View Full Version : Chess. Oh, Flippin' ek, me brains gone!

Loose rivets
2nd Dec 2007, 05:34
It's years since I played chess. My soon to be 8 year old g-son has been to a tournament today, and that's the reason I dug out the cyber chess set.

The thing is that it keeps beating me. To rub it in, it's on the Easy setting.:{


The sheer aggression of this machine. Its arrogance. I'm often defeated in mumble mumble moves.

I've tried all the excuses that I can think of. Looking at the board from 'above' or plan view. Not the same. Yeah, right. 'It's yer brain that's not the same' a little voice is saying in the back of me bonce.

Anyone out there care to have a bash?

And if you're really, really good at it. Don't tell me! :(

2nd Dec 2007, 06:07
Here ya go, mate ... I beat it for you. Queen's knight to D2 and checkmate (I'm playing white.)


Loose rivets
2nd Dec 2007, 06:26
He he...I knew someone would rub it in.;)

2nd Dec 2007, 06:42
Managed to beat it on Easy mode but it was hard work as I haven't played for around four years. Think I'll call it quits whilst I'm ahead.

Howard Hughes
2nd Dec 2007, 06:59
I got whooped, but then again I have never been good at chess!:{

2nd Dec 2007, 07:34
The last time I played Chest was a few months ago and I think that it was a pair of C cups. :E

Oops you mean Chess as in that board game.. Sorry... I have no idea..