View Full Version : Why don't you all keep your crap out of JetBlast?

2nd Dec 2007, 01:40
I get sick and tired of JetBlast being the dumping ground for threads that R&N doresn't want to babysit anymore.

If you don't like them just delete them. Don't send them down to us :*

Look at the stats:

R&N 8,068 threads 161,647 posts

JB 25,905 threads, 694,073 posts

Face it. JB is what builds the Qrating of this site or whatever it's called

It's funny informative, annoying, frusrating and boring, but it's always worth coming back to.

Just PLEASE stop dumping your unwanted threads in there. :=

2nd Dec 2007, 02:01

AND... where's all the deleted Flyglobespan threads while we're at it...

It was the best "ranting & raving" thing I've ever seen..!!

Sure as hell beat the crap out of Eastenders or Corrie:D:D

2nd Dec 2007, 02:07
Oh well moving is better than banning, so thanks for the touch of mercy.

Hope the point resonates though.