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2nd Dec 2007, 20:28
Last week i flew for X airline, i am a 8000 hr captain. My FO, was acting oddly, he kept laughing and smiling. I asked him if he was ok, and he couldn't reply. Can anyone shed somelight on what was wrong with him?


2nd Dec 2007, 20:30
Maybe in love....

2nd Dec 2007, 20:31
Your fly was undone?

2nd Dec 2007, 20:34
He smelt strange.

2nd Dec 2007, 20:38
He smelt strange.

Sorry, but an 8.000 hrs Commander should be able to handle this "Problem" immediatly and without PPRuNE...

2nd Dec 2007, 20:41
I think he had been smoking marijuana, i can not be sure though.

Loose rivets
2nd Dec 2007, 20:45
Now the levity should stop.

2nd Dec 2007, 20:45
Did he have dreadlocks and did he insist on playing a bit of Bob Marley over the PA?

2nd Dec 2007, 20:45
What a bizarre post :)

2nd Dec 2007, 20:50
He was obviously suffering from a severe attack of good morale which at most UK airlines should immediately have been reported to management in order to eliminate it.

2nd Dec 2007, 20:51


2nd Dec 2007, 20:55
Is this what twaddle looks like?

Mercenary Pilot
2nd Dec 2007, 21:06

If this was your effo, then there is a very good chance he was flying a little higher than you.

My FO, was acting oddly, he kept laughing and smiling.

Ahhhh he hasn't been worn down by the constant whining and bitching yet, that will change just give it time! :E

2nd Dec 2007, 21:46
I'll give him another chance. Cheers for your views.


2nd Dec 2007, 21:58
Check the bass response on his headset. If you get full, rich bass, with nice tonality and minimal distortion, and he casually mentions that the problem with straight jets is "they have no carb, dude," he's probably smoking weed.

If he smells vomit-inducing funny, and giggles pointlessly at everything, you're looking at a psychedelic (or rather, a psychedelic is looking at you). My guess would be (and my experience is, alas, merely from seeing the effects on others): psilocybin (those mushroom-eaters seem to think everything is funny), MDMA, mescaline or LSD, in decreasing order of likelihood. It may have been voluntarily taken, or it might be a prank (the CIA were known for playing these kinds of jokes in the Cafeteria in the 60s. "Well, it looks like you'll be taking a personal day." "What do you know, three-headed dragon? You're always trying to keep me down!")

Alternatively, you may have a large piece of broccoli lodged in your teeth, in an extremely comical fashion. It's hard to tell.

2nd Dec 2007, 21:59
I think this is a set-up post. A captain should know who is F/O is.

2nd Dec 2007, 22:13
Had you by any chance just informed him you were thinking of maybe buying a 737-800 (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=302868) ? :suspect:

http://www.pprune.org/forums/images/infopop/icons/icon7.gif 737 Hour Builder
I am thinking of buying a 737 800, i was wondering how many young pilots wound be willing to pay for hour building in it?

2nd Dec 2007, 22:51
Bealzebub.... Priceless!!! worth the research!
What planet?

3rd Dec 2007, 02:26
If my F/O laughs and smiles it usualy means -

* Me filthey dirtey jokes are actualy funny
* Same as above but Ive accidentley left the PA button on
* Hes seen a pic of me naked
* Hes seen a pic of me latest GF naked
* Me flys undone and a jatz cracker is hangin out
* I thought the wasabe source on me crew meal tray was
actualy a green ice-cream dessert
* I tryed to quietley drop my guts but it ended up wet

Or a combo of all of the above!

3rd Dec 2007, 08:25
As a Co-pilot myself there are few occasions that I feel compelled to laugh whilst at work, but one of the most obvious is when the Captain turns up wearing a skirt, high heels, and make up (and is obviously not a woman). I aslo crack up when the Captain cracks a joke on the PA: they are invariably unfunny. I laugh not at the joke, but at the Captain, and his pitiful attempt at humour: it reflects on his flying ability quite often. As a Captain if your Co-pilot is laughing you should worry.

3rd Dec 2007, 08:39

What hapened to this thread?

It was originaly in the Saftey CRM Q&A forum. Serius stuff!

So who JB-erised it?

Firey - leave my bloodey wardrobe out of this! :=

3rd Dec 2007, 12:18
hmmm... what if the Captain is of the extremely serious type, never laughs and will not allow that sort of thing on his flight deck.

I remember being at a church during Sunday service... the lady in front kept scratching her leg, slowly at first ...then almost franticly... I thought "wow, those bugs are really determined" and burst into an uncontrollable laughter... and it wouldn't stop... I had trouble finding my way out with my eyes filled with tears.

blue up
3rd Dec 2007, 12:43
TomCat50. Which version of Flightsim were you using? Maybe he was laughing at your screen refresh rate?

