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The AvgasDinosaur
1st Dec 2007, 14:53
On the morning of 22nd November I received this e-mail in my inbox
Dear The AvgasDinosaur,
kiwi chick has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled -
Congratulations Kiwi Chik!!! - in the Jet Blast forum of PPRuNe Forums.
This thread is located at:
Here is the message that has just been posted:
I'm not scared... :E
Image: http://2maniacos.com/images/17702.jpg
There may also be other replies, but you will not receive any more
notifications until you visit the forum again.
All the best,
PPRuNe Forums

Pretty normal, except when I followed the link I got this message
The AvgasDinosaur, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to access a private forum, administrative features or some other privileged system?
2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.
If you have recently registered, you must first respond to a verification e-mail that we sent you.
Please ensure your mail provider isn't 'helpfully' hiding our activation email in your junk/spam box!
Please be sure to disable any spam filters you may have for our website by whitelisting our domain PPRuNe.org in your e-mail software options, so that all future messages can reach you.
If you have lost this email, or it never arrived, please go here to request another activation email be sent to you.

So I rechecked my settings no problem there.
I then PMd the three moderators for jetblast 10W, flyblue and flapsforty
as follows under the heading Thread gone AWOL ??
Sorry to trouble.
I had subscribed to a thread in JB "Congratulations Kiwi Chick"
I received this update this morning
But when I tried to access the thread I get a message that I don't have the required rights etc, I can not now find the thread either.
Have I inadvertently offended someone?
Thanks for your time and trouble.
Be lucky
David According to pprune those pms were delivered at 09:29 22nd November 2007 and are as yet still unread.
I have since learnt that Kiwichick has been sent to the naughty corner, I know not what her perceived sin was. It must have been utterly awful to warrant the removal of her congratulatory thread as well as a weeks exile. As far as I could tell there was nothing in the thread that could possibly be considered contentious even by the narrowest of minds. So how come nine days later (3x9 = 27 moderating days between them) our heroic mods haven't bothered to check their pms much less give the courtesy of a reply, yet they have unilaterally decided either one or more of them to censor by removal a perfectly innocuous thread as further punishment.
Perhaps someone could enlighten me. Or suggest suitable "naughty phrases" that will bring them from their torpor or moribund state.
Be lucky
A.K.A. Angry of Avgas :ugh::mad::mad::ugh:

1st Dec 2007, 14:56
See you in a week Avgas! ;)

One weeks sin binning, for having the temerity to actually complain!

Oh well, guess I'm joining you now!

1st Dec 2007, 15:01
I know you feel that the moderators are to blame for lack of response, Avgas, but the list (at least for JetBlast) is not current. "Management" has never seen fit to make the appropriate ammendments so it's possible you may be sending PMs to the wrong people.

Life's a Beech
1st Dec 2007, 15:38
So what do we do if we see an objectionable post? Other forums have a little link on each post to complain about them, but they don't have any here. What if a post breaks the rules, is nasty or defamatory?

1st Dec 2007, 15:50
The little red/white triangle in the bottom left corner is to report a post; click on that.

As for PMs; if the person has ticked the option to receive email notification of PMs, the entire text of the PM appears in the email. Therefore, the PMs may well have been read via the email.



The AvgasDinosaur
1st Dec 2007, 15:51
Its in the bottom right corner of the screen next to the list of who is online in the forum. Moderators 3
flapsforty, flyblue and 10W so thats who I PMd to. I suppose PPRUNE INC or whatever its going to be will eventually tell us who the new moderators are.
But one was certainly out and about between approx 2245 21/11 and 0915 22/11 when they censored that thread. I read it before close down and tried to check it again next morning.
If those guys/gals are no longer moderators perhaps it would be in their own best interests to let us know, as I doubt I'm the first that has tried to contact them !!!
Perhaps I should try an ouija board.
As for PMs; if the person has ticked the option to receive email notification of PMs, the entire text of the PM appears in the email. Therefore, the PMs may well have been read via the email.
Thanks for that. I have that option selected, even after receiving the notification reading it and deleting it, it still shows as unread on the front page when I log in. Until I open it as a personal message. If they have read it as an e-mail notification it does not excuse the lack of acknowledgment or reply.
Be lucky

1st Dec 2007, 17:16
Flyblue recently responded very quickly to a PM I sent. As for that list, I'm fairly confident that flaps40 is no longer a mod, I don't think 10W is, and I think Flyblue is.

My guesswork.

The AvgasDinosaur
1st Dec 2007, 17:38
Thread gone awol ??
Sent to: 10W 22nd November 2007 09:29 Unread
Thread gone awol ??
Sent to: flyblue 22nd November 2007 09:29 Unread
Thread gone awol ??
Sent to: flapsforty 22nd November 2007 09:29 Unread

Cut and pasted as of 20 seconds ago.
What are the naughty phrases I need to invoke their attention?
Be lucky

DX Wombat
1st Dec 2007, 18:05
Did it ever occurr to you that the reason you may not have had a reply from a Mod is that they may be on holiday? Surprisingly enough they need a break like everyone else.

PPRuNe Towers
1st Dec 2007, 18:40
Or no reply as it is unimportant tosh?