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28th Nov 1999, 14:37

AT long last Virgin will not only be flying from Australia, but it will be Australia's first low fares airline! WELL...the first that actually stands a chance of surviving.

With plenty of Govt backing, plenty of cash in the bank, and a wealth of flt crew on hand (he already operates a similar operation in Europe), Richard has definitely said (I heard it with my own ears) they'll be starting up July 1, 2000, with a cabin crew sourced from Australia.

I, for one, will be one of thousands lining up to get in!!!


swizzle stick
28th Nov 1999, 23:39
Any Ozzie boyz out there wanna marry me so I can try to work for the Flying Woolly Jumper?

29th Nov 1999, 01:24
Will be interesting to see if it all comes off. Unfortunaley all those talking of eroding conditions with their current jobs will be shocked at the conditions and pay that will most likely come from Bransons operation here. Have a look at the conditions of the same type of operation in NZ selling food to punters across the tasman, new crew are on 20K pa no cheap travel, 7 ph flying pay only, no meal allowances. You would have to do it for the love of the job alone, and have a strong desire to live on air alone.

29th Nov 1999, 07:17
Well Avion,
I know i speak for Mr seatback and myself when i say that we WOULD do the job for peanuts ! If anyone is truly interested in establishing a flying career as an effay then the starting pay and salary really doesn't matter. I would rather be payed less to work for Virgin than AN & QF because I know I would be working for an airline that provides an exciting innovative environment for it's employees. I have not met any cabin crew for virgin that aren't loyal down to the bone for their employer!

Anyway, there is no way that the f/a's would be starting on $20,000 right ? Surely not..The FAAA would just not allow it.

Cabinboy - Virgin Flight Attendant " To be "

Doors armed and cross checked

29th Nov 1999, 09:22
Dear Cabin Boy, I dont mean to blow your slide but the FAAA will not have a leg to stand on, the future is contract work and if you sign on for 20K than there is no fighting it after the horse has bolted. I am not against Virgin or any other carrier who at the very least will fill the void of those wanting employment in the field. Good Luck.

1st Dec 1999, 09:56


Kaptin M
1st Dec 1999, 12:09
Applications girls and boys, and those somewhere in-between to :
[email protected]
is what I've been told.
Good Luck and woolly jumpers to you all.
CabinBoy please leave the slides alone [doors armed and crossdressed].

1st Dec 1999, 14:32
The QF Thai based Cabin crew are on approx A$700 per month with no benefits such as staff travel, unpaid stand-bys (and even if the cost of living IS lower, they are all still being underpaid compared to many of their old jobs...'some-one' told them the wrong salary.)

BA are recruiting in Thailand at the moment, with proper wages and benefits on offer...I can't wait to see what happens in the next 6 months ;)

Quite possibly, non-membership of a union may be written into a contract. I'm not sure of the legalities of such a thing, but rest assured if it can be done - it will.

Slavery comes in many forms.

2nd Dec 1999, 03:32
Dear XS, try the email address for virgin at [email protected] leave out the au and you will be there. their web page and lots of details can be found thru that sting
good luck.

2nd Dec 1999, 05:32
My advice is to wait for virgin to advertise. The yahoo e-mail address which was given out for potential applicants was overloaded and no longer works, it also IS NOT controlled by virgin. Yahoo is a free e-mail service for civilians. If you are going to send an application at least send it to a virgin.com address !

I feel sorry for the Thai's getting employed by Qantas, but it is their choice to work for them. I am not suprised Qantas is taking advantage of them, I seem to recall a certain problem in Japan a couple of years ago with unfair dismissal for some Japanese f/a's.

Oh yeh and by the way " Kaptain M ", I will play with whatever damn slides I want to. A flight attendant who works on jet aircraft most certainly outranks you " Cessna Pilots " who call yourselves " Kaptains ".. :)


Doors armed and cross checked

2nd Dec 1999, 11:04
Cabinboy - when I've finished laughing at your last comment I'll be a very old man!!!

From an ex-cessna driver, now big jet driver.

2nd Dec 1999, 15:55
Well said cabinboy!

One way or the other there will be those of us for whom working at an innovative, new company excites us! AND despite the pay rates people are speculating (one announcement in the press and suddenly everyone knows what the pay will be, what the conditions will be, etc) will work for a company on this knowledge alone!

Everyone is under the ASSUMPTION that people will be paid peanuts, treated like crap, etc. all because Virgin will be the new entrant. Compass (I and II) didn't erode conditions or pay their crew any less than what was considered standard at the time (okay, so plenty were retrenched when both went under)...but why should Virgin be painted as the WORST paid airline?

As I understand from my friends in Europe Virgin doesn't pay as much as other carriers, but it does offer incentives etc. such as free tickets etc. Hardly something against the favour of new employees.

For the meantime however, let's just all wait and see. He's only just arrived, and announced his plans. There is plenty of time between now and July 2000, and Virgin has very deep pockets to withstand pressure from the big two.

Further to comments regarding Bransons sale of Virgin Music to sustain Virgin Atlantic, if there's any indication of how much he values his employees, it was this sale. He didn't want VA to go under, so he sold VM on the proviso his employees at VM would remain employed. Once he won his battle with BA, he then shared his settlement winnings (his own PERSONAL settlement) with his VA staff. I wonder if Dickie Bowtie and his cronies would do this were they to win a similar amount personally??

Rather than pick on what we don't know, let's all just celebrate what we do know - Virgin is coming - there's no stopping him - he has plenty of money - he takes care of his staff - and the fact is that travel in this country will change forever!

PS. By the way cabinboy...do you have any favourite slides you like playing with? My fave is the 767's - long, huge and shiny silver (like a luxurious lilo bed!) Wouldn;t mid taking one out on the harbour one bright summer day!!

Squawk Ident
2nd Dec 1999, 17:34
Nav Light started a thread on Rumours & news under 'Conditions at Virgin?'. Some of the replies may answer some of your questions.

3rd Dec 1999, 10:44
Oh N0 Mr Seatback ! I am different to you, I like to play with the " tiny " little slides you get on the MD-80, little little tiny ones ( something I am sure Kaptain M is familiar with, oh and um I am not talking about aircraft slides either ). :)

But back to the topic, we still have until July 2000 to see what happens and that is quite a while. A few free tickets would definetley make me happier rather than below average perks offered by the other two.


Doors armed and cross checked

Captain R. Sole
3rd Dec 1999, 17:24

Care to post a full picture of yourself?

The R. Sole

Kaptin M
3rd Dec 1999, 19:42
Wellll...RSole YOU'VE exposed yourself to all of us. Noooooo shame.
Cabinboy, don't trespass into the tech crew forum again, otherwise you'll be assigned to ground duties..permanently.NO slides there, except the already inflated ones for recurrent/revals.
Doors armed and cross dressed [eh, Cb]

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Nav Light
4th Dec 1999, 08:59
Hey Kaption M, back off on cabinboy, you can't tell people not to go into 'the tech crew' forum, just think about what you've said for a minute......after you are in the cabin crew forum here- aren't you?

4th Dec 1999, 11:34
Nav Light - Once again you have proven that you are absoloutley correct ! ( Talk about hypocricy ! )

Kaptain Cessna, If you take a close look, the forum you were telling me to stay out of is titled " dunnunda and godzone " forum. It mentions nothing about it being specifically for tech crew but I do think that Cessna Freighter pilots should be banned :)

Oh and um by the way..in the day and age of CRM ( thats cockpit resource management for you cessna pilots ) airlines are making sure that communication between the cockpit and cabin are more clearer and well established, so the dunnunda and godzone forum is a great place for this outside of the working environment.

I have checked that I am wearing the right Gender's uniform Kaptain so there is no doubts about my so called cross dressing :)

p.s - I have been a PPRUNE member longer than you so seniority takes place. This forum was only established recently so the dunnunda forum has always been my stomping ground.

Doors armed and cross checked

4th Dec 1999, 15:46
OOOOOOOH - the ACIDITY of that last comment!

I'm quite literally lost for words!

By the way - in 30 minutes I will turn 21 yrs old - just thought I'd let you all know!

7th Dec 1999, 04:26
A quick glance of the topic read "Virgins are coming to Australia HOORAY!"... My initial reaction was.. " so it's true what they say about Ozy birds...the land of the beer and EASY" .. after closer scrutiny of the topic ... well I lost heart.