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Lamenting Navigator
29th Nov 2007, 21:18
We've had the simple pleasures, so what about the guilty ones?

Here's mine. Watching Bolton on the telly tonight. I know, I can't look away. It's awful!

Howard Hughes
29th Nov 2007, 21:22
No explanation necessary, except maybe to the cardiologist...:E

BAMRA wake up
29th Nov 2007, 21:33
Banned by many airlines as potentially explosive, fremented Baltic herring, tin pressurised by the cocktail of gasses, really stinks, lovely taste though, when washed down with beer:


29th Nov 2007, 21:44
Your going to have to explain what that is. Bet it's horrible. Looks like it might be horrible.

kiwi chick
29th Nov 2007, 21:54
I'd put money on that. Same type of can that cat food comes in.

Guilty pleasures? Now, do we have to ACTUALLY feel guilty, or is it OK if we just SHOULD feel guilty?

Cause this could be a long list.

I'm with Howard on this:


At $8 a packet, I sure as hell feel guilty buying it all the time - that's almost Private School Tuition for my chicklets!

Matched with this:


Then closely followed by this:


(keeping my nose clean :oh:)

29th Nov 2007, 22:53
"keeping my nose clean"

Awwww, you're no fun anymore.

kiwi chick
29th Nov 2007, 23:00
Tell that to the Mods..... ;)

I was told "less words, more sentences" so I must add more here as appropriate.

Another guilty sin? Letting my Chicklets bring me breakfast in bed on the weekends... :)

(how well trained are THEY?! :ok: )

29th Nov 2007, 23:02
Guilty pleasures.

How about extramarital sex.


29th Nov 2007, 23:03
Kiwi, take a dive into 'For men only' thread, and have a debate about the moral issues of sin, guilt and the soul.

Playstation, when I should be hoovering or cutting the grass or making dinner or something.

Standard Noise
29th Nov 2007, 23:29
Don't have guilty pleasures. I don't do guilt.
Pleasure is pleasure and shouldn't have guilt attached to it.

Should I feel guilty for thinking like this?:confused:

kiwi chick
29th Nov 2007, 23:39
(she trips over her feet and door slams her in the arse on the way out. Where's that thread?? Where? Where?!)

Extramarital sex - does that mean doing it more than once a month when you're married? :rolleyes:

(Shhhh. Don't mentioned the "S" word round Howard - it's soon to be a distant memory... ;):E)

tony draper
29th Nov 2007, 23:42

29th Nov 2007, 23:49

Rose Royce - Wishin on a star
Scott Fitzgerald and Yvonne Keeley - If I had words
Kate Bush - wuthering heights
John Paul Yong - Love is in the Air
Darts - the boy from NYC
Grease - you're the one that I want
Manfred Man - Davy's on the road again
Marshall Hain - Dancing in the city
The Motors - Airport
Kate Bush - the man with the child in his eyes
Boney M - the rivers of babylon
Grease is the word - Frankie Valli
The commodores - three times a lady
Rose royce - love don't live here anymore
Grease - summer nights
Dean Friedman - lucky stars
Boney - Rasputin
Grease - Sandy
Donna Summer - McArthur Park
Grease - Hopelessly devoted to you
Rod Stewart - d'ya think I'm sexy
Elton John - song for guy

Want a CD - let me know.

29th Nov 2007, 23:51
This is just too easy. To the true Presbyterian, all pleasure is guilty. Ye werena' pit here fur pleesure, ma wee mannie.

kiwi chick
29th Nov 2007, 23:58
Ye werena' pit here fur pleesure, ma wee mannie.

No, but I failed my Mission so I got a new job description :E

30th Nov 2007, 00:10
Aye, Mistress! Ye're verra glib! Nae guid wull come o't".

30th Nov 2007, 00:13
I was told "less words, more sentences" so I must add more here as appropriate.

FEWER words, not less!

Guilty pleasure? Correcting other people's grammar!!

