View Full Version : A good idea or more Nu-Labour brainwashing?

3rd Dec 2007, 11:59

I can kind of understand why this seemed like a good idea, but getting Children involved - I'm not so sure??

Is this a very clever way to make drivers "think" about their actions, or just a way to brainwash children onto thinking speed = bad??

[tin hat and flame proof trousers on]

3rd Dec 2007, 12:44

I'll do the thread for you in summary to save all the effort (subject matter irrelevant):

Hangings to good for them / send them all back / cut taxes / nanny state yaddah / country going to the dogs / cut taxes / bring back the birch / bring back national service / Enoch Powell was right / if you disagree with us you're clearly a poncy left wing wishy washy Guardian reader emigrate to Russia if thats how you see see it and don't slag Britain off - ahem - where was I - oh yes - slagging off Britain - hang 'em high! Thrash 'em. (Thrashing me at public school never did me or the ruling classes any harm) (ignoring two world wars and the demise of the UK economy). Etc.

All done. That felt good. Lets talk about sheds. now.

3rd Dec 2007, 13:20
The pupils, aged 10 and 11, asked the motorists, who were all driving at more than 36mph in a 30mph zone, why they were speeding outside their school.
(Extract of interview with one of the motorists who wishes to remain anonymous:)

"Was I really going that fast? Sorry. I just thought that everyone would've been in class by then. I mean, if I'd seen any kids along the road, I'd have gone a lot slower! I do like children quite a lot you know. Nonono, a little faster than walking pace, I wouldn't want to be confused as a paedophile or anything. Why did I bring that up? I didn't mean to, it just did, you know with everything that goes on these days. No, I'm not married yet. Have I got a girl-friend? Look, I think this has gone far enough alright...?!"

Uhmmmm, for maximum and redoubled-effect, I reckon motorists caught speeding at 36mph in a 30mph zone should automatically be confronted by groups of: widowed mothers accompanied by their orphaned children under any circumstances; anyone who lost loved ones to drink-driving and members of the police forces who felt they were unfairly sanctioned when caught speeding on active duty... :uhoh:

3rd Dec 2007, 14:07
widowed mothers accompanied by their orphaned children

If the child has a mother it isn't an orphan. ? As has been said before, discuss.

3rd Dec 2007, 16:36
Most of the people who go belting to and from my daughter's school are parents of children in the school dropping their kids off and shooting off to work :ugh::hmm::ugh:

Foxy Loxy
3rd Dec 2007, 17:31
Pedant alert no 2:

An orphan needs only to have lost one parent. I stand by to be corrected, but that's what my English teacher told me years ago.


3rd Dec 2007, 18:18
Probably less safe to have children interviewing strangers stopped for doing 36mph (even if there are police present), than having them in school where they should be

3rd Dec 2007, 19:02
A one-legged amputee tried to drown his sorrow by consuming a bottle of Scotch. Nevertheless, he was not legless.

Uhmmmm, my attempt at orphan-humour...hat, coat, door :O