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Howard Hughes
10th Dec 2007, 22:39
Well not so much Howard, but those he is paying to build it!:ok:

Finally after 10 1/2 months of planning, day 1 has arrived.



10th Dec 2007, 22:45
Congrats HH, nice pad - but you might want to get yourself a tarpaulin or something just in case it rains.:8

Howard Hughes
10th Dec 2007, 22:49
After years in the NT one is rather partial to a piece of corrugated iron, but not that fancy colourbond stuff!;)

Lamenting Navigator
10th Dec 2007, 23:09
Oooh, lovely pad. Hope we're all getting invites to the house warming :) I'll bring me wellies!

11th Dec 2007, 00:04
Will the living accommodation be all on one level (like a bungalow) with utility resources (including garage and 'cellar/den') below at the front? Or will the bedrooms and reception rooms be spread across two stories?
Does it rain much (or, indeed, heavily when it does rain?) as I can see significant fluid-pressure impinging on the rear retaining wall causing possible problems with damp penetration (though I expect you would 'tank' the structure - or provide drainage channels to ease the hydraulic pressure).
No doubt the lower storey will be formed from cast concrete with the upper storey more traditional (for Oz) timber-framed with a board-lap finish?

Hope you got a good price for the excavated topsoil.

11th Dec 2007, 00:07
Dont forget a generous "entertainment area" for those NT guests


And of course the Top End BBQ :ok:


Loose rivets
11th Dec 2007, 00:12
Oh flippin' ek, don't tell me they don't have auto-claved bolcks there either!

I would ban the use of wood in houses if I were king.

One has been looking at some concrete structures here. They claim to cut the cooling bills from $200 to 59/month. 'spose the heat ratios would be same.

Here, one of the worst mistakes is not porting the water round the structure. Just stopping it seems to be a formula for disaster. But then, 7 inches in 40 mins is the kind of rain that Texas sees.

Howard Hughes
11th Dec 2007, 00:22

the ground floor has a 2 car garage, guest room with patio and seperate entrance, another room which can be either 5th bedroom/study which will also be wired for home theatre! For the time being this room will house my drum kit and any other stuff we can't find a place for anywhere else!

The middle floor which will have a balcony at the front facing the escarpement and some views to the sea, with a large formal lounge, behind that kitchen, family and dining rooms which will have their own patio/balcony area for the 'plumbed BBQ'! Second and third bedrooms, another patio, laundry and bathroom are all located on this floor!

Finally the top floor located to the rear of the block will be master bedroom, ensuite, walk in robe and balcony facing the Pacific Ocean!

I might have to start a website, so you can all see the plans and know what is going on, their will be an open invite to all JB'ers for the house warming, some time around April/May, or at least that is the expected completion date at the moment!;)

kiwi chick
11th Dec 2007, 00:43
Ooooooh! Copy of plans please, sounds very exciting!

I just have to decided which room I'd would spill my red wine in first - which has the most expensive carpet? :ok:

Howard Hughes
11th Dec 2007, 01:02
Only the bedrooms will have carpet, this house is designed so that the entertaining areas have 'red wine resitant tiling'!:rolleyes:

Not only that it stops the sand being walked into the carpet...;)

Howard Hughes
1st May 2008, 12:08
After 4 months finally got a slab!:ok:

Howard Hughes
1st May 2008, 12:10
Then we got a ground floor!

Howard Hughes
1st May 2008, 12:13
Then finally this week slowly starting to look like something!

1st May 2008, 13:04
Nice, Howard, especially if your view can't be built out.

So, I would guess somewhere between Sydney and Merimbula, perhaps even between Nowra and Merimbula? Or am I 180 degrees out, not for the first time in my life?

Wherever it is I will make sure I drop in with a carton of booze at a most inopportune time. :8

(Actually, the more I look at it, the more it could be Coffs or thereabouts. Aww, **** it, it could be anywhere I suppose, but that green doesn't look like Qld.)

Howard Hughes
1st May 2008, 19:21
Very good Bino's your first guess was indeed correct, although a lot closer to Sydney than Merimbula!:ok:


This is the view to the sea which doesn't look like much from this photo, but this is taken at ground level and viewing height from the master bedroom balcony will some 5 metres above this!

View out the front is to the Illawarra Escarpement, there will be houses there one day too, but we are sufficiently high enough to still have uninterrupted views!

2nd May 2008, 03:07
Ahhhh, I see.

AS the old song goes, I've been to Woollongong Woollongong Woollongong Woollongong Woollongong, Dapto Dapto Woollongong Woollongong Woollongong ............

Howard Hughes
13th Sep 2008, 07:12
Not finished yet, but still going slowly....;)


13th Sep 2008, 07:57
Looks good HH, but one question,whereabouts are you gonna put the barbie and the beer fridge?;)

Sorry HH just read through your earlier post,looks like you have the ESSENTIAL services covered.