Oh, and tablet. And clotted cream. And Premier Cru Chablis.



30th Nov 2007, 00:16
1978 - the greatest pop year ever.
yer gotta be about 10 years too late there.....

Howard Hughes
30th Nov 2007, 00:39
(Shhhh. Don't mentioned the "S" word round Howard - it's soon to be a distant memory... )
You mean sleep?;)

kiwi chick
30th Nov 2007, 00:40
Hahaha, Whirls.... sorry

Now... I am not allowed to post links to unsavoury stories anymore. But if anyone would like to read of current affairs here in NZ, there is a website www.stuff.co.nz

And if you happened to scroll down to "Today's Most Viewed" there is an interesting article related to a South American Country.

I would imagine this is near the top of the list of Guilty Pleasures. :E

KC :ok:

30th Nov 2007, 01:38
I have a guilty secret, but the pleasure is mine alone.... :E

kiwi chick
30th Nov 2007, 01:41
Now that is just NOT fair! :hmm:

It could be like MY guilty secret and we could rejoice together. :E

30th Nov 2007, 21:32
KC - you're a rotten tease. That link goes round and round a loop of "transferring data/waiting for stuff.co.nz" and doesn't get any further. Do enjoy yourself in the RNZAF; the guys and gals on the P3 squadron are a great bunch; and let us know when you're coming to Kinloss - I'll buy you a G&T.
The Ancient Mariner

30th Nov 2007, 21:43
Black Comedy: the blacker the better. I'm currently on the 4th series box set of Six Feet Under (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_Feet_Under): just one more to go, then I'll have them all. It has certainly demystified the funeral profession for me, and how humour plays a role. I used to think embalming was a luxury, but now I know why quick burials are the custom in Muslim society: those are also typically hot countries. :uhoh:

1st Dec 2007, 00:26
The Hotel Chocolat shop round the corner from South Kensington tube station. Or check out their website, the Self Indulgence section.

Life's a Beech
1st Dec 2007, 03:43
Flying like a hooligan on VFR positioning flights

kiwi chick
2nd Dec 2007, 20:33
Six Feet Under - FANTASTIC series!!

I was stunned when it first aired that The US of A had produced such a dry, black comedy akin to British Humour.

Then came House, & Boston Legal.

Guilty Pleasure: sitting with the entire Season of Boston Legal on DVD, on ma couch, with a bottle of red, packet of BBQ Kettle chips & the biggest bar of Peppermint chocolate that man can buy. :ok: :ok: :ok:

(on a workday... :E :E )

2nd Dec 2007, 22:33
This thread is a trick, right? I'm not falling for it. You can't catch me this easily.

2nd Dec 2007, 23:33
wouldn't extramarital sex be a 'guilty' pleasure?? :confused:

(i'm innocent btw! :O)

3rd Dec 2007, 01:43
Isn't extramarital sex anything over and above twice a week? :oh:

kiwi chick
3rd Dec 2007, 01:47

My sentiments exactly, but you're a bit more optimistic:

Extramarital sex - does that mean doing it more than once a month when you're married?

(How long have you been married? Not as long as I was, I'm guessing... :confused: :eek: :ooh: :zzz: )

Loose rivets
3rd Dec 2007, 01:51
I spend quite a lot of time these days wondering what extra marital sex would have been like. Quite a lot of time. In fact a great deal of time...in reality every day...twice. Twice on a quiet day...more on a................

I'm rambling again, I must stop thinking about such things.

3rd Dec 2007, 04:54
How long have you been married? Not as long as I was, I'm guessingThirty six years. It doesn't seem like it though. We were a bit hippy when we met and we still are a bit off-the-wall according to our kids.

(Off our trolley is what they actually said.)

3rd Dec 2007, 05:31
I have lots of pleasures, but none I feel guilty about.....

Except using me air rifle to take pot shots at the neighbours cat as it trys to take a [email protected] on my lawn, got it a few times too... But to be honest, I don't feel guilty about that either....

I'll keep thinking!