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1st Dec 2007, 14:00
Only the Antipodeans.... :}

Thirsty Swagman (http://www.worldsbiggestpubcrawl.com/)

Around the World in 60 Pubs departing London (http://www.worldsbiggestpubcrawl.com/D4-around-the-world-in-60-pubs-departing-london.html)
See the world through the bottom of your glass, on the FIRST EVER round-the-world pub crawl! It's a round-the-world... From AU$11,900

Euro Hard'n'Fast Tour 2008 (http://www.worldsbiggestpubcrawl.com/D12-euro-hard-n-fast-tour-2008.html)
A 10-night power-pubcrawl through the best party destinations in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Starting with 3... From AU$2,490

Aussie Beer Slammer (http://www.worldsbiggestpubcrawl.com/D8-9-aussie-beer-slammer.html)
The perfect tour for those who always wanted to party in Queenstown, New Zealand, one of the world's premier pub and bar scenes. With over 60 pubs available, you'll be pub crawling all over town all night long. Detailed itinerary coming December 2007... From $US 1,650