View Full Version : Virgin Blue expansion question

27th Sep 2001, 17:35
I have heard from 2 sources this morning that the blue wooly pullies are going to take up to 6 UK registered 757s, charter config., over the northern winter 01/02.

Can anyone shed any light on this ?

One Sixty

27th Sep 2001, 21:51
Would make more sense for the Virgin Sun A320/A321 to go down to Oz. Aircraft kitted out in charter config, aircraft leases continue even after last VIR flights end 31 October - plus a selection of VIR flight deck available if required.

27th Sep 2001, 22:19
The work is certainly there with Ansett closing down. Probably best to ask in the Dunnunda forum.

28th Sep 2001, 01:33
A re-born Ansett starts operations again tomorrow (Sat 29/09/01) at 9am. Just SYD - MEL - SYD every hour at this stage.