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7th Dec 2007, 20:53
Sat with friends, having a libation. A discussion on the perfect recipe for a Bloody Mary has occurred This was followed by a practical demonstration.

The argument continues. So does the demonstrating. Advice appreciated.

And personally:- Ice and Vodka into glass. Add three shales of Tabassco, four glugs (small bottle - bigger bottle, more per glug) of Worcestershire Sauce and a couple of scrapes of pepper. Add a small teaspoon of Fino sherry. Stir. Top glass up with Tomato juice and stir again. Two scrapes of pepper on the top (add celery if available) and serve.

Standard Noise
7th Dec 2007, 20:57
Can't be doing with the things, reminds me of the mother in law too much.:=

7th Dec 2007, 21:13
Have been asked to add by one of the fellow libatees that in her opinion discussing the perfect Bloody Mary is a subject not dissimilar to discussing how to get the perfect Crackling on a Sunday Pork Roast. Everyone has their own opinion and it's all a matter of personal interpretation.

I suspect there may have been a smidgeon too much demonstrating going on. But that's just my personal opinion.

7th Dec 2007, 21:52
Always put in too much tabassco myself, couple of drops of Worcestershire, celery. But a major pain to make for more than a couple of people.

Was at a very posh brunch in the States, live in butler and all that. Walked up to the front door, this bloke in a white uniform answered the door 'Would sir like tomato or orange?'
No idea what you're on about. Must not look like thick Paddy, must be intelligent Paddy. 'Er.. Tomato'. Got served a bloody Mary in a silver cup that could have stripped paint.
It was about 9.00am. :zzz: afternoon nap later.

tony draper
7th Dec 2007, 22:01
Damm!!entered this thread expecting a intelligent discussion on the influence the Church of Rome has had on the history of these Islands,and one finds they's yackin about feckin grog again.:(:rolleyes:

7th Dec 2007, 22:21
And celery salt - even if you have got the celery as well. And at the risk of being outrageous - one ran out of Stolly one time and used Tequila instead - damn' fine it was too! :)

7th Dec 2007, 22:26
Bit of a randomly evolved tradition that BM's would be sunk before any friends wedding. Fecked that in the bin when one was charged 15 fananas for one at a hotel. It was however,a f*****g marvellous Bloody Mary.

7th Dec 2007, 22:36
I agree. I thought that she was the originional Pub Sign for the "Silent Woman" .......seen, but not forgotten on the Wareham to Bere Regis road...many moons ago...

7th Dec 2007, 23:11
To make the best Bloody Mary come to my pub and I'll show you how. :p

If you can find it always use fresh squeezed tomato juice only. Not made from concentrate. I always add the juice from two small wedges of lemon, or if you prefer lime. Hot sauce amount I leave up to the taste of the individual, my preferred hot sauce is Cholula (imported from Mexico), just as hot a Tabasco but it has a lot more flavor.

Okay, my recipe for the best Bloody Mary.

In this order.

Add to a large glass full of ice.
Shake 3 or 4 nice doses of salt.
A couple shakes of lemon pepper seasoning.
Three or four dashes of Worcestershire Sauce.
Add hot sauce to taste.
Add Vodka to about 30%.
Add the lime or lemon juice, then leave the slices or wedges in the glass.
Top off the glass with the fresh squeezed tomato juice.
Pour the mixture into something like the bottom part of a Martini shaker and pour back and forth twice. Do not shake as a Martini.
Add celery rib.

A fun variation on the celery rib is a couple of large steamed shrimps (chilled)on a toothpick added to the top of the drink.

Damn, that sounds so good I'm going to make one now.

Enjoy! :ok:

8th Dec 2007, 00:42
Forget tomato juice, use V8 or Gaspacho :ok:
Funny thread this, just made one for Mrs...
Large dollop of Vodka. (Con-pilot's 30% is reasonable)
Squeeze lime juice into same. Lemon ok when times are hard.
Add Worcestershire until above is brown.
Black pepper & celery salt, 5 turns of the mill each.
Tabasco. Plenty.
Repeat ad nauseum :}
Edit: No ice, and for me no celery stick (CR2 hates 'em :yuk: ).

8th Dec 2007, 01:30
Edit: No ice, and for me no celery stick (CR2 hates 'em ).

Okay, no prob, try the shrimp. :ok:

8th Dec 2007, 02:06
Instead of Bloody Mary I prefer Fcuking Ada.
I find it results in greater penetration.

8th Dec 2007, 05:05

Mrs makes an excellent appetizer consisting of shrimp dunked in tequila/lime juice/tabasco/and bits of tomato.


Try it :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Dec 2007, 06:57
A small amount of chilled beef bouillon in place of salt also goes well. Possibly clam juice in place of the bouillon in the case of Con's shrimp extravaganza.:ok:

Track Coastal
8th Dec 2007, 09:12
Expanding on twotter's clam juice, this drink that is Canada's own is superb...


But you need to get Clamato juice. http://www.mottsclamato.com/

The Bloody Caesar is apparently Canada's No1 selling cocktail.

8th Dec 2007, 10:17
Damm!!entered this thread expecting a intelligent discussion on the influence the Church of Rome has had on the history of these Islands,and one finds they's yackin about feckin grog again.

I agree - could have expanded it into discussion of John Knox's "Monstrous Regiment of Women". Now that'd be a name for a cocktail!

8th Dec 2007, 10:32
I find that MR. & MRS. T Bloody Mary mix is quick and very tasty.

MR. & MRS. T
Originally launched in 1960 by Herb and June Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. T now offers a line extension; Mr. & Mrs. T Premium Blend Bloody Mary Mix, made with 22 juices and spices. “We had a vision of improving the quality and taste of Bloody Marys, that’s why we created our new Premium Blend Bloody Mary Mix,” says Tara Leonard, brand manager of Mr. & Mrs. T Cocktail Mix and Mr. & Mrs. T Premium Blend Bloody Mary Mix. With its three mix brands (Mr. & Mrs. T's, Holland House and Rose's Lime Juice), Motts is the category leader.

8th Dec 2007, 12:36
The key to producing a superior Bloody Mary is the use of a lengthwise-sliced dill pickle spear in place of the flavorless, useless celery. In fact, it's the only thing a dill pickle is good for....they are all meant to wind up in Bloody Marys.

Try it, and you'll agree.