And it say's "WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA. F#CK YOU.
This actually made me lol.:}

14th Dec 2007, 11:32
It was probably Jan Smut, who never got over the indignity.

He used to have Top Billing at Joanusburg International but after, er um... some unpleasantness, the new boss decreed pollies would not be used as namesakes.

That didn't last long, of course, and the field was soon named after one of his terrorist mates.

Ancient Mariner
14th Dec 2007, 11:37
Many moons ago arriving LHR after a very exhausting flight from Melbourne I had to got through immigration in order to reach the terminal where my Norway bound flight was waiting for me. All the while a message was flashing on the wall. "Welcome to Heathrow, the most efficient airport in the world" Or words to that effect.
Very encouraging, particularly since it took so long to get to the end of the line that we missed our connecting flight.
Off course that was a long time ago and much have happened with LHR since. :rolleyes:

Dan D'air
14th Dec 2007, 12:00
Ancient Mariner, Of course you are right!! LHR is the "Gateway to Britain" and commensurately efficient, clean and absolutely snag free.