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6th Dec 2007, 21:50
Sorry guys but this is for the hardcore only.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that this rings true for.

Apologies if posted already but the search engine will not let me describe it in less than 4 letters.


Howard Hughes
6th Dec 2007, 21:56
As a former cat owner I can see how that rings true!:ok:

My dog on the other hand is a little less subtle...;)

The Flying Pram
6th Dec 2007, 22:24
Well none of our cats ever whacked us with a baseball bat, but the rest of it is wonderfully true to life. A delightful little clip.

kiwi chick
6th Dec 2007, 22:34
Hahaha! What an awesome clip! :D :D :D

Up to the bat part, it was so TRUE too, and oh so cute!!

Man, I need to get me another cat! :)

6th Dec 2007, 22:40
OK, nobody in their right mind keeps a bat under the bed when there is a hungry cat around, apologies for the totally stupid scenario.

6th Dec 2007, 22:50
Well none of our cats ever whacked us with a baseball bat

Hum, you must have never met any of our cats. :p

Great little clip. :ok:

6th Dec 2007, 23:24
Well none of our cats ever whacked us with a baseball bat ...
Ah ... nobody in your house has a baseball bat then. :E

Foxy Loxy
6th Dec 2007, 23:36
I used to have a hockey stick. I guess the cat just never found it!


7th Dec 2007, 09:58
Thank you this made me cry with laughter! I have three house cats and one that I feed outside and won't come in who is the local farm tom cat. My biggest inside cat Smudge looks very like the cartoon cat and sits on my pillow and makes puddings in my hair first thing in the morning then sits down with his paw across my face.



Foxy Loxy
7th Dec 2007, 10:24
makes puddings in my hair

What on earth does that mean?!


7th Dec 2007, 10:56
Its when the cat is doing the marching up and done on the spot with his front paws only (back legs stationary) - it looks like they are kneeding bread and has always been described as making puddings in my house!

Does that help?


P.S. With claws out often accompanied with purrs and dribbles!

7th Dec 2007, 16:42
It's called "muffin hands" in our household.

7th Dec 2007, 16:52
Ex girlfriend had two cats years back. The little charmers used to wake you up by biting your fingers. Sore but effective.

7th Dec 2007, 16:56
Once had a girlfriend like that.

7th Dec 2007, 17:34
Once had a girlfriend like that.

aaaah... don't even go there !:E

Former cat owner speaking here too. Everything is absolutely correct (well the bat thing can be substituted by a vigorous bump on the CD shelf with the predicted end result! :eek:) but I think it lacks another treat: passing over your head again and again and again. :E

Once I've kept the bedroom door shut for the whole night. Had to open the door 'cos I couldn't sleep with all the frantic scratching going on! :{ Had to replace that door when I moved out too. :ugh:

7th Dec 2007, 17:50
One of our cats found a good way of waking me up, got out of bed, rapped a towel round my waist, sat on couch, cat came, rubbed head against my legs, took no notice, vanished under the towel - then bit me. WIDE AWAKE AFTER....:{

7th Dec 2007, 19:58
Not exactly, cats merely tolerate you, if you're lucky and feed them. (As per the last bit of the clip). My cat owning friends loved it too.

7th Dec 2007, 20:06
The Seldom Seen Kat (http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d43/TheSSK/Pixie1.jpg) has a leg missing at the front, so when she stomps on you - as she does, every morning at six - it's like a stiletto heel on a vinyl floor, it goes right through you.

Loose rivets
7th Dec 2007, 21:45
I know I posted this before, but them's were lovely cats. Sabrena on the right had the softest fur that I have ever known.


Why bother with front legs?


7th Dec 2007, 21:50
Apart from the Baseball Bat...what a quiet polite and dare I say a refined cat......mine, however are available for choosing a new servant......
Ah well I'll continue to serve Liz [mum] and Luce [daughter]......for the next eon....
we [realy do] aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

8th Dec 2007, 05:50
Cats don't have owners. They have staff.

8th Dec 2007, 08:00
It's when the cat is doing the marching up and done on the spot with his front paws only (back legs stationary) - it looks like they are kneeding bread and has always been described as making puddings in my house!

We call it 'playing the piano'. Of course when they sit down, stick one rear leg vertically upwards and have a good 'down below' lick it's known as 'playing the cello'.

We once had a cat called Chicago...the windy kitty, for the usual reasons.

9th Dec 2007, 02:24

This is our new little kitty -- pictured when he was small. Now he's considerably bigger. Mom remains somewhere nearby.

Just last week one spotted him chasing a deer across the yard... on a diagonal line about 50 feet away from where one stood.... going about 50mph..which made the whole scene rather quick.

Tonight I heard mom (or sis)(or whatever) calling from across the little gully
to the East. She was in something of a crusty mood, from the way of it. One barked back as best one could for awhile... and then, to end the conversation, one fired a few deliberately mis-aimed shots into the dark.

After our coming in we took a household vote. Despite the rudeness of it, unanimous support was heard from the felix domesticus quadrant.

9th Dec 2007, 22:25
arcniz, by the sounds of things, you've adopted a cougar or mountain lion. That's definitely a bad thing, whatever your original motives. Hundreds or thousands of years ago depending on the place, men and lions probably hunted together, having developed some form of symbiosis. For mutual advantage.

In the 21st century, your attempt of renewed friendship is doomed to failure. By leading that cat to have confidence in mankind is a sure death warrant for all its kind. Their survival in the wild depends on learning that man is now their worst enemy, that they should seek out the most remote corners of the globe away from us.

Most of us have descendents of previously symbiotic relationships living amongst us. Yet whilst many of us respect and value this newer relationship of one-way dependence, we know that millions of our ex. compatriots continue to be exterminated every year, whether that's in crowded pet refuges or animal farms in China.

You don't need to buy pets, especially at Xmas time. If you're patient enough, a half-wild cat or wolf-like dog will undoubtedly cross your path at some stage. So then leave some food out if you must. And if they are stupid enough to one day come to trust you, be truly worthy of that trust. Until death do you part...

PS. How about some sort of association for the more elderly animal-lovers amongst us, you know, those who've always had animals but in their advancing years think it a bad idea to take in anymore because they will probably depart this earth before their charges? What I was thinking of was where a younger person could "accompany" someone older, so that they'd be assured that someone they had confidence in would look after those they left behind. Which would allow older people to benefit (not all one-way maybe...) from the company of their animal friends up until their own last moments, without worrying about what might become of their best friends? :8

I'm going to sleep on that.

10th Dec 2007, 01:49
Airship, I realize that this might be considered a bit of thread drift but we had an pure Arctic White Timber Wolf as an pet for over 14 years. She was one one of the most gentle creatures I have ever been privileged to be around. She loved all animals and small children.

Sadly she became very ill, was in a lot pain and we were forced to put her down. Our other dog a Great Pyrenees stopped eating for over a week and one of cats disappeared for three days.

So humans and wild animals can be friends still in this day and time.

wombat four
10th Dec 2007, 11:13
The best thing for a cat in Oz, is a, 30/30.

cats, are not native to Oz.

cats have eliminatated, over 30% of Australia's natural birdlife.


To 30/30 cats in Oz is OK, particually, the FERAL ones. However one must be licensed and in the Bush to do that.

Any cat more than 1 metre, from a fridge, is FERAL.

While driving, I will not swerve to miss a cat, I might cause an accident, 1 more and I am an ACE !

That's the best way in the Cities and Towns.

In The Bush, one MUST have the a Licence.

wombat 4

10th Dec 2007, 11:30
There speaks a Native Australian, no doubt.

10th Dec 2007, 12:06
There speaks a Native Australian, no doubt.
Nah..............just a stupid one :yuk:

wombat four
10th Dec 2007, 12:27

So you would rather listen to bl**dly cats than BEAUTIFUL AUSSIE BIRDS.


wombat 4

10th Dec 2007, 12:31
I wondered where all my commas had gone. You snarfed the lot, ya idgit.

10th Dec 2007, 12:43
Wombat, sometimes it is better to remain silent and appear a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. :hmm:

10th Dec 2007, 20:08
That clip brought back memories of a cat that owned me for 14 years.

1/ Yell loud, if ignored,
2/ Jump on bed, yell in ear, if ignored,
3/ Push paw on cheek, if ignored,
4/ Push paw on cheek with claws out enough to be felt, if ignored,
5/ Bite servants ear, live up to name (Speedy) and run to kitchen to await breakfast.
6/ Eat food.
7/ Climb back onto servants bed in such a position not to allow him to get back in.
8/ Wash and put fur over bedsheets.
9/ Go to sleep and ignore servant.

Bless her, she was a moggie cross siamese so she had a loud, but normal, mieow. She would always talk to anyone who spoke to her.

Saddest day of my life when she passed away.

