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30th Nov 2007, 09:52
Just had a text on my "BT" service addressed to "Vodafone Customer" offering a free new phone on a 1st come 1st served basis. Ringback number is 0870 00200002. If you get this message DO NOT RING BACK at your financial peril!!!! :\

30th Nov 2007, 10:05
Why not??....

30th Nov 2007, 10:08
'Cos you'll probably be charged £1 a second for the privilege!



30th Nov 2007, 10:12
Got a call last night from '0800 Reverse' inviting me to accept a call from some chav. I put down the receiver. Callback revealed the number 08456853000 - so I Googooed and found that anybody can call you using this service probably using a mobile phone FOC and probably using a random number for you. You can opt out by e-mailing them at [email protected] (copied to [email protected] ) using the wording:-
Call Barring
I choose not to receive 0800 Reverse services as defined in section 4 ‘Range Of Services’ and request that you block my number (01234 567890) from receiving such calls.
Please acknowledge receipt hereof.

west lakes
30th Nov 2007, 10:21
Another to watch out for is a call to a mobile, rings once or twice & stops. It will then come up as a missed call from 08719 511028

Another money burner if you ring back

30th Nov 2007, 10:49
Another to watch out for is a call to a mobile, rings once or twice & stops. It will then come up as a missed call from 08719 511028

Another money burner if you ring back

Have three times recently received the same thing but from 07067 731542

30th Nov 2007, 13:41
I take the view that if I don't recognise the number, if they really want to talk to me, they will phone back. Otherwise I don't bother replying.

30th Nov 2007, 14:54
I've been getting texts the last couple of days 0800 didn't even open them. But for stupido this one is good.

It's a local story for local people.
A woman puts her £2,000 engagement ring on ebay to raise money for Christmas.
Daft rating - 6
Get's an email from Dallas offering £1,200. Accepts.
Daft rating - 7
Asked to send ring to buyer's sister in Nigeria. Sent it.
Daft rating - 10
And... the money never appeared in her account.
Her Daftness is now calling for tighter monitoring of auction sites.
Like having a five-year-old nearby to say 'No mummy, that is as stupid as a stupid thing which is particularly thick.'
Her Daftness is 'angry' that the ring could could not be intercepted before it left the UK.

Sorting office
'Right, STOP EVERYTHING, sod the letters to Santa, open all the letters, some moron has sent her engagement ring to Nigeria.'

30th Nov 2007, 21:13
0870 calls are meant to be "national rate". No idea, of course, what any particular mobile company will charge. But with NTL / BT you are looking at maximum about 10p / minute. 070 numbers are "personal numbers" and with NTL at any rate cost anything up to 50p / minute, but revenue sharing on these got banned some time ago so it shouldn't be a scam. Premium rate numbers beginning 09xx can cost up to 150p / minute, but no more.

The most expensive "normal" international calls cost about 90p / minute to mobiles in certain countries. Calls to Inmarsat (00870) are up to six quid a minute.

Now which genius allocated "national rate" a code that differs by one extra zero
from the most expensive phone call possible? And why, starting from a clean slate just a few years ago, is our numbering system such a confusing mess that it's sometimes verging on impossible to find out how much a call will cost?

1st Dec 2007, 00:04
Ah arse, how's a man supposed to make a (dis)honest buck if you lot keep outing my scams?

And G-CPTN, how did you get my phone number???

(ok, the dialling code is correct anyway, I'm still trying to get the rest of it, not sure if it's registered or not, now wouldn't THAT be the ultimate number! :D)

Life's a Beech
1st Dec 2007, 02:40
Matt, you've just admitted to living in Bedford!