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3rd Dec 2007, 06:02
In Canada it's more or less the usual thing. Get together with family and friends, children opening presents early in the morning, perhaps a walk in the frosty or damp woods, a great feast for dinner, turkey, ham and local specialities - the country is 3,000 miles wide so lots of these -lots of varieties. No party hats.

3rd Dec 2007, 06:38
Should we be talking about this, or are the Muslims going to get upset? Haven't had a good flag burning in weeks!!!
Now, where did I put that teddy named.....

3rd Dec 2007, 06:44
....... a really big, big, ham and lots of fine drinks, including mulled wine and mead.

3rd Dec 2007, 08:02
Oysters, Prawns, Cold Ham, salads, white wine and beer on the veranda.
(At last count 30 people, including grandkids)

Too hot for hot food, even for those of British extraction.

For those nostalgics we do a Christmas in July street party. Mulled wine (Gluhwein) and all.

3rd Dec 2007, 08:23
One shall be spending Christmas at home in the PI. Dinner will be a large affair with family and friends both Filipino and European with the odd Yank just to show that there is no discrimination.

Local custom is that dinner starts at midnight on Christmas Eve. Guests all bring plates of food but the central theme will be a cooked ham (or a ‘lechon’) and a couple of turkeys.

3rd Dec 2007, 12:55
:= You all risk at least 40 lashes :rolleyes:

3rd Dec 2007, 12:58
Portuguese Tradition says boiled codfish and roasted turkey as main dishes.
Then you have prawns, ham, and delicacies of the sort. White wine for fish, green whine for seafood and red for meat, scotch, beer, vermouths and liquors for the ladies, and the specialty of the house: aguardente! . And a ton of sweets and cakes, with the Bolo Rei as the family favorite. Speaking of which, a gathering of this sort will count at least 30, kids not included.


3rd Dec 2007, 14:29
In the Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures we've always had enough roast chickens so everyone gets a leg (no arguing), served with sage & onion stuffing, roast potatos, brussels sprouts, mashed swede and of course, Yorkshire Pud. (We eat Yorkshire Pud with anything.) Pour onion sauce over the whole lot and tuck in. Xmas Pudding with brandy sauce for afters. Xmas music in the background and dodgy but amusing pressies under the Xmas tree for everyone. The only strange thing is the temperature. I don't think there's ever been a white Xmas here, even during the Ice Ages. Thankfully, RTB don't broadcast The Queen's Speech or "The Great Escape" so we escape the Traditional British Xmas Afternoon.

3rd Dec 2007, 15:40
They start playing Christmas carols on the radio stations a week or three before (at least on the English pop music segments). That's ok. What is not is they playing Last Christmas and All I want for Christmas is you ad nauseum. :mad:

Christmas sales in stores have already started. Christian-populated areas in the city are nicely lit... Bandra, in Bombay, is particularly nice. And has the pretties girls too ;)

Food... Turkey is not commonplace here. But my Christians make do with chicken and beef, and the lunch involves a sizable number of family and friends. Been ages since I went to one, and that was the first time i had wine! :ok: