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12th Dec 2007, 09:46
When you are compelled to pay that ghastly TV licence and coupled with the ongoing BBC 'own agenda' type of porgramming why is it that they can't at the very least deliver a good soap or sitcom. I don't need to parade all the successfful ones from the past from Dad's Army & It Ain't Half Hot Mum to The Office and the classic Only Fools and Horses. So why is it then that we are subjected to such wishy-washy standards to soaps and general programming from the BBC, they are clearly not delivering but worse still the charge of 'not being receptive to viewers feedback'. An exmaple is the dire, self appointed and cuckoo land Eastenders which seems to be more and more devoid of any link with the everyday life and the BBC's askewed vision of society. Perhaps it's time for them to call it day on a soap that doesn't bode well for modern, dynamic and very global times and leave this relic from the early 80s on the shelf. Surely a soap is a soap and you can generate a new one without much ado, they're always banging on about the vast sea of supposed talent they have then why not deliver something worthwhile and reflective of the needs of modern society instead of this reheathed tv dinner called Eastenders.

Last night's episode was another piece of rubbish with one character causing a comotion in the local council office and accusing staff of sending their kids to "pirvate school', council staff .... hmmm, I think not :E He also refered to their expensive houses, oh dear again I doubtful :hmm: In fact there's a whole strata of society that lap up this kind of rubbish and believe it.

I know the government love to use Eastenders as a messenger to the masses but the standard of the programme is actually very awful with equally negative characters who's highest accolode in life is well .... I can't think what it could be :E

Dear oh dear.....

12th Dec 2007, 09:57
Why are you watching it then? :confused: If you say, it's 'cos your girlfriend/wife/partner/concubine was watching it, then have the conversation with them!!! :}

Sadly, it IS a popular programme still although I stopped watching it when Lou Beale died. I totally agree it's rubbish but while it's still one of the programmes with the highest viewing figures, the BBC will still keep making it.



12th Dec 2007, 09:59
Uk soups are complete shite. 90% of the time in them all thats on the screen is people drinking in a pub.

Mercenary Pilot
12th Dec 2007, 10:24
Uk soups are complete shite

I don't know, I had a good chicken and wild mushroom one yesterday. That was nice.

90% of the time in them all thats on the screen is people drinking in a pub

errrrr....Welcome to Britain?! :rolleyes:

12th Dec 2007, 10:27
Stories that never end:ugh: What's interesting from a practical point of view is the number of characters in soaps who are self employed - means the producers can have them around all the time & saves on expensive sets one imagines.

12th Dec 2007, 10:48
If it was true to life, there would be Polish and Portuguese people in it.

12th Dec 2007, 10:55
.... and jobs for people to go to every morning, crime and local neighbourhood issues, sattelite dishes littering people's home (absent for obvious reasons), overcrowded parking, new businesses taking over old failing ones, etc .....

It is of course fiction but why does it fail to parallel society on any issue? The masses are indeed impressionable especially on a recurring theme as a soap's ongoing storyline and thus played out over a prolonged period it can have an effect on people's thinking.

12th Dec 2007, 10:56
Why is Eastenders so bad ....

... cos it's written rotten!:O

12th Dec 2007, 11:23
It's got a sad ending:)

12th Dec 2007, 11:31
If it was true to life, there would be Polish and Portuguese people in it.

If it was true to life nothing much would happen

12th Dec 2007, 11:32
Also Why doesnt anyone own a washing machine in Eastenders?

I dont watch it but the wife does and i see an episode once in a while.

Every now and then some multi million top Gangster arrives. Usually with a group of cronies in tow and business interests all over London . They always start out like Don Corleone living in some country mansion with millions in the bank and within a week have bought a little terraced house on Albert Square and think a local pub is a good investment.

I agree, the writing is terrible. It also has one of the most depressing sets of any program ive ever seen. Makes Tenko look like Hi de hi.

'Chuffer' Dandridge
12th Dec 2007, 12:03
Also, why the fuh-ing 'ell does nobody in fuh-ing Eastenders ever fuh-ing swear. They do it all the fuh-ing time in East Laaaandon.

All credit to Tittybangbang for the fuh-ing link to fuh-ing swearing. They did a superb spoof of Heather Mills in last weeks show.

Fuh-ing brilliant.:ok:

tony draper
12th Dec 2007, 12:08
Nobody ever seems to take a shite either.:rolleyes:

12th Dec 2007, 12:31
But they do take the p1ss with the storylines.

12th Dec 2007, 12:34
One of the things I loved about Porridge was that they invented curse words in the knowledge that prisoners would swear, but they couldn't do so on telly. So, naff orf Norris, you charmless nerk. Fantastic.

12th Dec 2007, 12:48
Felixflyer, do pay attention; no one needs a washing machine, as Dot can do 'em a service wash at the Laundrette (as long as you don't mind fag ash in your smalls)

12th Dec 2007, 13:26
I live in a small box in the Sahara Desert, one with satellite TV. When I tire of the Maharishi's lot explaining Cosmic String Theory (M-style) and fat, unappealing bints writhing with a telephone in one hand and not much on, then I tune in to Eastenders.

I did actually live in the East End, just a short distance from the Blind Beggar and the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, but it sure wasn't like Eastenders. Of course, what do I know?

Say what you will, at least it is better than that show with the fellah from outer space who sounds as if he actually comes from Dublin. Or Zoe Wanamaker acting bitchy to her husband acting gormless ("My Family"). Now that is seriously bad, evil, even!

At least I get it for free. That would shake up my day, a van pulling up to ask after my TV licence.

Gingerbread Man
12th Dec 2007, 13:28
I haven't seen it in years but I'll tell you how tonights episode will go;

"You slag,"
"Leave it out,"
"What's your game?"
"He's down The Arches/The Vic/The Cafe/the Lot,"
"I hate you,"
"Its my pub,"
"No one talks about my family like that,"
"Its not your baby anyway,"
"I know, lets hold the reception at the Vic,"
"You know you don't love him, why are you marrying him?"
"Look after me stall, will you. I've got go sort this out,"
"He's in the hospital, he's not well,"
"Thanks for coming, its what he would have wanted,"
"Family's the most important thing in the world,"
"The bloke from the brewerys coming this afternoon,"
"The Vic belongs to me now,"
"I'm leaving, I'm taking the baby and there's nuthing you can do abbat it,"
SQUEAL OF BRAKES....CRASH! "She's gone,"
"He's gone to Spain,"

Cue theme.

None of the above
12th Dec 2007, 13:59
I understand that Iraqi TV has bought the format.

Their version will be called 'Middle Eastenders'.

12th Dec 2007, 14:07
If it was more like real life then they'd all be sittin 'ome watchin soaps( or is it soups) and complainin bout the BEEB

12th Dec 2007, 15:27
I would love a storyline where Tesco turns up bulldoze the entire square and build something the residents have never seen, a supermarket and create some other alien concept a job. :p

Or better still start a rumour that Elstree aerodrome is being relocated onto where the set is current situated :E

12th Dec 2007, 16:50
Definatly soups

Is that what britain is really like then... everyone spends all there time drinking in pubs?? Even older women drinking massive glasses/beakers of wine at 11am???

tony draper
12th Dec 2007, 17:23
oooh Mr Chuks, did you know Ron and Reggie?:uhoh::rolleyes:

12th Dec 2007, 18:40
Just seen the Christmas trailer. Merry it ain't!

Standard Noise
12th Dec 2007, 19:06
As an old instructor of mine was wont to say every so often - no point looking at that, it's all crap!

12th Dec 2007, 20:16
I think East Enders and its ilk have replaced religion as the "opiate of the people"


12th Dec 2007, 20:25
A few months back I was travelling on a train and I could not help but hear a couple of obese chav women chatting about Eastenders. One of the women says to her friend, "I don't mind Jade watching Eastenders cos it teaches her about real life innit". :ugh:

12th Dec 2007, 20:54
If you want to know why, go to the Radio4 website and do "listen again" for the Front Row programme at 1915 this evening. They interviewed the main writer for E'es who has written the script for the "new" version of Oliver Twist for the Beeb Christmas progs. Listen and shudder.
The Ancient Mariner

12th Dec 2007, 21:41
It's fantasy.

If it were meant to be real they'd show more tattooed teenage mothers puffing on fags pushing their offspring to Primark, tattooed toothless jobless pikeys hanging out in the Vic, sinister black hoodies giving people the 'slashing throat' sign from buses (that's what I had tonight, in W4!), grave political scandals being suffocated by a straightforward case of fraud, and a miserable middle-aged git whose wife thinks he is welded to his computer.

However, when I was at university, it was wonderful to pick it up on BFBS. If you have never seen a German television show, don't start now.


13th Dec 2007, 01:15
yeah....and how come all their relations appear from far away places like Ibiza and New Zealand and want to move to Albert Square ... and those living in Albert Square are moving to Brazil or somewhere exotic.!!!

And ....gawd.....the women in Albert square are UGLY!! As for how Billy Mitchell can keep a wife and 2 kids going without a proper job baffles me.

Really.....it has gone downhill BADLY. One thing going for it..... it nevers rains and no-one pays taxes (all cash in hand !!). never know...might move there myself (but will bring my own woman!!)

Now Corrie....they have some nice looker. Run your hands thru my hair Maria!!!!

13th Dec 2007, 05:43
When we lived in UK, my wife (Indonesian) took one look at Eastenders and switched off.

However she could not get enough of Corrie, which got me watching it to.

It had something Eastenders lacked... humour.

13th Dec 2007, 08:13
If you have never seen a German television show, don't start now.

There was nothing wrong with Tatort or Schnick Schnack (I think it was called; the German version of Blankety Blank). Even though my German at the time (early 70s) was minimal, we never missed either.

13th Dec 2007, 08:42
Long gone by the time I got to be an Eastender. All I saw on pavements of Mile End Road were lots of Chinese selling dodgy DVDs and moody Somalis all looking as if they hadn't stabbed anyone to death in days so what about this White boy (me)?

Then there were the boozed up English, staggering their way back from the pubs when the footie had been on and the Paki chavs acting as if I were trespassing on their turf if I used the back way to Sainsbury's. All part of life's rich carnival, eh?

I did enjoy my time in London, all in all. What was it your Doctor Johnson said, "If you are tired of life just take a walk on London's Mile End Road about chucking-out time."? Well, something like that anyway. "Vide Londinium e moro."

Your TV is sh1te, yes, but I blame we Americans for that, setting such a bad, financially successful example. Of course, there is always the library.

tony draper
13th Dec 2007, 08:44
One stopped watching it when Elsie Tanner left,big fine lass was Elsie.:E

13th Dec 2007, 09:26
It seems that most people are either turned off by Eastenders or simply laugh at how it takes itself so seriously. Yet the point being missed is the Eastenders production team and the BBC at large. Eastenders like your organisation is badly outdated and crap, to add further insult to injury you place it at primetime and almost everyday of the week. Thus one can deduce that the BBC cannot deliver any other form of programming in these prime time slots becase they're no capable.

The viewing figures that the BBC point to relate to people being at home during primetime where they're watching the TV not necessarily because of Eastenders. In other words if the BBC had an alternative soap people would avidly watch that too. When are we going to oust these brigade of soppy yet arrogant socialists from the nation's broadcasters, re-educate them to do something useful insetad.

tony draper
13th Dec 2007, 09:36
Don't get me started on the BBC, one will be obliged to fork out a large sum of cash to the fluffist bastards at the end of this month.

13th Dec 2007, 09:39
Good or bad, whatever the individual viewpoint, the VW Beetle, Big Mac, Football, and 'true life' but poorly written soaps, and many other things are all "popular".

That means bought or consumed by the masses.

If you dont like a particular soap, great, pat your self on the back, and say 'hey, I dont have to run with the herd every second of every day' :):)

But dont expect too much of a soap. The masses seem to like it (soaps) that way, otherwise they'd turn off, and so the producers make them that way.
People just like to people-watch.

13th Dec 2007, 11:00
Indeed AirScrew you are correct however I point to the fact that there have been so many other productions from the past that have somehow not gone off onto a tangent of 'self serving' as the Eastenders team and BBC management have. The humour failure of such programmes really isn't necessary as evidenced by other channels' soaps and they probably don't take them themselves too seriously neither. The BBC's defence is always something wishy-washy or another but the truth is that it doens't have to be so up it own's arse all of the time. What the BBC thinks Eastenders achieves just isn't the case, in fact it fails to convey anything. Yet Coronation Street seems to have an avid following and the fews times I've come across over the years it does seem to be on a chill pill so to speak. Brookside from Channel 4 was alot more modern and 'open air' than the closetted and claustrophobic Albert square so yes it can be done and they both start in the eighties justa year or two apart. Of course Brookside is no more but Channel 4 are closer to the real world than the BBC and need to look at revenue and advertising too. With the plethora of money demanded by the brown cord, elbow patched jacket army of the BBC they'd at least have called it day on a 2 decade old soap. They could easily change the set and start something else, they've certainly got the money for it.

13th Dec 2007, 12:06
"one will be obliged to fork out a large sum of cash to the fluffist bastards at the end of this month."

Two will actually, Mr D. Except I will, as usual, delay the payment until the end of January just so I can experience the delight of receiving the 'Imagine the shame when you are hauled into Court' (yes, they do say something very close to that) letter.

I too will own up to having watched Brookside - but only when the delightful Anna Friel was in it. Since she was tastiest totty by far, the feckwits had to make her character lesbian, didn't they.

tony draper
13th Dec 2007, 12:12
Lesbians both male and female are obligatory in soaps now Mr F,some sort of rule it is.

13th Dec 2007, 12:26
Surprised you haven't mentioned Emmerdale - that's currently got Straights, Gays and a Bisexual - pretty good going for a "family-oriented soap" at 1900 of an evening (and from ITV too....)

tony draper
13th Dec 2007, 12:36
One used to fancy Dolly Skilbeck,switched one's lust to Viv Windsor when she left (great legs).

Dan D'air
13th Dec 2007, 13:29
Slightly off thread but.......I haven't got a TV nowadays, it got to the point where I just didn't watch it anymore........... Result? TV Licence fee now spent on a broadband connection, download anything I want to watch for free, especially the Film 4 stuff and it gives you something to watch downroute!!

13th Dec 2007, 21:41
I've watched Eastenders more than I'd care to admit; always when sitting around with my wife who thinks it's the best thing ever.

I thought this was a good American version of the same production value, although this, I think, is way cooler.


Standard Noise
13th Dec 2007, 22:36
Bring back El Dorado!!!

13th Dec 2007, 23:15
El Dorado was really crap to start with but by the time they decided to pull the plug it was becoming one of the best programs on during the day, some rather fit young ladies in it as well :}

Foxy Loxy
13th Dec 2007, 23:32

I suspect you might enjoy Hollyoaks....


Standard Noise
13th Dec 2007, 23:34
That reminds me, is the 2008 Hollyoaks Girly calender out yet?:O

14th Dec 2007, 01:35

I used to watch it when we were allowed a tv in the office, lost track of it now. Doubt it would take much to get interested again though and it does follow The Simpsons, all it would take is the little one to throw a fit about having the channel changed and ...........:}

14th Dec 2007, 03:33
Pah, if you think English soaps are bad, you should try watching Japanese ones. Our local Asian channel shows NHK (Japan) soaps every Saturday evening, with subtitles. They're a great resource if you're trying to learn Japanese, and for that reason I've been watching them for about 3 years now. But the plots and the characters... oh my!

The current one (which finishes in a week or two) is Kaze no Haruka (Haruka is the female lead, and the title means Haruka's Wind - honest, I'm not making it up). It's famous enough to have its own English Wikipedia entry (and Japanese too of course). The characters are all very wooden and improbable. They also get incredibly excited and jump and and down shouting or crying over tiny things - which I've never, ever seen a real Japanese person do, it's completely un-Japanese behaviour.

Except... one of the main plot themes is always that two principal characters are madly in love with each other (in Haruka, several pairs of characters) but spend the whole series (generally about 50 episodes) utterly failing to say so, with missed opportunities every couple of episodes. In about the last-but-one episode, they finally admit to each other that they're madly in love. So what do they do? Leap into bed? Embrace each other wildly, in tears of joy? No, they smiles from a great distance, then one of them catches a train for a three-month journey to the other end of the country.

It's true that the Japanese birthrate is almost the lowest on the planet (after Italy, oddly) but I don't THINK Japanese people are quite this inept at relationships. The ones I know aren't, anyway.

Anyway, be thankful for Eastenders and Crossroads and whatever is showing in the UK these days.


14th Dec 2007, 04:02
I LOVE Eastenders.

And The Bill.

And Days of our Lives.

And Young and the Restless.

And Most Haunted.

And so the list goes on.....

Keeps the wife out of my hair for hours while I play Texas Holdem on-line.

Di :p

14th Dec 2007, 04:28
While on UK leave I was visiting our Mam and in her house everything stops and everybody shuts up while Corrie is on. I settled down to suffer in silence. In that episode, one story line ended, another played through and towards the end a new and fascinating story line had just begun when the mournful wail of the trumpet began and we could all return to what passes for normal life in Stockton on Tees.

Returning home to Hertfordshire, not far from whence the dreaded EE is produced, I was compelled to watch the next episode of Corrie, just to see what happened. Dangerous stuff is soap opera.

Charles Dickens's major works were written as serial stories to be published in weekly magazines. Pre-TV Victorian soaps they were. Not many people know that.

tony draper
14th Dec 2007, 08:11
I did,:rolleyes:

Standard Noise
14th Dec 2007, 08:15
Just looking down the thread list and saw one about 50 years of social progress. Made me think how this could apply to our evening entertainment. Social progress in this field has taken us from The Goon Show, TW3 and Hancock's Half Hour to the bland, mind numbing tripe served up as 'drama' and 'everyday life' that we get in Eastenders, Emmerdale etc

Mmmm, social progress indeed.:rolleyes:

14th Dec 2007, 10:10
So did I, Mr. D, so did I.

I bet you were like me, eager for the next installment to come round. Pah, this new-fangled television thing Mr. Baird has invented will never catch on.