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Howard Hughes
10th Dec 2007, 02:55
I am toying with the idea of buying a new car, just wondering your opinions on the many 2.0 litre(ish) sports hatches that are available on the market. I have previously owned a WRX, but the new one is a little on the ugly side, any opinions on what else might fit the bill?

Some that I have thought of so far, Honda Civic Type R, Suzuki SX-4, Golf, Fiat Punto, Ford Focus XR-5, any one out there care to offer up other types, preferably available in Oz! I would probably prefer to go the 'non-turbo' route if possible, mainly because of the insurance cost of turbo charged cars in Sydney.

Cheers, HH.:ok:

10th Dec 2007, 04:15
Wouldn't go past the Civic Type R, Howard.

Coodakid 2's a Honda freak, having worked on and off at the local Honda/VW dealership for the past couple of years.

Reckons the only thing that he'd swap his Integra S for, before getting his NSX, is the Civic R. Although he reckons the Japanese version is superior to the one we get here.

He thought the VW Golf was ok to a point but not as nice to drive as the Civic. He's too tall to fit in the S2000 and the Skylines.

Wife took her mother car shopping last month, for a small hatch and only thought to include Honda because of the lad's involvement. They reckon it was Jazz first, daylight second after test driving just about everything in the range.

With Honda becoming more price competitive, its worth a look. (Although, I'm kinda hooked on my V6 200kW Tarago at the moment - that's a very useful hatch :E)

Howard Hughes
10th Dec 2007, 05:00
Definately on the list of ones I'll be taking for a test drive Cooda! Current steed is a Honda, err Jazz, perhaps they will give me a better trade in deal! Looking for something with a little more performance, not necessarily speed as I am a little past all that, but better suspension, brakes, cornering, handling, etc... Oh and it must have cruise control as an option at the very least!;)

Pretty keen to hear from others, in case there is a vehicle that I haven't thought of!:ok:

PS: Do they still make NSX's and does it count as a sports hatch...:E

10th Dec 2007, 05:45
Having a second look, the CivicR is only a three door. :O
You and your lower back'll definitely need a five door to facilitate baby capsules and car seats (trust me on this). :}
Have you thought about a CR-V?
(No, I'm not a Honda salesman. I had to replace the office Kluger last April and checked out everything from Commodore to Cruiser. Nowt handled like the Hondas but the CR-V and Odessey were too small for my needs and the MD-X was out of production.)

(The lad tells me they still do occasional small runs of NSX's but he'd settle for an older model. :E)

Howard Hughes
10th Dec 2007, 05:55
We already have a CRV for carting the travelling baby show around, now I am looking for some personal transportation...;)

I would prefer a 5 door hatch, but at this stage the Type-R has a lot of great features, so I might have to look past the two doors!:ok:

10th Dec 2007, 10:02
If you can get a 2.0 Renault Clio over there give it a blast - great fun and very quick.

10th Dec 2007, 10:06
Make sure you test drive the Civic Type R first! I had the previous generation one and loved it to bits. For the new one they threw away the independent rear suspension and put a torsion beam in. That's ruined the handling (massive understeer - the crisp turn in is gone) and made the ride even firmer than before. Even the non sporty new Civics suffer from a poor ride (at least on our bumpy roads anyway). Its heavier as well but with no more power. Still a good car (and good value) but i really would take a long test drive to make sure you can live with the ride.

10th Dec 2007, 10:36
I changed from an Impreza to a SEAT Leon Cupra R and didn't regret it at all. Except for the handling and roadholding, the Cupra was better than the Subaru in every department. The sixth gear was a dream for motorway stuff and, with much better low end torque, it was surprisingly useful.

The Honda is a great car if you don't mind using high revs to get the performance.

10th Dec 2007, 10:57
2nd hand Civic Type R (Old shape)

Honda reliability, practical for every day usage, goes like stink, big revs and far better than the newer model.

10th Dec 2007, 12:00
Without any doubt at all.

If you want a serious/practical/reliable sports hatch, get a used Civic type-R.

If you dont want a serious sports hatch, buy anything that looks pretty...:rolleyes:

10th Dec 2007, 12:18
Make sure you test drive the Civic Type R first! I had the previous generation one and loved it to bits. For the new one they threw away the independent rear suspension and put a torsion beam in. That's ruined the handling (massive understeer - the crisp turn in is gone) and made the ride even firmer than before.
I believe that Clarkson tested this on Top Gear and stated that the previous excellent handling had been destroyed by the latest suspension. http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5949906

10th Dec 2007, 12:24
Try to test drive a Vauxhall Corsa VXR or Opel Corsa OPC as it's known as outside the UK. A great hot hatch and fun to drive :)



Howard Hughes
10th Dec 2007, 20:41
Now we are getting somewhere!

Renult Clio doesn't seem to be available in Oz, smallest they have seems to be the Megane, although I am sure it used to be.

Pulse 1,
Read about the SEAT on the Top Gear website, yet I can't seem to find any SEAT dealers in OZ whilst searching on Google, maybe they have pulled out? Only cars that seem to be available are very used!

Once again, can't fin the Opel Corsa, but will check the Chev/Holden websites for something similar.

Keep em coming guys and Gals.:ok:

10th Dec 2007, 21:41

There you go!!!. I've even chosen the colour for you. enjoy.

10th Dec 2007, 21:57
The Type R Honda is a great car, but you've really got to be caning it to appreciate it.

The new Mazda 2 with the 2.4 engine is pretty cool too.

Have you checked the 08 Corolla with the 1.8 and 6 speed box? $$ wise I think the Type R is around $40k, the 'rola about $30k.......

10th Dec 2007, 22:27
A guy at work turned up at work in his new Civic Type R completely in love with it. Then a couple of weeks later he chopped it in for a sporty Astra as the missus didn't like it as she kept getting hassle from boy racers.

When he explained his reasoning to the Vauxhall salesman the chap consulted his boss and they reached the same conclusion - it's not the car you need to change!

Howard Hughes
10th Dec 2007, 22:47
Thanks Airscrew, just the colour I would have picked too! But why is it listed as dearer than a new one? :rolleyes:

Mazda 2's in oz only come with a 1.5 engine, there is however a Mazda 3 with 2.3 engine and 6 speed gearbox. I don't know about the Corolla, although the price is appealing.:ok: