View Full Version : 7 year old shot six times trying to stop mum from being shot again

5th Dec 2007, 18:21
This is an amazing tale of bravery/love/survival from Detroit.

The sting is in the final part of the report when the reporter says that the kid had existing health problems as a result of an earlier stroke!


She really deserves all the toys/teddys she gets.

Life's a Beech
5th Dec 2007, 19:57
What a girl. Her mother must be so proud, even while she is worried. The friend seems to have done well too.

The police authorities should be ashamed - "a guy with a gun was holding me hostage with a mother and baby and threatening to kill us ... she said they didn't have a unit to send"

5th Dec 2007, 20:54
This guy would have been wise to save a bullit for himself. When he gets sent down he will need all the protection he can get. The one rule that hardened criminals tend to have is 'no women, no kids', in particular, you don't hurt kids. He will not last 2 years inside before he is popped off!
Brave little girl:D:D:D

5th Dec 2007, 21:09
Wow, brave little soul :eek:

All credit to her:ok:

5th Dec 2007, 22:03
The real shame is that video cameras in police cars work both ways. Otherwise the police could have saved the taxpayers a lot of money and trouble.

("Why did you shoot the supect 32 times? Because that was all the bullets we had.")

6th Dec 2007, 11:50
sorry to disagree with you con-pilot, but I believe Tigs2 has a point there. A bullet is just too quick.:mad:

This girl has shown everyone what love is. :D

6th Dec 2007, 11:52
Absolutely remarkable. What a brave child.

6th Dec 2007, 12:34
Only seven years old! She has the courage of one much older. Hope she gets better very soon and has no recurring nightmares.

As for the A:mad:hole who shot her, I hope that what Tigs2 says is correct.

6th Dec 2007, 16:16
I have to admit that following the report in eticket's link took a little more concentration than normal for me in these forums, what with mother and daughter not sharing the same surnames etc.

Everyone's assuming that the 7 year old child jumped across "to protect her mother". As an 8/9 year old, I remember sometimes intervening in episodes when too much alcohol resulted in physical violence between my parents. I'm not sure whether mummy ever inadvertently dragged me into the position of being a physical buffer, but if that had happenned, I too would have been glad to do so. Even if I wasn't necessarily a hero. Or thought less of my mummy afterwards.

Al Fakhem
7th Dec 2007, 04:17
Is the residential area mentioned on the right or wrong side of the tracks?

7th Dec 2007, 04:38
Is the residential area mentioned on the right or wrong side of the tracks?

I'm sorry, but what the hell difference does that matter? Jeez. :ugh: