View Full Version : Bournemouth Aviation Museum being forced to close!!!???

4th Dec 2007, 23:37
Manchester Airport Group have advised the Bournemouth Aviation Museum that they must vacate their current premises by the end of December as they wish to redevelop the site as a car park!!! This is in conjunction with the expansion of the terminal buildings on the south side of the airport!
What an absolute disaster for the museum which has been trading on the site for ten years now.
They have been offered another location on the North East side of the airport behind FR Aviation. Unfortunately it is totally inappropriate! (a smaller hangar for double the rent - and that's just for starters!!!)
Any views / ideas etc would obviously be very welcome as time is very short indeed!

5th Dec 2007, 09:53
Bad news indeed.

You say that the proffered site behind FRA is totally inappropriate - increased rent and reduced space being one reason. You hinted at other reasons too. It would be helpful to know what these other factors are.

Having another site on the airfield available must surely be the best option to pursue unless the money problem is insurmountable.

I wish the museum the very best of luck and hope this situation can be resolved without splitting the collection or, heaven forbid, losing more airframes.

5th Dec 2007, 11:15
"You hinted at other reasons too. It would be helpful to know what these other factors are".
No runway views, The most inaccessible site for public access on the airfield, not enough room for all the existing exhibits including the BAC 1-11 and Herald. The hangar in question needs a "huge refurbishment" to bring it up to scratch for public access not to mention the money involved! etc etc

5th Dec 2007, 11:32
Write loads of letters to airport management stating the following:-

1) Bournemouth is owned by MAG. Manchester has been actively helping and developing a top class museum with adjacent viewing park. If the main airport in the goup is doing this why is Bournemouth doing exactly the opposite? Additionally the Museum gains a lot of income from visitors who come to use the picnic/viewing area. This source of income will disappear and will probably make the museum unviable if it moves to a hangar on the north side with none of these facilities.

However 1) will probably not carry any weight. However continue with following:-

2) Existing car parking is already a joke. Car Park 2 (not sure of numbers, unfortunately) is diabolical. The route to the terminal involves pushing a baggage trolley over rough surfaces and kerbs, avoiding deep puddles when wet. When dry vehicles moving in the car park throw up dust resulting in returning to your car after a period away to find it absolutely filthy! No doubt any car park on the museum site will be just as bad and even further to push trolleys to and from the terminal.

3) Area of Museum is NOT shown on Airport Master Plan for car parking by 2008 or even after that. Future car parking areas are clearly marked and do NOT cover that area. Can't they even follow there own plan!!! The airport should simply bite the bullet, admit its car parking provisions are terrible and build a proper multi-story car park adjacent to the terminal similar to Southampton.

Won't make any difference - but at least you can say you tried!

31st May 2008, 11:49
I went to the museum last week only to find it closed. Latest news at http://www.aviation-museum.co.uk/frameset.htm.

The remaining out door exhibits have to be gone by today but I can't see that happening, as it would appear that there is nowhere for them to go in the short term. So will these aircraft be cut up?