13th Sep 2008, 08:36
Amazing how it keeps growing without a single worker in/on sight/site!:hmm:

Howard Hughes
13th Sep 2008, 08:44
After 10 months let me tell you, it ain't growing anywhere near as quick as I would like!

Perhaps you have just hit on the reason why...;)

13th Sep 2008, 09:43
You have my sympathies matey, as I sit here waiting for the plumber to come and fix a snag we've had for 18 months now. Guess you're not going to be "in by Christmas" then.
The Ancient Mariner

Buster Hyman
13th Sep 2008, 11:41
*sniff*...*sniff*...Does anyone else smell Methane (http://www.theage.com.au/national/planning-tribunal-knew-of-gas-risk-epa-20080912-4fiw.html)????:ooh:

Howard, why do you need a double garage for that little girly car you drive? Should I assume that you'll be getting a decent GT-P when it's built?

Howard Hughes
13th Sep 2008, 12:00
It's for the Mrs 'truck'!;)

13th Sep 2008, 12:32
Can you put an arrow in telling me where my bedroom is?

13th Sep 2008, 12:42
A plumber called A. Plumber knocked at the door. “I’ve come to fix your blocked toilet”, he said to the man who answered the door.
“But we haven’t got a blocked toilet.”
“Are you Mr. Collis?”
“No, he moved from here six months ago.”
“There are some real bastards in this world”, said A. Plumber, “They ring for a plumber saying its an emergency, then nick off to another address!”

13th Sep 2008, 15:43
Very nice HH! Good living to be had in a house like that. Lots of entertaining potontial. :ok:

Buster Hyman
13th Sep 2008, 16:43
Can you just do me one favour Howard?...please don't put sheets up in the windows when you move in! (like yer neighbour)

13th Sep 2008, 18:24
Looking good Howard, mine is just about finished took 14 months.. Never uploaded a picture before hope it works.

13th Sep 2008, 18:33

It works alright, looks erm..... a bit scary to me.

Just my personal take you know, glad you had the chance to do it.

13th Sep 2008, 18:42
Well retired now and this is designed so we lock up and leave it when we visit our friends, family and other places when we see a cheap deal!!

13th Sep 2008, 19:20
nice one and enjoy

Howard Hughes
13th Sep 2008, 22:58
please don't put sheets up in the windows when you move in! (like yer neighbour)
Urggghhhhhh, Mrs Hughes and I both said very early on, we weren't going to bother if we couldn't have window furnishings when we moved in! Geezus!:rolleyes: Bringing down the tone of the street they are....;)

Bino's, the guest room is on the lower floor left hand side, not visible from the pic's!

1DC, it's looking a lot like mine will take around 14 months too! Your conservatory looks like a simply stunning place to sit and read the paper on a sunny Sunday morning!

C of F, of course you have an open ended invitation to come visit anytime, although you might have to share a room with Bino's...;)

13th Sep 2008, 23:23
Maybe when it's finished this will be the result - well if Bob has anything to do with it!



FOK :ok:

Buster Hyman
14th Sep 2008, 05:38
you might have to share a room with Bino's...
That ought to be a hoot!;)

14th Sep 2008, 07:19
Mad looking gaff DC:ok:

14th Sep 2008, 09:10
Sunny Sunday morning!! We are still on the UK east coast you know.
Surprised to see that the sun is actually poking through the clouds this morning..

Roll on your 14 months, hope your over run isn't as big as ours!!

Howard Hughes
14th Sep 2008, 09:22
I've given up worrying about both the time and the money, it's not worth the stress!:eek:

It is interesting to note the same problems exist building no matter where you are in the world! I don't know anyone who has made it in under 12 months...;)

Howard Hughes
26th Jan 2009, 09:47
Thought you all might like an update, into the 15th month and still not finished (about 6 weeks to go). Kitchen and bathrooms are all in, tiling is done and the painters start as soon as they recover from the Australia day celebrations!;)


Desert Diner
26th Jan 2009, 10:30
painters start as soon as they recover from the Australia day celebrations

Shaky hands and paint tend to be a bad combination:}

Looks good.

You must take a piccie of the sea view from the balcony.


Buster Hyman
26th Jan 2009, 10:40
Have you got "the old piano" sorted yet Howard?

26th Jan 2009, 11:31
Don't think much of your gates.
Did you have to economise?

Captain Stable
26th Jan 2009, 11:32
I was wondering about that, too, G-C. And I note that the house has only an outside dunny. :eek:

Howard Hughes
26th Jan 2009, 19:23
An outside dunny is an Aussie tradition and the gates are to keep the low lifes (from JB:E ) out!;)

26th Jan 2009, 19:30
I BEG your pardon, HH??????? :suspect:

henry crun
26th Jan 2009, 19:35
We know that Howard, but isn't it in the Aussie building code that each new house has to have at least 2 external dunnys.

I have heard, entirely unofficially you understand, that a amendment to the building code is being drafted.
It will require all new houses to have a dunny inside as well.

Howard Hughes
26th Jan 2009, 19:51
A large eucalypt is allowed in lieu of second external dunny!

An internal dunny? Gadzooks what ever will they think of next?:ok:

26th Jan 2009, 20:34
Looks nice Howard,how i wish i lived in a country where a balcony like that would be worthwhile..

Buster Hyman
26th Jan 2009, 20:38
Balcony? daaarling, that's Howards stage!!!

cockney steve
26th May 2009, 17:58
I might have to start a website, so you can all see the plans and know what is going on, their will be an open invite to all JB'ers for the house warming, some time around April/May, or at least that is the expected completion date at the moment!

Well, the "mid-May bit was right!.....shame about the year :}

26th May 2009, 23:51
Was there some extreme hot weather between #13 and #17 as your car seems to have shrunk !

Howard Hughes
28th May 2009, 09:50
Here it is!

Still got the gardens to do though...;)




28th May 2009, 10:11
HH - what a fab looking place!! I love roofs that are at different angles... reminds me of more modern Swiss design (that's a compliment not an insult btw!!!) - did you design it yourself?

How is the interior coming along? and... what about a pic from upstairs showing the Pacific view?

You have a few more days until the next VORG Leg starts so... should be able to make a little more progress :E :E

Buster Hyman
28th May 2009, 10:12
Wonderful Howard...well done! :D

(Would you like me to organise a whip around so you can get some privacy in yer shower?) Last photo.... :ooh:

28th May 2009, 10:16

Howard Hughes
28th May 2009, 10:30

Mrs Hughes and I designed the place with the help of a local draughtsman! It incorporates design features that we saw on other houses and liked (like the exposed eaves). In all the house took 17 months, it took two carpenters 3 weeks to make the exposed eaves alone, they were all made individually on site!:eek:


I thought you liked to watch!:E


How right you are, it has been a very long haul...:ok:

Here are the views from the front balcony!






Howard Hughes
28th May 2009, 10:35
So many decks/balconies, so little time...

The side deck for BBQ's.

View from front balcony along the side.

The rear balcony (off the master bedroom).:ok:

Howard Hughes
28th May 2009, 10:42
Some pics from inside...

Lounge room (at the front of the house).


Kitchen (with kick arse stove)!:ok:

Main bathroom (one of three, not including outside shower).

Dining room.

Howard Hughes
28th May 2009, 10:48

Guest room, with own patio.

Spare room/my hideaway!

Outside shower (a must have when living at the beach).

My first bit of work around the garden, a small retaining wall on the left hand side near guest room.

Howard Hughes
28th May 2009, 10:58
Finally the 'pièce de résistance' the master bedroom...;)


Looking out to the balcony.

Enjoying the view from the chaise lounge with the dog!

Looking North to Wattamolla Headland (Royal National Park)

500M walk to Macauley beach.

Howard Hughes
28th May 2009, 11:21
I almost forgot, last but not least, the prooning room...:E


Me on the left, Mrs Hughes on the right!:ok:

28th May 2009, 13:15
OK, I would find that acceptable; thank you for the offer. The piece de resistance is where City of Flight and I would be resting our weary heads, I assume? The outside shower is clearly for Buster.

But really daarling, a kickass stove yet no 400cm flat screen TV? What a positively medieval set of preferences you have. Let me know when you have remedied that, then I will seek out the address and bring a six-pack.

28th May 2009, 15:28
You and the missus look a wee bit faint in that pic Howard, but your pad is gorgeous. :ok:
I really like the individual solutions of the building, the attention to detail in the construction, it all looks thought through, solid & high quality.
Really good looking house mate.

Hope you'll all be very happy there. :)

28th May 2009, 19:58
One approves of the alarm-clock:ok:


28th May 2009, 21:17
no 400cm flat screen TV?

Fix a projector to the ceiling and have a pull-down screen. Much cheaper than a large-screen TV and takes up less space.

Howard Hughes
28th May 2009, 21:32
But really daarling, a kickass stove yet no 400cm flat screen TV? What a positively medieval set of preferences you have.

We have been holding off getting a BIG telly as we wanted to wait and see what the room required. We were a bit concerned as the lounge room faces almost due West and has quite a bit of afternoon sun, however the 'block out' blinds that we selected seem to be doing their job adequately, so more than likely we wil be paying a visit to the electrical retailers this weekend!:ok:


Thanks for the kind wishes! There are a number of issues still to be sorted out with the builder, but these are all only minor details, like getting the front deck stained (it was sanded back, but never stained :rolleyes:)