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27th Nov 2007, 15:00
I see from the news this afternoon that Ms Ohuruogo will be representing me and my country at the next Olympics.

Is there a process wherby I can appeal, her successful appeal, for missing three out of competiton drug checks.

27th Nov 2007, 15:45
Must have played the race (sic) card.

27th Nov 2007, 17:27
Is there a process wherby I can appeal, her successful appeal, for missing three out of competiton drug checks.


BTW, she didn't fail a drugs test, she MISSED 3 tests, and as such has already served a ban, which in just about every other country is considerd sufficient enough to punish an athlete. Only in the UK, because of a rather obscure bylaw (that has been challenged and shown to be unjust in at least 2 previous cases) do we have a situation where an individual through negligence and omission is branded a drug cheat.

27th Nov 2007, 18:04
Umm...miss drugs tests, "forget" where you were during training, and if you are a professional cyclist, especially in the Tour de France, you will have the media all over you and spend spend the rest of your career (if you have one) with a cloud of suspicion hovering over your head ( Michael Rasmussen). Even if you never miss a test and never test positive, but happen to be quite good at the sport the stories continue to dog you ( Lance Armstrong).

But if you are British and stand a chance of a gold gong next year then hey ho, it was just a bit of confusion over where the "golden boy/girl" said he/she was going to be when the tester came calling.

I hope the UK newspapers remember this next year when the Tour rolls across France :mad:

27th Nov 2007, 19:59
757, unless Looklivelys post has been edited since before I joined, I think he/she actually stated that three out of competition tests have been missed, rather than acusing her of being either a cheat, or a drug cheat, or a coniving arrogant unapologetic individual who does not deserve to be our representative.

Neither did LL mention the fact that when the 'missed drug tests' became an issue, she threatened to leave England and run for a caribbean nation.

27th Nov 2007, 20:13
Dimbleby, thanks for making that point, which BTW I was clarifying.
My point is, there has been NO allegation of drug taking, just the uncontested situation of the 3 missed tests, for which there is a defined procedure and punishment.
She has served her time for the lesser charge, and that should be it!
Thanks to an ill conceived and poorly written bylaw, which IMHO was written as a knee jerk reaction, this athlete was facing a lifetime ban from the olympics, even though she was deemed eligible to compete a world championship:ugh:
If some choose to subscribe to the no smoke without fire argument..then prove she took performance enhancing drugs, if not, tough, shes eligible, end of story.
BTW wiggy, shes the third who has repealed this idiotic bylaw, and the other two were not considered as medal contenders, so I'd contend that the argument she recieved special treatment is a bit thin.

27th Nov 2007, 20:34
Had Ben Johnson - famous drug cheat - managed to miss two drugs tests (not alone three), he would today be hailed as one of the greatest athletes of all time.

BTW did he not end up running for some caribbean nation at the end of his career?

Loose rivets
27th Nov 2007, 20:41
Mmmm...refuse to blow into a breathalyser and see where that gets you.:uhoh:

27th Nov 2007, 21:10
There are a number of actions that English people can take to put their point across on this issue. Outside of the obvious ones like writing to your PM, write or email every organisation that is in any way commercially involved with the olympics, pointing out that you will have nothing to do with any company that sponsors/funds the British olympic effort - if she ever gets to run. Also email the TV stations letting them know you will not be watching.

The sooner athletics is cleaned up for the good of future generations the better. Today was a bleak day in the history of British sport. Shame.

27th Nov 2007, 21:24
Today was a bleak day in the history of British sport.

Today was a black day in British sport. Say what you meant.

tony draper
27th Nov 2007, 21:24
I remember one Russian lady athlete refused to attend for a test claiming she could not get her nob into the top of the sample bottle.

27th Nov 2007, 23:12
Hi 757...

Not arguing she got special treatment - at least by the authorities, and I accept that she has been handled correctly from the legal standpoint.

However I remember various BBC TV pundits, some ex-olympians, a few months back wittering about what a tough year she had had, poor girl, disorganised etc. Yet at the much the same time the media was trashing cycling because of the Rasmussen "affair" - If you are not aware of the background it was alledged Rasmussen (Danish pro. cyclist riding for the Rabobank team in the 2007 Tour) ) never failed a test, but had missed a couple and was also caught out lying about his whereabouts during training... All the usual excuses were trotted out e.g he'd forgot, had a last minute change of plan, disorganised etc, but nevertheless Rasmussen was kicked out of his team and hence the Tour and will probably never ride for a top team again...but he has never failed a doping test.

I just hope that, god - forbid, the next time a UK cyclist falls under suspicion of doping he gets much the same kids glove media treatment as this girl has got but I'm not optimistic...the media do seem assume that pro cyclists are a bunch of chemists on bikes whereas UK atheletes are all saints umtil proven otherwise.

28th Nov 2007, 03:42
Ooooo.... Mr D,I has broken out in a sweat......

Nick Riviera
29th Nov 2007, 13:54
Disgraceful capitulation by the authorities. For years it has been accepted that missing drug tests is tantamount to failing drug tests. Missing 3 tests is inexcusable. What kind of message is being sent out to children who may follow in her footsteps? It will be interesting to see the official reaction in this country if a Chinese athlete misses 3 tests prior to winning gold at the next Olympics. One rule for our girls, another for the foreigners. Still, how could there be a cloud of suspicion over someone who runs a personal best and becomes world champion 23 days after completing a one year suspension? Any medals won by this girl should have an asterix next to them in the record books.