Very loyal as well, I was never able to visit the neighbours without her following. If I stayed too long she use to protest, loudly and alway directed to the neighbours.

She also liked beer and was very funny when she had too much.

kiwi chick
10th Dec 2007, 21:00
Oh, sniff sniff, now I'm fondly remember my two fav moggies.

They were both with me for nearly 14 years, then I lost them both within about 4 weeks. :{

Pudge would walk hubby and I down to the bus stop every morning (about 600 metres up the road) and wait til our bus turned up. It worried me at first, but every night when we got home she'd be there waiting for us on the front doorstep!

She also worked out how to open our door from the outside, by jumping up on the handle - very disconcerting when she did it for the first time which was at about 10.00pm and the door was locked - I was standing in the kitchen at the time, saw the door handle move down, looked through the glass panel to see these two eyes shining back at me!! :eek:

Frankie would let me pat her (and only me) until she deemed she'd had enough attention - and promptly bit or scratched me to let me know. However, if SHE came to me, I was allowed to pat as long as I liked..... :}

Oh how I miss them... :(

DX Wombat
10th Dec 2007, 21:14
I have had various cats all of whom were characters. To mention a few: Paddy - bluepoint Siamese who would sit happily with my guinea pigs cuddled up to him which amazed people. Twiggy the black and white stray who was my first cat when I came to Yorkshire - dreadfully neglected with a HUGE, infected hole between her shoulder blades. She spent a week with the vet before he charged me only for board and lodging.It took months for that hole to heal properly. Basil, who arrived as a minute scrap of ginger and white fur of about three or four weeks of age, in the hands of a neighbour who asked "Is this yours?" and held him out for me to see. Basil promptly marched up my arm onto my shoulder, stuffed his nose into my ear and purred. He had a very loud purr and could keep purring for hours on end - it was very easy to get him to purr. He visited the vet the following morning for a check-up and the vet was helpless with laughter as every time he tried to listen to his chest he purred so loudly he couldn't hear properly. Poor little scrap had pneumonia as a result of exposure to the cold, February weather. He was also very good at settling in any visitors who were staying the night, especially my friends' children. He would accompany each one to bed in turn and curl up beside them purring until they fell asleep. He also used to sleep with his paws around the neck of my Cairn terrier - the only cat allowed to do so. There are others but those will do for now. :)

Lamenting Navigator
10th Dec 2007, 21:17
My mate's got an Iranian (ok, a Persian, but bit more aggressive), black with white tuxedo markings. Lies on its back with its feet curled over. Very, very cute!

10th Dec 2007, 21:44
Friends of mine in Austria were given a kitten about six months ago by the local farmer. Whenever I stay over at their house there is a scratching on the bedroom door. When I open it the cat comes in, walks around the room, jumps on the bed and purrs for about five minutes. It then jumps off and rubs itself against my leg and leaves the room. It never tries to get back into the room during the night or does this to family members, only to visitors.

To me it is strange as I am not a cat person.

11th Dec 2007, 11:02
When I lived in Lewes I got to know a family who moved into the road. Their daughters (then aged 8 and 10) came across her one day and fell in love with Speedy. It was due to her charm of talking back to them. However Claire was alergic to her fur so she was unable to go into their house.

Quite often on a Sunday, if I wasn't working, I would be invited over for Sunday dinner and Speedy would always walk across the road with me. She would then walk round to the back of their house, plonk herself down by the patio door's and every time she saw anybody howl in protest, either to be let in or me to come out. During the summer months Claire and Karen would go out and play with her which she loved.

Then one day they adopted a lurcher, who by chance was similar to "Idiot" aka "Daze". They forgot to tell me this and the next weekend I pop across the road, followed by my master. She goes round the back and starts to talk. Sam, the said lurcher, goes to investigate, soon both are face to face, albeit with the patio doors in the way. One bark and off goes my cat. She went back home, right onto the roof through the skylight and then proceeds to tell the whole neighbour that she's not amused. My landlady has two visits from concerned locals who thought she had hurt herself due to the racket shes making.

When I got home later, did I get hell, Yes I did. She spoke "at" me for a good 15 mins, paused for breath and when I said "Calm down" she started for other 5 mins. Also that night decided that my bed was not good enough to sleep on for the first time since she was a kitten.

Glad to say that after a while both dog and cat put up with each other and peace decended into the area again.

Always grateful for that friendship that started through Speedy. Even though shes not been with me for 6 years now I'm still friends with the family and known them for over 15 years now.

Also for some reason got on well with Sam and used to take him for walks when Steve was away, taught him a few tricks which he's not forgotten.

The family moved to Wales a few years ago and he's about 12 year's old now but still remembered me when I saw him this year for the first time in 5 year's. For once he took me for a walk round his regular route. :ok:

11th Dec 2007, 13:48
Wombat must have lost his way and strayed into this forum - it does say it is 'For cat lovers Only' - not - 'for people who would like to shoot all cats'.
He should start a bird forum if he's so bloody keen. :zzz:

11th Dec 2007, 14:07
For cat lovers only? Well, I suppose the original poster knew it wouldn't turn out that way.

Me? I have no ideas either way, except to endorse the Grumpy one's opinion on the idiot Wombat, but more importantly to agree with con-pilot's comments. I was lucky to spend time in c-p's home and the timber wolf he describes occupies a special place in my heart.

I still have a prized photo of this delightful, shy, affectionate animal, I felt privileged that she accepted me as a friend, and I was enormously saddened to hear of her death.

11th Dec 2007, 18:05
Yes, yes, very sad. Boohoohoo... And that johnny-cum-lately... bah! When did HE join???

Anyway, here is a cat that can fly (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_esNF24lFT0). If you love dogs you won't love this.

11th Dec 2007, 20:17
When we bought the house in 1985, we got a Brown Burmese with it - the owners were going to Canada. She had to be out down in 2000 (cancer) and we now have a pair of choclolate Burmese sisters, 7 years old and very affectionate. Awkward, troublesome, beautiful, greedy. but I wouldn't be without them. Cheaper than kids.......

11th Dec 2007, 20:28
I still have a prized photo of this delightful, shy, affectionate animal, I felt privileged that she accepted me as a friend, and I was enormously saddened to hear of her death.

Thank you again for your kind thoughts Bino.

Remember, the door is always open here for you my friend. :ok:

12th Dec 2007, 18:04
So humans and wild animals can be friends still in this day and time. Sorry to hear about the loss of your timber wolf con-pilot. I'm sure that it must have been a wonderful experience and something I'd quite like to have had also.

However, unless I'm misinterpreting stuff again, once a previously wild animal is befriended by humans, it becomes known as a tamed animal. There are sometimes in-betweens too I guess. Like Elsa the original "Born-Free" lioness who managed to keep a couple of paws each in both the truly wild and human worlds.

Maybe those that can, should keep more wild animals as pets. I don't really see much hope for their survival if left only to their own devices in their ever-increasing confrontations with climate change, farmers and the human population explosion.

12th Dec 2007, 19:04
From what I've gathered, Wolves have a bit of an image problem. There's a movement to reintroduce them back into the wild here in the UK, on the grounds that they have a positive impact on the overall balance of wildlife species. I've also been told that wolves aren't anywhere near as dangerous as the stereotype suggests, and that they're only likely to attack if provoked to the extreme.

12th Dec 2007, 20:07
Well I might be approaching thread drift here, however, it is still about animals.

After we got our wolf I did a lot of research on wolves. I do realize of course this akin to shutting the barn door after the horses have departed area, but I did not know we were getting a wolf until my wife brought her home.

The wolf is a very misunderstood and falsely feared animal. Attacks on humans by pure blooded wolves are extremely rare, nearly non existence. To be sure if one corners a wolf it will fight to gain its freedom, as with any wild animal. However, a wolf will only fight or attack a human that has been foolish enough to place themselves in that predicament only to escape, not to kill unless totally forced to do so to ensure its escape.

Of the most concerning wolf activities that affect man is that of farm and ranch livestock. In my opinion this is also way over blown, wolves only kill for food. Wolves do not kill for fun or sport, if a wolf is hungry it will kill to feed itself and its pack. If the wolves are not hungry they will not kill, it is as simple as that.

The wolf pack is a family, consisting of hunters and keepers. In nearly all wolf packs there is a nanny that takes care of the cubs until they are old enough to survive on their own. Our wolf was a nanny wolf, she loved any and all animals. She was very fearful of all men for a very long time, including myself until she finally accepted me. However, she loved all small children, the younger the better. Most women she accepted with little or no problems. When friends came to our house with small babies she would always lay near where the babies were sleeping or playing. When a baby would start crying, which babies are apt to do, she would run to where the parents were as if to say, "the baby is crying why are not doing something". She would remain standing by the baby until the parent picked up the baby or did something stop the baby from crying like feeding it, then she would lay back down by the baby.

She loved to run and play chase. We have a lot of squirrels in our back yard (garden) and they would run on the top of the stockade wooden fence and the wolf would chase them. Once I was standing in my bar watching Timmy(that was her name, and no I didn't name her) play chase with a squirrel running along on top of the fence, the squirrel jumped from the fence toward a tree, missed the tree and landed right in front of Timmy. The squirrel knew it was dead meat. The squirrel just stood there, head down, eyes closed shaking. Timmy stood there just looking at the squirrel. After a few seconds the squirrel finally looked up at the wolf and Timmy still stood still. Then the squirrel slowly moved toward the tree and Timmy still stood there. With one more look at Timmy the squirrel jumped up on the tree, then back onto the fence and the chase was back on. Once a possum somehow got into out back yard, Timmy went up to it to play and possum hissed at Timmy. Timmy jumped up, ran to her dog house and hid.

I'll save the Timmy and the skunk story for later.

12th Dec 2007, 20:50
Hey C-P, do you have any photos ?

12th Dec 2007, 21:02

Did you ever read the book by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Grzimek about the wolf he had as a pet. Cannot remember the title, but remember reading, along with many of his other works, about thirty odd years ago. Like you he thought that the wolf was a very misunderstood animal. If I remember correctly, both he and his son, Michael, were instrumental in the formation of the Serengeti National Park.

I do remember that his son was killed flying a Do 27 which collided with a Griffon Vulture.

How's that for linking an animal post to aviation:bored:.

12th Dec 2007, 21:23
Here is not a very good picture of her.


No have not S'land, but I'll see if I can find a copy, thanks. :ok:

13th Dec 2007, 06:51
Nice looking animal C-P, wolves must be OK as The Phantom has one as well :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
13th Dec 2007, 07:02
I go with what CP says. My boy is the most sociable person I know. Loves people and quite happy to accept a scratch and ear rub from anyone. He laps up the attentions of kids and will allow them to pull his whiskers and ears, following them around as they play. He's a darker version of Timmy and has never shown any characteristics normally attributed to wolves by fiction writers, quite the opposite in fact.

He's also a sucker for mango and drools uncontrollably until he gets pretty much the whole thing whenever I try to eat one.

13th Dec 2007, 14:24
Hello I'm Candoo's cat using his puter ,prrrrr, prrrrr, he doesn't know I can because usually he thinks I am just annoying him when I jump on the keyboard when he is trying to work. But really, as you can see, can now work it quite satisfactorily after years of observation, prrrrrr, prrrrr.

I need a lie down for a bit will finish in a while - prrrrrr, prrrrr.

All this talk of wolves and such like is terrible, you might think they look nice and cuddly but look at it from my perspective - scary, and I'll wager a furball they'd have no second thoughts about raising a hair or two in anger if I were nearby.

Just a minute I need a nap - prrrrr, prrrrr.

Me mate in the opening video has it right, we rule..... oh sh1t was that the key in the door? OK must lie flat on warm computer keyboard which normally shuts it off and curl up, he'll never know.


13th Dec 2007, 16:51
Anybody tried this?

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/POTTY-TRAIN-YOUR-CAT-IN-2-WEEKS-NO-MORE-LITTER-BOX_W0QQitemZ370004841357QQihZ024QQcategoryZ1284QQssPageName ZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

13th Dec 2007, 17:53
A cat crept into a crypt, crapped and crept out again.

13th Dec 2007, 18:04
Imagine my disappointment after going through this entire thread and not ONE recipe for cat.

I submit the thread title, "For cat lovers only - sorry" is misleading and should be changed.

What's the number to my lawyer.........................................

13th Dec 2007, 18:05
A cat crept into a crypt, crapped and crept out again.
Did it eat too many crepes?



DX Wombat
13th Dec 2007, 18:06
Would that by any chance be the tongue twister which, back in the Dark Ages, Plod required you to recite after a particularly fluid-filled evening G-CPTN? :}

13th Dec 2007, 18:59
You won't be able to read this anyway: Imagine my disappointment after going through this entire thread and not ONE recipe for cat.
I submit the thread title, "For cat lovers only - sorry" is misleading and should be changed.
But I thought that was really quite funny!

