View Full Version : Fernando Alonso does it again..

Alloa Akbar
10th Dec 2007, 15:27
So Alonso signs for Renault, however Kovaleinnen is deemed by Renault to be "Good enough to challenge Fernando" so he gets dumped in favour of Nelson Piquet Jr, and Alonso is afforded number one status??

I have heard commentators and press describe Alonso as "Schumachers Nemesis".. what a load of crap, he's just a big baby, who spits the dummy if he can't play with the best toys, and by his rules. I hope Hamilton, Raikkonnen etc drive circles round the spoilt brat next season.:ok:

10th Dec 2007, 15:36

He is not any different to any other driver, or indeed to anyone (including yourself) put in the position. He certainly has not conducted himself any poorer than LH, although I will cut him some slack due to his youth (despite a team of advisers around him)!

Any word on who has No2 at Mclaren?

10th Dec 2007, 16:42
NPK junior, cool..........should be interesting seeing him and LH off the start line!:D

10th Dec 2007, 16:46
Looking forward to it, just hope LH learns the rules or he is going to turn all but the blind off him!

Would also like to see MS come back to go head to head with The Iceman, my money would be on The Iceman. Hope there is something more in the numerous practice runs for Ferarri.

10th Dec 2007, 18:04
The McLaren seat is still vacant, MS maybe back next year.

10th Dec 2007, 18:19
Or his brother. That would really be a foul up.

10th Dec 2007, 18:27
Ralf is out of the picture. Most likely to be Kovaleinnen, dont you think??

10th Dec 2007, 20:32
But would McLaren want two rookies for next year?

10th Dec 2007, 21:53
With McLaren being Mercedes, there would be a preference for a German. There are a few (including Nico Rosberg).

10th Dec 2007, 21:59
Rosberg? Just signed a NEW (read more money) 2 year deal with Williams.

Mercedes favour a german? There has not been a german driver with McLaren for over 10 years.............................:eek:

There has been a few Finns....................

Kovaleinnen :ok: :ok: :ok:

10th Dec 2007, 22:06
But would McLaren want two rookies for next year?

Good point. I've maintained that DC would be a good team mate for LH, but I dont think he's available.
But having an experienced and communicative test driver (the third man!) is also very important.
But if DeLaRosa takes the #2 seat....:confused::confused:

Tony Hirst
11th Dec 2007, 00:01
Oh ****. And I was just about to order a Renault Grand Scenic. Back to the Fiat Doblo then!