3rd Dec 2007, 13:07
blue up :D:E

Speaking of which: I always laugh when the MS copilot says "ok let's get this show on the road!" after finishing the before TO checklist. C'mon!! how unrealistic can it be :=

3rd Dec 2007, 16:14
This was a serious matter, i have since contacted my senior. The FO in question has been put under investigation.


3rd Dec 2007, 16:33
Awww...FerChrisssakes... So what's he under investigation for then...? :uhoh:

My FO, was acting oddly, he kept laughing and smiling. I asked him if he was ok, and he couldn't reply.

You failed to mention if suspected substance abuse was a factor - and if so, who corroborated said allegation..
If that was not a factor then he probably didn't reply.. because he thought it was a dumb-ar$ed question..and he was just...ehm...laughing and smiling !!

and...B*gger me..! - what in the name of the wee man.. is wrong with that..:\

kiwi chick
3rd Dec 2007, 20:02
Slasher - ever got a free jump seat?! ;)

3rd Dec 2007, 20:41
Perhaps he was a happy chappy because he was, 'sitting on the wing watching himself in the cockpit', as 90-100% of pilots will find themselves doing, (or something similar), at some point in their careers. According to FoxNews and the ATSB in a report on Spatial Disorientation that is.


Loose rivets
3rd Dec 2007, 21:14
He's right yer know. Take me.

Before 9/11 I could take my fish bowl and tape it to the wing. At a 'suitable point' after the take-off I would climb out of the emergency exit and pour an equally suitable amount of water into my bowl. After 9/11 I was allowed the bowl, but not the water. :{ Anyway, there I was on the wing and the captain would give a cheery wave. I'd dive in.

It's funny the way water sloshing about will affect the instruments...not that I could see them cos of the bubbles.

As soon as the main man became disorientated -- because of the low work-load, he would give the "I'm on a knife edge!" signal, and I would take control.

Ha! "How could you fly if you were outside, and indeed in a fish bowl?" I hear you ask. Simple, I'd ask the big hand that was gripping the plane to move it in a direction that would keep the water straight in my bowl. pendulousity would keep the water, and thus the plane straight.

Want to go down....splash some water out. Up, pour some more in. Simple.

3rd Dec 2007, 21:52
I've never experienced spatial disorientation whilst flying, but I imagine that it is possible. Several times when driving in driving snow (sorry), and especially when tired and more so when driving on hard-packed snow (so the road noise is absent) I've experienced the impression that the vehicle was stationary and the road (and the snow) was rushing towards me. It's un-nerving as one has to shake one's head and tell yourself that the vehicle is moving and not the scenery, but it's just like sitting in front of a projection screen. The danger of course is that you lose all sense of 'danger' as it becomes 'just a game' where you have to keep the pointer on the white line.

Loose rivets
3rd Dec 2007, 22:01
Oooooh, that a relative motion problem! It's usually only aunties that suffer from that.

4th Dec 2007, 02:06
Too right . Get the bugger tested.
Is he forrin?

4th Dec 2007, 23:54
It is! TomCat is one of those people in life that can't get laid so hang around on internet forums having "fun"!

Atlas Shrugged
5th Dec 2007, 01:01

Two things stick out in your original post:

1. He seemed as if he was pissed;
2. He smelt funny

Usually the first signs of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia in a type 1 diabetic, along with sweating, increased heart rate and a few other symptoms. The funny smell is obviously from the sweating but it's not a BO type smell, it's different and quite distinctive.

If he is type 1, then I guess his flying days are over. If he's not, then perhaps a test would be something to suggest.

5th Dec 2007, 12:10
Last week i flew for X airline, i am a 8000 hr captain. My FO, was acting oddly, he kept laughing and smiling. I asked him if he was ok, and he couldn't reply. Can anyone shed somelight on what was wrong with him?

One question; has your wife been acting oddly while laughing and smiling a lot lately too?

5th Dec 2007, 12:28
Where were your hands at the time he was smiling?:}

6th Dec 2007, 06:46
He's a happy chappy:)thats why..better a smiler than a farter

6th Dec 2007, 07:07
TomCat50 This was a serious matter, i have since contacted my senior. The FO in question has been put under investigation.


Perhaps the Investigators will discover you've been flying with the Tickle-me-Elmo you got for Christmas a couple years ago?

6th Dec 2007, 08:03
This is the funniest thread I've read in a while... I'm sure I was sitting next to TomCat50, laughing at all the stupid things he came out with...