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Alloa Akbar
13th Dec 2007, 13:26
we have a sweep at work going on for the date of her premature demise..

red hot favourite is by pills O/D on Valentines day while the hubby is banged up.

any other guesses??

13th Dec 2007, 13:31
That's a bit cold don't you think...:rolleyes: Sweepstake on someone's demise. I am no fan or hers nor any of her loathesome celeb fraternity but there's a line that has to respected. If anything let market forces decide and if they don't accept her then they'll boot her out anyway.

This kind of approach is just not called for. In fact when these waste of space, talentless gits get off the beaten track and too big for their shoes you should be calling for their punishment, that I could stomach and is justifiable.
But someone's passing is not cool.... Remember there are innocent family members that will suffer because of that. :=

13th Dec 2007, 13:31
Well, I'm always on the lookout for suggestions for Death Lotto, even though we can't change our selections until the jackpot goes off. Amy is an interesting left field selection, and would certainly score kudos as the youngest ever winner, but look at Keith Richards.

Naah, she could find god, give up the drugs, work with underprivileged kids and become a nun. Not good value. I'm happy with my selections of Ronnie Biggs and Billy Graham for the time being.

Death Lotto; the game you win when someone else's number comes up!

13th Dec 2007, 13:34
Dear oh dear ;)

13th Dec 2007, 13:40
My choices at the beginning of the year were Sean Ryder, Keith Moon & Clint Eastwood.

The Clint choice was based purely on the usual tendency of the networks to show all their films as quickly as possible thereafter. ITV3 (?) have recently been showing all his old stuff, so I'm having a late substitution with Robert de Niro or Al Pacino. Obviously, Ryder was my banker, but he's still hanging in there, the drug addled lunatic!

I recently found out Keith Moon had pegged out years ago! (I think I meant Ronnie Wood, but I is stoopid...) :(

Not very good at this game, although I did predict Rod Hull a few years back.

13th Dec 2007, 13:54
As the organiser of our syndicate, I strongly suspect that at least one person is holding a selection who shuffled off this mortal coil some years ago, but I refuse to do a search, for I would then be forced to disclose that information.

Lesson 1. Do your own research.

Lesson 2. Never give a sucker an even break.

Come on Ronnie, you know you're stuffed, you had a good run, now I need the money. I'm going to leave you in this room with a loaded pistol. I know you, as an Englishman, can be trusted to do the right thing.............

Dan D'air
13th Dec 2007, 14:20
We used to have a Death Lotto in our local pub, 1 entry with a prize of 100 when the unlucky celeb popped their clogs. Sadly, we were forced to give it up when Princess Di did........

13th Dec 2007, 14:34
Ronnie Wood's a pikey. You'll not see that gun again.

13th Dec 2007, 14:35
when Princess Di did........

Why? Nobody would have had her. Well, not many anyway. That day.

Or did you mean when Princess Di died?

Or Princess Di died and Dodi Died?

Dodi's father seemed to have a fair grasp of what was happening; I wonder if he had Di in Death Lotto?

Dan D'air
13th Dec 2007, 14:38
Exactly......When Princess Di did. (Die)

Alloa Akbar
13th Dec 2007, 15:18
It was August one year, I can't remember which, I just remember they had to call in a coroner from Disneyworld, who was heard singing as he prepared the bodies for transit.. "Zippidee Dodi, Zippidee Di..."

Coat.. door.. gone.:O

13th Dec 2007, 15:22
now that was funny! Reminds me of a joke told to me years ago about a drunken Italian pilot... high tiddly eyetie,,, etc. Perhaps someone can fill in the gaps?

Dan D'air
13th Dec 2007, 15:24
Alloa Akbar.........Absolutely bl%dy hysterical, I now understand why so many ppruners manage to spray coffee all over their computers!!!!

Devlin Carnet
13th Dec 2007, 15:28
The Dodo is dead
Dodi is dead
Di is dead

I'll have a tenner on Dido

Mercenary Pilot
13th Dec 2007, 15:29
Nowt wrong with Miss Winehouse, its all a big PR stunt! :}

They tried to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no.

Dan D'air
13th Dec 2007, 15:31
As Johnny Cash sang more than once, "I don't care if I do die, do die, do die......"

13th Dec 2007, 15:39
A BBC Local Radio presenter used to host a late-night programme which included a phone-in for listeners to state whether the announced celebrity was still around or 'brown bread'.
It was certainly popular and revealed quite a few misconceptions.

13th Dec 2007, 15:41
I'd put a tenner on her nose falling off first.

13th Dec 2007, 15:44
Come on now chaps, sorry to throw in a downer, but give the poor girl a bit of space- she is obviously ill.

13th Dec 2007, 15:51
ginge, the cynics amongst us would just call it good PR. :sad:

Mercenary Pilot
13th Dec 2007, 15:51
According to www.deathtimer.com, Amy Winehouse's:

Estimated Date of Demise (E.D.D.) is
28 March 2041

13th Dec 2007, 15:55
ginge, the cynics amongst us would just call it good PR.

Naaah, ya'don't need a Masters in Clinical Medicine to realise she's fecked.

Nice bike by the way, why the ladies frame:)

13th Dec 2007, 16:06
There used to be an amusing website called www.fantasydeathrow.com where one could bet on various outcomes for the prisoners. But it seems to have gone.

13th Dec 2007, 16:20
Get Danny to ban her proon account & we'll be alright.

Dan D'air
13th Dec 2007, 17:51
It would be a shame if the wee lassie kicked the bucket, she is very talented IMHO, obviously has a huge problem and needs serious help. Now as for that to$$er Pete Docherty, the words dancing and grave spring to mind.

Sir George Cayley
13th Dec 2007, 18:30
My first reaction was - couldn't be a day too soon. Can't stand the girl.

But then I thought of all the money her record label would make from the huge outpouring of cash from her fans.

So now, I wish her a long, happy, drug free and quiet life away from the public stage.

I much prefer the Wynettes anyway.

Next years celebrity exit will, in fact be, His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. You heard it here 1st. Stand on me. 10-1 bar.

Sir George Cayley (deceased)

13th Dec 2007, 20:31
She's got a way to go to match Judee Sill

Armed robber, forger, prostitute (bisexual), junkie, she cleaned up and found Jesus, then relapsed back into drugs and suffered the inevitable end in 1979, age 35.

Voice like an angel, though

13th Dec 2007, 21:08
According to that Deathtimer I am living on borrowed time!

Just shows what a load of toffee it is becau