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27th Nov 2007, 03:25
Amazing transection pictures
Things you never knew about the nice lady next door. (http://www.uchsc.edu/sm/chs/browse/browse_f.html)

Loose rivets
27th Nov 2007, 04:29
Mmmm...reminds me of someone.:uhoh:

Do you know how fine the slices can go down to?

By chance, I found this tonight.


27th Nov 2007, 07:36
Do you know how fine the slices can go down to?
Very fine indeed, if considered appropriate & necessary. The 'slice' planes are mechanically indexed on one axis during the scanning-measuring. Slices on other axes are computed and so may be derived after the fact, if wanted.

Limiting consideration during exposure is commonly the X-ray dosage to which a patient may be subjected. Not small in any case, but certainly more if tiny increments are used for the sampling planes. The Phillips next-gen CAT scanner (per Rivets link) is said to use one fifth the total x-ray power for inherently better result, so definitely that helps in higher resolution. Layers a fraction of a mm thick are certainly possible.

27th Nov 2007, 09:54
Oi! That reminds me - did you hear about the lady in the deli who backed into the bacon slicer? ...Disaster!

Hat, coat, door....

27th Nov 2007, 10:28
I hear she was half cut when she got there. Drunken sod.

tony draper
27th Nov 2007, 10:42
Didn't the Americans do that? take a executed prisoner freeze him solid in liquid helium then cut him into 1/8 inch slices head to toe? remember seeing a prog about that,for medical research of course not as a cruel and unusual punishment, not that one would object to that as a punishment for scallywags

27th Nov 2007, 13:06
So that's proof that women have half a grapefruit for a brain.

27th Nov 2007, 13:09
Looks thin enough to be a supermodel.

27th Nov 2007, 15:34
Only side on, though!

27th Nov 2007, 16:08
smoked ham anyone? :}


27th Nov 2007, 19:20
re that story about the American executee, he agreed to donate his body to science, and became the Visible Human Project - there's an article about him here (http://www.davidrothman.com/murderer.html).

tony draper
27th Nov 2007, 19:23
You know, that would not be a bad way to spend eternity,preserved in a jar of alcohol.

Loose rivets
27th Nov 2007, 19:32
That reminds me. 'tother night, there was a program about a retirement community that lived well, but the deal was that they could have their parts taken as soon as they popped orf.

Brains...that's what it was all about. They wanted fresh brains. A scientist was holding a newly reaped brain in his hand.

"This is typical of the time it takes us to get this in the lab. Two hours."

Part of me recoiled..."let the poor bugger get cold!" but the other part of me said. "Yeah...good science. Huge benefit in fresh cells under the microscope."

It is good science, and the main thing is that they were given a detailed brief on the aliments of the deceased. :ooh:


To have the brain of a man that was staggering about two hours before is just a tad macabre...but it reminds me of getting a new fillet steak from Sumbrough. The entire fillet for 5. Them's were the days.

"Sorry captain...it's not ready yet, in fact it's still running about in the field."

"Aaaaaagh! Cancel the order! Let it live till I'm up here again...in five years."

Not kidding, real conversation.

27th Nov 2007, 19:39
Certainly proves that beauty is only skin deep, thank God for skin!

28th Nov 2007, 00:06
I don't wish to lower the tone, but is that a Japanese Love Egg?

28th Nov 2007, 05:59
There is one of these finely sliced up ex-prisoners in Melbourne Museum.

Plus, the actual kitchen from one of the 'houses' in Neighbours.

+ a load of other stuff, none of which is interesting as these two.

28th Nov 2007, 15:44
There's two bodies in the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago, sliced through and displayed in huge glass display plates. Fascinating. Both the woman and the man died of natural causes in the late forties, if I remember right, and donated their bodies for this purpose. The plates kind of remind me of the way shops display posters in hanging frames that you can 'leaf' through to see each one better.

They also have a U-boat, a Spitfire, a 727 and a Stuka. Pretty cool museum :ok:

Loose rivets
28th Nov 2007, 15:52
I guess this brings us back to the weird French guy in the horrible hat. Still, his 'exploded' bodies leave people transfixed, staring silently at the inner workings of a deceased fellow human.

28th Nov 2007, 19:24
This bloke? (http://www.koerperwelten.de/en/gunther_von_hagens/anatomist_hat.html) Maybe not as he's a German but, interesting thing about the hat and anatomists. OK maybe not so interesting...