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8th Dec 2007, 09:40
Probably the biggest fight for an Englishman in years. A place in boxing history and not one measly thread about it. So here's one.

Anyone else watching in the early hours?

Who's with me?!

tony draper
8th Dec 2007, 09:48
American Referee American Judges?,Ricky will have to take a .45 into the ring and shoot the guy dead before they give will him the decision.:rolleyes:

8th Dec 2007, 10:35
I'll be listening in on my way to work. GO RICKY!:ok: We're looking forward to bringing him and his belt back.:ok: (and his umpty thousand supporters :rolleyes:)

Mini fan
8th Dec 2007, 10:36
How exactly do they work out that pound for pound he's the best boxer on the planet?

8th Dec 2007, 10:49
It's a measure of the quality of the boxer

Because you can't pair up boxers from different weights to fight, pound-for-pound is a boxer's value in relation to the different weight classes above or below that weight.

(This is like trying to describe the offside rule!)

8th Dec 2007, 11:00

Damn my breeches but there one was all fired up, thinking that Hatton v Mayweather was a jolly, juicy and sadistic third party divorce case.
Instead of which, one discovers to one's chagrin, that it's nothing more than a monied, masochistic moronity.:ugh:

8th Dec 2007, 11:23
I'm going to stay up all night and watch it, then sleep all day Sunday and try and get the day off school on Monday :}

20,000+ Hatton fans have gone over to Las Vegas and i think that is a huge boost to Hatton. He has support behind him and thats one of the most important things.

Cmon Hatton we know you can do it, fellow manc :ok:

Howard Hughes
8th Dec 2007, 12:42
Damn my breeches but there one was all fired up, thinking that Hatton v Mayweather was a jolly, juicy and sadistic third party divorce case.
Instead of which, one discovers to one's chagrin, that it's nothing more than a monied, masochistic moronitySurely the two events to which you refer are one and the same?;)

8th Dec 2007, 13:42
not one measly thread about it.well it's out of the box now. It just hit me, I'd better ring round and tell people. It'll only take a couple of seconds. I'm trying to knock out a press release, but I just keep staring at an empty canvas.

"Skipping: it's only for little girls and **** off big boxers"

8th Dec 2007, 20:26
Really hope he does it, be up there with Lloyd Honeyghan against Don Curry, and almost on a par with Randolph Turpin against Sugar Ray Robinson if he does.

Might give a late boost to the BBC Sports personality of the year, which should be either Ricky or Joe Calzaghe, no doubt it will depressingly be Lewis Hamilton, somebody without a personality from something that isn't a sport

B Sousa
8th Dec 2007, 20:58
Id rather be in Vegas......but I'll have to make do with my transistor radio, on a wet and windy Salisbury Plain. Have 'im Ricky!

Well I am in Vegas, its overcast and light rain. Can you believe it? As to the fight, its expensive as is everything in the Casinos.
Lots of people going, but I wouldnt waste money I dont have. I note in the local Las Vegas Paper today that Mayweather was going around with his entourage last night spending money and tipping like there was no tomorrow. http://www.lvrj.com/news/12276266.html

If he loses there may not be.


8th Dec 2007, 22:21
OT but.

Did anyone just see Amir Khan :eek:

8th Dec 2007, 22:25
S'very quiet in the old town tonight .......... Everyone's gone to Vegas or is having a nap before an all night bash at the boozer!

At last - someone in our town famous for the right reasons!

8th Dec 2007, 23:34
Anyone know what time it is due to start?

8th Dec 2007, 23:36
Roughly 4am.

Amateurs up to then

8th Dec 2007, 23:40
Is it receivable on any internet radio stations...... No access to Sky Box Office BUT would get up at 4am to hear it if I can get it on teh 'www' wavelenght????

8th Dec 2007, 23:45
Think that radio 5 live have it on, should be able to get that on the internet

8th Dec 2007, 23:48

8th Dec 2007, 23:48
BBC Radio Five Live is carrying it:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/
but UK only:- Listen live to full commentary as Amir Khan takes on Graham Earl from 22:00 then Ricky Hatton v Floyd Mayweather from 04:00, Sunday (UK Only)

9th Dec 2007, 04:41
The match hasn't even started but the British support is just AMAZING. I think without a doubt Britain has the best fan base in the world. The fans at the MGM are simply amazing.

Good lucky Ricky, do us proud!


9th Dec 2007, 05:29

Well played Hatton, put all he could into it but unfortunately wasn't good enough.

Still a true sportsman, and one of the best sports persons this country has seen :ok:


9th Dec 2007, 05:32
Tried hard, but the gap in class was just too big, all credit to Mayweather a great boxer, and proved a great fighter too.

Ricky should retire now and enjoy his hard earned, not a business to stay in too long if you don't have too

9th Dec 2007, 06:22
With a proper ref the result could have been totally different! :mad:

Mayweather was ducking below the waist, using his forearm, grabbing and hitting behind the head! As soon as Hatton threw a fist as the rope he gets a point deducted?

Mayweather was/is a good fighter but Hatton totally lost rhythm when the ref kept stepping in.

Well done Hatton you did us proud! As you said "Mayweather kept fiddling and farting around" and it just wasn't to be.


9th Dec 2007, 07:54
Irrespective of the boxing, how could the British contingent let our country down SO badly
by booing during the singing of the American National Anthem?

Personally one boxer was fighting his right weight the other was a weight too heavy and paid
the price.

Hatton was outclassed, his fans had no class whatsoever. :(

Granite Monolith
9th Dec 2007, 09:10
Just two days ago, Hatton said this:

"When I leaned on him he said, 'Don't touch me'. I gave him a 'you're dead' gesture then I smiled. If he's annoyed at that, wait till the bell rings."


48 hours later we see Hatton like this:



It's been a bad year for English sport.:E

9th Dec 2007, 09:22
The American referee did not properly check Floyd's gloves, had he done so, he might have found the horseshoe.

<this post needs thinking about> :}

9th Dec 2007, 09:24
GM - you're a frequent "close to the knuckle" poster that you thrive on baiting the English - and I've enjoyed many of your posts and subsequent banter.

But that post is one too far for me.

If I were a compatriot, of the fine race of Scottish folk that I know, I would distance myself from you.

Ricky Hatton is a brave man and a fine sportsman.

9th Dec 2007, 09:31
I look forward to the rematch.

9th Dec 2007, 09:55
I'm sure of that.

I like the guy, he's from my home town. I'm gutted he's lost, but proud he was there and made 10 Rounds. You can see Hatton really does transcend the natural blue-red divide in Manchester in this excellent article (hardly expected it in the Guardian of all places):


"All the American press came up to me and said, 'Ricky, how d'you think you're going to find it fighting at two in the morning?' and I said, 'Every f*cker fights at two in the morning in Manchester.' "And here is Ricky talking at Old Trafford of all places:

"Me Dad was very, very fortunate to play for the reserves of the greatest football team the world has ever seen - Manchester City. Who f*ckin' booed then? Sven-Goran Eriksson says this year we'll make it into Europe... and he doesn't care if he has to sing the f*ckin' song himself.

If there's one thing I can't stand more than Manchester United, it's Cristiano Ronaldo. He's on his arse more than his feet. I was flicking through the channels the other day and United were playing, so I thought I'm not watching this, I'll Hoover up. So I got the Hoover out, went round the settee, round the coffee table, round the fireplace, and as I was going round the telly I accidentally caught it with the Hoover, and Ronaldo fell over in the f*ckin' box. "


Lamenting Navigator
9th Dec 2007, 10:37
Does the defeat mean Hatton has more or less of a chance of winning the BBC Sports Personality of the year this evening?

Nick Riviera
10th Dec 2007, 13:09

Don't fall for all the pre-fight talk, it is just hype to promote the show, surely you understand that. With very few exceptions, boxers have great respect for each other. As for your other comments, I'd love to see you even step into a ring with any of these guys. If you had the guts to do that then you would appreciate what an arse your comments make you look.

And for the poster who was extolling the British support, what do you think of the disgraceful manner in which so many of them jeered the US anthem? Scum, the lot of them.

And for the poster who blamed the referee, what planet are you on? Hatton was totally outclassed by an extremely talented boxer. There is no shame in admitting that. Fighting above his natural weight against a fighter of that class was just too much to ask.

10th Dec 2007, 13:38
The US national anthem gets booed in a lot of places, even here in the US at times. A lot of people don't like us, including a sizeable number of Brits.

In a somewhat perverse way, that someone is motivated enough to boo the anthem is a sign of respect.

There were a lot more Brits at the event who did not boo, were embarrassed at the poor bringing up of some of their compatriots, and are more worthy of pointing out.

I was impressed so many Brits made the trip to support Hatton, who, from what I've read, though I didn't see the fight, respresented you well.

10th Dec 2007, 13:39
And for the poster who was extolling the British support, what do you think of the disgraceful manner in which so many of them jeered the US anthem? Scum, the lot of them.

I think that was a bit out of order. But to be honest, what do you expect from 4000 drunk boxing fans? :rolleyes:

Nick Riviera
10th Dec 2007, 14:41

I agree that it was a minority who jeered but this is still not acceptable. There were enough of them to drown out everybody else. Jeering the national anthem is a sign of disrespect and completely out of order. I stand by my assertion that those who did it are scum.


I expect people not to drink if they can't handle it. Unfortunately, I fear my ideals belong to a dim and distant past.

10th Dec 2007, 15:10
Sam your post could be interpreted that you condone such behaviour, although I doubt you do.

Is it not just such attitudes of expectation by the respectable masses that create the current apparent acceptance and tolerance of, as Nick says (and I agree), scum?


10th Dec 2007, 15:22
I don't condone their behavior at all, I thought it was totally out of order. I was just trying to say that the 'type' of people that go to these sort of events are the minority of people that would do such things, so it was only expected. I also thing that Mayweathers attitude towards Hatton (and his fans, just look at when he came Manchester) may of spurred them on to do what they did.


10th Dec 2007, 15:22
I didn't see the fight, but Mayweather is one of the greats, and I would have been surprised had Hatton won fighting out of his division.

That said, he previously and to my great surprise beat one of our adopted champs, Kostya Tzu, who was also given the "best pound for pound" label and deserved it, so there is absolutely no doubting Hatton's credentials. (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=177491)

Congratulations once again to both boxers for their gracious and respectful comments after the fight.

I was privileged to watch a documentary last week about one of the greatest fights ever seen on Australian soil, Barry Michael vs Lester Ellis, with the comments from both protagonists interspersed through it. Over time they variously loved, admired, respected and hated each other, but it was a pleasure to see that despite the vastly different paths their lives have taken, they are once again friends and filled with that respect that perhaps can only come from having beaten the crap out of each other.

When somebody talks about passing blood after a right rip to the body and congratulates the guy who threw the punch for delivering the best right he ever took, it's not something I can understand myself. But the history of boxing is so filled with similar stories it's impossible not to accept that it's simply the way it is.

10th Dec 2007, 15:49
Sam, don't agree.

I was as dissapointed as anyone that The Hitman lost (especially having spent 15 and having sat up to watch it) however to suggest that how an individual, FM, behaved justifies so called fans disrespecting a whole nation is not acceptable! How then can they comment on the behaviour of FM?

It's a bit like tarring the Scots with the same brush as Granite Monolith, he is the poor guy on Jet Blast with the problem that only he can't see!

Best ignored!

10th Dec 2007, 16:50
A few drunk fans booing, no big deal, happens all the time. God save the queens gets booed in all corners of the globe.

The good old yanks should have thicker skin :ok:

Hatton will always be the man round my way, he's a legend, we love you Ricky :ok: