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bugg smasher
4th Dec 2007, 22:52
Apple Computer has announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play music in women's breast implants.

The iBoob will cost between $499 and $599.

This is considered to be a major breakthrough, because women are always complaining that men are staring at their breasts and not listening to them.

Thanks to Apple, everyone is now happy.

(Seen on the internet)

Buster Hyman
5th Dec 2007, 00:13
Ooooh...:ooh:...Can I please adjust the volume???:E:ouch::suspect:

Atlas Shrugged
5th Dec 2007, 01:05
I wonder what the remote control looks like?

5th Dec 2007, 01:10
Never mind the remote, just twiddle the knobs.

Arm out the window
5th Dec 2007, 01:28
You can get a range of tunes pre-loaded, including some of the following:

"Thanks for the mammaries"
"The nips are getting bigger"
"Love lifts us up where we belong"
"The two of us"

or for the more obscurely inclined, Pink Floyd's double album set "A nice pair"!

Buster Hyman
5th Dec 2007, 02:03
Never mind the remote, just twiddle the knobs.

I think you'll find that those are the earphones...

Atlas Shrugged
5th Dec 2007, 05:03
Ohh goodie, we haven't had a tit thread for a while

5th Dec 2007, 05:53
Atlas, almost as long since weve had a thread about.....

Solid Rust Twotter
5th Dec 2007, 07:28
There's this conveyor belt, see....

Howard Hughes
5th Dec 2007, 07:46
I always like to keep abreast of technology...:E

5th Dec 2007, 08:19
Titter ye not.....

5th Dec 2007, 09:34
ahhh you great bunch of boobs, get a hold of yourselfs ya silly tits!!

5th Dec 2007, 10:12
I've been looking at these, can't decide whether to go for B flat or C sharp.

5th Dec 2007, 15:43
Like this? (http://pizdaus.com/single.php?id=10171)

5th Dec 2007, 16:07
4GG and 8GG sizes?:}


5th Dec 2007, 16:18
Where do I put the batteries?

5th Dec 2007, 18:34
Does it come with some kind of carrying case? Something over-the-shoulder ought to do it.

5th Dec 2007, 21:09
Wonder if it / they are removable, should one chose to 'upgrade'.

5th Dec 2007, 21:15
It is amazing, the missus has one, I've just been listening to 'Amazing Brace'

5th Dec 2007, 21:27
Love quadrophonics...guess I will have to get 2 pair

bugg smasher
6th Dec 2007, 00:09
your intrepid reporter and journo at large bugg here stop initial public reaction to the introduction of this product now rolling in off the wires stop mixed emotions stop wide range of opinions stop including half-stop well stop this…

here (http://www.bofunk.com/video/3346/menopausal_women_drivers.html)

6th Dec 2007, 00:48
im sorry but these are typical mens posts! i give up!
although i would probably volunteer to try these out! lol

Arm out the window
6th Dec 2007, 01:26
I must hereby express my concern about the content of this thread.
Sorry, bu tit's just getting out of hand and I'd like to know hooter complain to.
We cannot encourage such drivel, nork an we just le tit continue unchallenged as it implants impure thoughts in impressionable minds.
It's an outrage that this kind of thing gazon; gas what would happen if it was allowed to get out of hand and stripper way the last shreds of decency.
Jugs get over it, I say - it's a storm in a D-cup.

kiwi chick
6th Dec 2007, 02:00
What happens in the case of us women who have had kids?

Have they allowed for static interference from that other engineering masterpice, the i-vibe? You know, like when two pieces of radio equipment get too close together and cause feedback? :E

Buster Hyman
6th Dec 2007, 02:08
Well, at a guess, I'd say the iBoob was designed for someone else to use, otherwise they'd need to be...umm...you know...iSaggy!

Just make sure you leave that stuff behind when you're getting on the Orions!!!:=

kiwi chick
6th Dec 2007, 03:00
Tis alright, I'll stuff them in the belt of my flying suit.