View Full Version : What happened to 'Makepeace Island', bought by Branson, et al, for Virgin staff?

4th Dec 2007, 11:08
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In 2003, it was big news that Richard Branson and Brett Godfrey had bought 'Makepeace Island' for use as a Virgin staff retreat.:)

I read something about this island recently, and it got me to wondering where these plans are at.

Years ago I heard that the Noosa Shire Council hadn't been notified by the new buyers for what purpose the island would be used, and had vetoed their plans. I assumed after that they'd make some amendments.

Does anyone have any news on developments?

4th Dec 2007, 12:20
For those who have bosses that never take an interest in their employees' welfare, here's something about Makepeace Island (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/3035205.stm).

I reckon they had lots of tax-deductible wild sex orgies in the pools up there (as opposed to the mere heavy-petting that goes on at Necker Island), until the night a big salty swam up and bit off someone's *ick...?! :eek:

Maybe tinpis could fill us in...?!

Buster Hyman
4th Dec 2007, 20:24
Branson is just putting the finishing touches on his island now...its all part of his plan to take over the world you see...