Of course, I might have misinterpretated stuff. And you really are looking for a cat recipe. In which case, I understand that 9 out of 10 Oztralians who expressed a preference for eating cat as opposed to simply using them for target practice, commonly use the traditional rabbit-based recipes. But of course, those are only available in braille form because as everyone knows, eating rabbit inevitably leads to blindness. What a pest eh?

I might have got things a little mixed-up there, but what the heck...?

PS. c-p, was Timmy a vegetarian, or just a messy eater?! Only there appear to be a lot of leaves both inside the food bowl and all around?! Judging by the sombre expression on her face, I think she was trying to say something like "Get that camera outta my face and some real food in my bowl. Or the next squirrel I see is gonna snuff it...!" ;)

Clarence Oveur
13th Dec 2007, 19:48
I have a friend who loves her cat more than anything. So I was thinking of getting her this (http://www.insanityplanet.com/pages/tabbytote.htm) for Christmas. What do you think?

13th Dec 2007, 21:02
PS. c-p, was Timmy a vegetarian, or just a messy eater?! Only there appear to be a lot of leaves both inside the food bowl and all around?! Judging by the sombre expression on her face, I think she was trying to say something like "Get that camera outta my face and some real food in my bowl. Or the next squirrel I see is gonna snuff it...!"


No, that picture was taken in her 'den' area. I had a place in the back yard (garden) that was her area. Her dog house, cleverly disguised as a cave, was just off the right on the picture. She would take things that she liked, such as the old dog bowl, and keep them there behind her den. She would spend most of the time inside our home during the hot and warm months, but when it was cold outside she liked to spend all day outside, just the day mind you. At night time she wanted inside the house to be with mommy, my wife. When I was out of town she always slept on our bed, on my side of course :rolleyes:, until she got too old to jump up onto the bed. Then she slept on the floor on my wife's side of the bed.

So the 'den' outside was like a winter time condo for her.

13th Dec 2007, 22:05
Sounds like Timmy was just a great big pussycat to me... :ok:

I'm a God-fearing man, in the sense that I'm often fearful of what people do in the name of God. I don't know if there is a heaven or hell, but I truly hope and wish that there truly exists such a place as the Rainbow Bridge. If I get there first, I shall let Timmy know that her wait is not in vain...

13th Dec 2007, 22:16
As someone who is much smarter and much more eloquent than me once said,

"If there are no animals in Heaven, I do not want to go there."


15th Dec 2007, 09:47
:{ A friend e-mailed this to me recently, how sad is this?

A true story.
> This is one of the kindest things I've ever experienced. I have no way to know who sent it, but there is a kind soul working in the dead letter office of the US Postal Service.
> Our 14 year old dog, Abbey, died last month. The day after she died, my 4 year old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed Abbey. She asked if we could write a letter to God so that when Abbey got to heaven, God would recognize her. I told her that I thought we could, so she dictated these words:
> Dear God,
> Will you please take care of my dog? She died yesterday and is with you in heaven. I miss her very much. I am happy that You let me have her as my dog even though she got sick. I hope You will play with her. She likes to play with balls and to swim. I am sending a picture of her so when You see her You will know that she is my dog. I really miss her.
> Love, Meredith.
> We put the letter in an envelope with a picture of Abbey and Meredith and addressed it to God/Heaven. We put our return address on it. Then Meredith pasted several stamps on the front of the envelope because she said it would take lots of stamps to get the letter all the way to heaven. That afternoon she dropped it into the letter box at the post office. A few days later, she asked if God had gotten the letter yet. I told her that I thought He had.
> Yesterday, there was a package wrapped in gold paper on our front porch addressed,” To Meredith" in an unfamiliar hand. Meredith opened it. Inside was a book by Mr. Rogers called, “When a Pet Dies." Taped to the inside front cover was the letter we had written to God in its opened envelope. On the opposite page was the picture of Abbey & Meredith and this note:
> Dear Meredith,
> Abbey arrived safely in heaven. Having the picture was a big help. I recognized Abbey right away. Abbey isn't sick anymore. Her spirit is here with me just like it stays in your heart. Abbey loved being your dog. Since we don't need our bodies in heaven, I don't have any pockets to keep your picture in, so I am sending it back to you in this little book for you to keep and have something to remember Abbey by.
> Thank you for the beautiful letter and thank your mother for helping you write it and sending it to me. What a wonderful mother you have. I picked her especially for you.
> I send my blessings every day and remember that I love you very much.
> By the way, I am wherever there is love.
> Love, God

15th Dec 2007, 10:09
Not sad, uplifting.
Someone cares it seems . . .